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Those kids that exaggerate saying they did hard games in expert mode without trying

then if you mention touhou they go "oh er i played that once, i finished it on lunatic in 1 life not even trying yo"

I need to take it easy, i want to slice a chelsea smile on this kids face, such lies. But easily resolved with a bet. Funnily enough he wont take the bet. Thought so

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>"Oh i play ragnarok online too!"

>Ask whats his level

>"I'm level 100"

Who r u quoting

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what the HELL are you talkin bout

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I don't get what you're trying to say here mate.

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Thought so

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I once reached stage four on Lunatic.

That and beating IN on hard before the sun rose (Final A) are the crowning achievements of my STG career.

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Dropping "take it easy" in your sentences doesn't make you cool kiddo.

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Looks like you need to take it easy so I can easily take taking things easy easy.

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That doesn't make sense.

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How so?

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i wasnt being memetic

just the idea of bragging kids pretending they effortlessly 1 lifed lunatic on their first try annoys me more than them bragging about random shitkid FPS games

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Why are you hanging around with kids?

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More like, why is he hanging around with anyone?

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Dumb nerd is probably making all this up.

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I can understand exaggerating your achievements since I'd imagine everybody is pining for tou-bro status

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He could have run into them over the internet.

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Is it weird that I think PoFV is the easiest of the games?

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now whos being memetic