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Look at that hitbox.

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Another one of these threads. And I just got done fapping too...oh well.

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We had a thread just like this the other day. In fact, if I remember correctly, the opening text was exactly the same (though the picture was not).

Let it simmer down again before you start another one. Reported

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this shit needs to stop. it was fun the first time.

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Okuu has such a cute butt.

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i curse myself for create these hreads

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>danbooru: touhou ass

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As an patient with adult onset autism, I need to see this thread everyday. Please no bully.

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You mean you don't love this thread?

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It's not an issue of love/not love, just please post the same threads over and over every day.

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>masturbating to butts

Absolutely disgusting. The levels you people are willing to go down to is amazing.

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Explain further.

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Who are you quoting nerd?

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please stop doing this to me

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Mama Ran too?

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>tfw this is my gf

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Watosato thread?

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Why is she reading in the floor? Isn't that uncomfortable?
Did she fall? I'll help you get up!

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FUCK off roleplaying shit

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