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>first day of japanese class in university (taken as a side course)
>japanese teacher asks who here loves manga and anime
>90% of the students put their hand up
jesus fucking christ. i wanted to walk out right there and then. i dont think i ever felt that embarrased for other people before.

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I think this thread would be more appropriate there.

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Hey OP, do you like manga and anime?

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Why would they lie, and why do you think you're superior when you're taking the class for a similar if not more pathetic reason?

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Why are you on an anime website, then? Go back to >>>/sp/ or >>>/fit/ if you want to delude yourself.

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I-Is this what they call "Green-text Otaku"??

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epic story OP

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if you would raise your hand, you need to get out of /jp/.

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i'm taking the class because i like challenges and learning new languages. there isn't an arabic or swasi class at uni.

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You're a dumbass.

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Terrible excuse, you don't spend time learning languages just because.

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>there isn't an arabic or swasi class at uni
There must not be an English class either.

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Bull fucking SHIT

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Well you don't have to be all buddy-buddy with them. Just stomach it.

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At least they don't have complete shit taste in anime like you OP.

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