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Hello there! /jp/. I´m new here and I want to ask you something:
which touhou would you fuck?
It´s a serious question

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depends on the artist.

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To be honest, I wouldn't fuck any of the Touhous. When I really think about it, sex is pretty disgusting and stressful, and there are other things I would rather do. I would much rather play Scrabble with Patchouli. The odd bit of lewd shenanigans would be fun if it was cute and tasteful, but actually having sexual intercourse with any of the Touhous is not for me.

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Please don't misuse the spoiler function.

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There is not a single Touhou which I would't want to fuck OP.

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le sluty gap hag

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the guy gets eater afterwards

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Fucking is a two-sided act.

You can't just go about fucking just anybody you like.

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only the human ones
youkai scums go die in a fire

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Normal people are so disgusting.

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Why is Flandre so sexual?