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Sup /jp/, just want to ask some questions about nicovideo.jp (Original Japanese;not the English one niconico.com)

What's the different between using normal version and "Zero" version? It looks like you automatically change to "Zero" when you switch the language to English or Chinese though it doesn't change for Japanese.

Also, when changing the region (Picking from Japan, US and Taiwan), does it change anything? like the listing of rankings and such?

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Zero allows you to hide the apps.

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How to show Japanese comments in Zero if you are a filthy gaijin?

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Why do they let people voluntarily translate video descriptions?
This won't end well.

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can't because you are filthy gaijin
comments have been separated by language so that the japanese dont have to put up with filthy gaijin memes like what was shown on the comicon stream

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but that makes no sense when the gaijins can presumably change the language and location to Japan and as such to the normal version and spam then

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i meant to say separated by ip region, not just the region that you can change at the bottom

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i see no differences after switching back to normal

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I'm pretty sure they aren't. I use nicovideo every day and only see Japanese comments.

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even so i lurk 90% of the time becuz im not a fag so banning interaction is one thing but access all together is another

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can people see who posted the comment if i post im scared if people look me up

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did they remove all r-18 content?

used to watch doujin porn games on here and even fucking ryona and now they are gone.

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Isn't this stuff R-18?

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What the fuck is with this new nicolive player? I can't see the fucking chat. Everything is in English.

This is bullshit.

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All of those "japanese" comments are written by filthy gaijins.

Why do you think there are so many comments that are basically
>w w w w w w w w w w w w

It's because they don't know moon.

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One problem solved, it's still there I can still talk to nipps live. It's just everything looks like dogshit now.

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i was actually deceived by this implementation of the new english version of niconico.

the flag option in the nico player had actually disappeared and because of my ip region, it was automatically set to american.

now the flag option is working again and all you have to do is click the american flag and switch to japanese and you will see japanese comments and be able to respond in the japanese chat.
they're still segregated, its just not forced as i had believed. I'm not sure if in the future they'll try to do any language enforcing, ie japanese in japanese chat, english in american, but i never comment in english anyway so whatever

also, expect a lot of things to be changing and breaking and whatnot while they implement English niconico.jp (yes .jp not .com)

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I just hope they keep gaijin separated from the superior nicovideo. Nothing is more annoying than seeing gaijin comments while trying to watch stuff there.

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your a gaijin faggot your not Japanese.

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I'm a Japanese trapped in a gaijin body.

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Cis scum

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what do you mean?

how are you (as a Japanese trapped in a gaijin body) going to enjoy nicovideo.jp if they separate the gaijins out

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As a cisnational you wouldn’t understand.

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the only time that's ever been a problem for me is when some faget comes across my favorite streamers channels and thinks O SUPA SUPA KAWAII LETS GO TO /V/ AND RAID THIS. but that never happens. I ran into a weaboo that actually typed out shit like "ne, ne? doushio, arigotou gozaimasu" etc.

and, uh, honestly? with a link to nicovideo right at the top.. yeah we're fucked. The best we can hope for is that the new flood of weaboos, that couldn't even register before, don't scare the jp streamers

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ぬこ nuko Kat

I love kats.

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Your the biggest faggot in the history of the planet. If you were born in japan you would be outlasted just like you were here no one likes retards anywhere in the world. Your a white japan obsessed faggot living in his parents basement japan doesn't want you, no one does.

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Your problem is that you're looking for popular streams that gaijin people infest.

Try to look for obscure ones that are really boring so no one cares.

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>the biggest faggot in the history of the planet.

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Everybody look at this cis heteronormative white man. Look at him and laugh.

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Why are you so angry anon? Just admit you wish you were Japanese too, and you'll feel better.

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now you're just assuming things. I don't actively look for popular streams, I search for people singing or chatting, click on the first thing and then just cycle through everything until I find someone I like

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listen idiot i don't mean your actually gay i don't care whether you are or aren't. What i am saying is that thinking your a Japanese man trapped in a westerners body is retarded your a westerner always have been always will be, japan doesn't want your weaboo obssessed kind.

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I don't watch live streams or anything often, so I'm not too worried about that. I watch a ton of 実況プレイ though, so I don't want to start seeing gaijin comments in them. This is why I am hoping they separate comments.

I watched the Japanese live stream of a Nintendo press conference on nicovideo before, and then I checked the English one, and the difference was just astounding.

>japan doesn't want your weaboo obssessed kind.
I realise it's a one sided love. Not much I can do about it.

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i take you don't comment yourself because otherwise you would have pointed out the double edge sword that is if they ban gaijins from commenting they ban you

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Usually I don't comment as I'm too lazy, I have done so time to time though. I don't have to worry about being banned because I have a Japanese VPN I use.

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Nobody gives a shit if a gaijin comments if nobody can tell that the one who made the comment was a gaijin. This shit shouldn't have to be explained.

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what do you mean

>with a link to nicovideo right at the top

i killed the zero versiion as soon as i saw it and i dont want to go back

i mean u can always link livestreams before unless u mean something else

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That's not a good standard to use. A lot of weeaboos will try and fail.

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WTF are you on about. Reread my question to the trip. I have no idea how you inferred what you inferred from my question to the trip.


>Japanese VPN

oh you lucky bastard.

out of curiosity how did you procure that.

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I pay monthly. Most VPNs offer Japanese options.

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>one sided love...
your really really stupid. Don't obsess over something you aren't. I have been to japan its not what you think. Its just a country of short squinty eyed people that hate foreigners. Japan and its media is still great, but i love and respect myself and my family not some chinks i have never met and have nothing to do with.

pic related it's what you sound like

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I can't choose who I fall in love with anon~
I like other countries too. Japan is just my favourite.

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i see.

do supposed you mind if i ask you a bit more

what provider is this and how much does it cost?

what do you use it for mainly?

i mean other than futaba and 2ch i eally can't think of how think i can best use a jp VPN atm

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could use it for nico to watch region locked stuff

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Here is one http://strongvpn.com/
In my experience they don't work on 2ch or anything, they seem to be blocked. I primarily use my VPN for watching anime on nicovideo, playing IP locked MMOs and such, accessing sites that IP block gaijin (a lot of eroge sites do this) etc. Monthly fees are like 5-10 bucks depending on who you go with.

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ah thats right thanks

i should know the answer but presumably your answer suggests premium niconico accounts do not get around region locked content


thanks bro


thanks for the examples though our hobbies and interests do not correlate strongly lol

but yeah 5-10 bucks is very doable

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>using a shitty gook youtube ripoff

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Japan is so racist, they won't allow us to lurk in their stuff.

Nobody wants a niconico english account when Youtube offers a much better and bigger service for free, and allows us to browse in all the content with almost no limitation. Remember, niconico only allows you to upload up to 4Gb of video for free, and no HD quality, while youtube offers UNLIMITED and HD.

There is a lot of japanese people that is moving to youtube (and when I say moving, I mean they are uploading niconico videos on youtube), because they realise that niconico is SHIT.

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Mirroring videos just means you use both sites. Uploading original videos to YouTube exclusively would be sign of an actual move.

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>niconico english account
niconico was only a beta and is now dead
nicovideo has now implemented a "full" English version (as of today)

while youtube is indeed superior, I find jp nico comments less disheartening as a human
oh and the live-streamers there entertain me for hours

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How is Youtube superior when it doesn't even have a replay function unless tinker with it?

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I use one primarily based around business use, it runs around 2500¥ a month, though it's a yearly plan, and I've had no issues with 2ch.

Just putting that out there, though you do need a Japanese bank account for it, so that may be why.

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>and no HD quality
You're incorrect.

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a repeat function really is all that youtube is missing.

but take off the weaboo glasses and you'll realize that youtube is better

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Enjoy your live streams, it might be the only thing you will enjoy, since nobody is going to upload videos with not 4 Gb, but 2 mother fucking Gb of space.

Youtube has also live streams, unlimited use, unlimited video upload with HD quality, and video editing for USD $0.00. FREE. Fucking FREE.

The only reason that might work (for a while) is for us, "baka gaijins" to contact with "glorious nippon from outer space".

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Nicovideo is shit.

Forced low quality during high traffic unless you have a premium account is enough to turn me off.

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>FREE. Fucking FREE.

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>Constant ads on videos
>Constantly changing UI that keeps getting uglier and uglier
>Can't hide comments on site
Youtube has quite a lot of bullshit as a video streaming site and you know it.

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And you enjoy your YouTube, too. Nobody's stopping you.

>> No.9892173

>it might be the only thing you will enjoy
along with manga, it is the only thing i really enjoy at nico

i don't get what you're trying to prove here?

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who uses youtube to lives tream???

justintv is by far superior as a live stream site

>> No.9892180

You do know the ads don't show if you use the usual adblocking software.

Not that I'm going to go out of my way to defend youtube though, since your other points are spot on.

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That niconico should not exist, at least in the western. They may have had reasons when it was a japanese only site, but now it doesn't have sense to bring it to the "western", since we have a much better service, for free. They can't compite with that.

>> No.9892190

>Constant ads on videos
yeah I never get them with ad blocker
>Constantly changing UI that keeps getting uglier and uglier
yeah I'll agree to this. I remember holding out to the original ui for as long as I could until one day I accidentally hit something on login and it switched me forever
>Can't hide comments on site
yeah okay. youtube comments are really disheartening, but I already mentioned that

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>since nobody is going to upload videos with not 4 Gb, but 2 mother fucking Gb of space.
First off, why do you keep writing it Gb? Gb is Gigabit. And second, people obviously do upload videos with 2GB space, or else there would be almost no videos on nicovideo.

>Youtube has also live streams, unlimited use, unlimited video upload with HD quality
Cool. Youtube also has ads, a terrible interface, a terrible userbase, and non of the videos I want to watch. And as I said before, you can upload HD to nicovideo, even as a free member.

And honestly? I'm glad Youtube exists, because it means competition for nicovideo, which means the site I prefer will only keep getting better. It's already leagues better compared to when I first started using it.

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Obviously your average Westerner with no interest in Japan will never switch to Nicovideo, yes. They can never defeat YouTube in that department, and they aren't trying to.

>> No.9892201

or you guys can realise that niconico will never be more than a niche weeaboo site for the western mass and that it is in no way a direct competitor to youtube

>> No.9892212

nicovideo English is obviously aimed at weaboos.
The people at niwango obviously felt there were enough western weaboos to provide their service in English.
To be honest, I don't think youtube can win against nico in the market for weaboos

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>I find jp nico comments less disheartening
That probably has something to do with you being a fukken weebstain.

>> No.9892223

>>Constant ads on videos
>>Constantly changing UI that keeps getting uglier and uglier
userscript and nico is now uglier
>>Can't hide comments on site

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Was ニコニコ動画Q introduced like three hours ago or something? Anyway, with ニコニコ動画Q I get the shininess of the Zero player AND superior nippongo comments!

It even has a flag that you can use to change the language while playing a video!

Test video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17169885

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You don't seem to understand that what niconico wants is for us to buy their premium membership. And guess what? Their premium membership only allows you to upload up to 4 or 8Gb (I write it as I want, weeaboo), which is not much better, and also allows you to make livestreams, have preference on livestreams and... better quality during high traffic hours!? What the fuck! Not even Youtube back on it's early days...

Their premium membership costs almost 7 USD... per month (5.09 EUR).

This is ridiculous, how is this going to compete with Youtube? Terrible interface? It's way much simpler and intuitive. Ads? I have ad-blocker. Terrible userbase? You are talking like a true weeaboo with aspergers. None of the videos I want to watch? Probably most of the videos on niconico are already on youtube. Specially the vocaloid ones.

Nico Nico has only 8 million videos. How many videos has Youtube?

It's like the nerd of the class, trying to face off his bully.

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NND will never be able to compete with youtube like this. To be honest, the only reason I watch vids on NND is because I like reading what japanese reactions to certain vids. And I know they like reading foreigner's reaction as well, like those incredibly popular 'youtube comment translate' videos.

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Only reason to ever use Nico is for some of the videos that aren't uploaded to Youtube (yet). Otherwise it's shittier and I see no reason to visit it. Premium membership, other limitations and "community" is as bad as on Youtube.

>> No.9892249

>It's like the nerd of the class, trying to face off his bully.
Corporations which target a niche are not "nerds" compared to those which target the mainstream. Corporations are not students in high school.

>Ads? I have ad-blocker.
So, at the end of the day, YouTube isn't making any money off you, and you're just expending their bandwith instead of Nicovideo's. Hardly a win for them.

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>You don't seem to understand that what niconico wants is for us to buy their premium membership.
I pay for premium. Feels good man.
>Their premium membership only allows you to upload up to 4 or 8Gb
24GB, but nice guess work.
>(I write it as I want)
Then you write it wrong. A Gb and a GB are two completely different measurements. 4Gb is equal to 512MB.
>how is this going to compete with Youtube?
By offering content and a style that Youtube doesn't? I don't expect it to take gaijin away from Youtube, nor do I care, but the people that use nicovideo will continue to do so.
>Probably most of the videos on niconico are already on youtube.
None of the videos I want to watch are on there. Like the vast majority of 実況プレイ for example.
>Nico Nico has only 8 million videos. How many videos has Youtube?
Youtube appeals to the average person worldwide. Nicovideo appeals to otaku and other Japanese. I would hope Youtube has more videos.

>> No.9892256

>Terrible userbase

You are a shining example.

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I think it only popped on there today. Seems to be some kind of collaboration with the new Eva movie. I like the new interface. I'm not sure how to feel about the recommended videos it's queued up for me though.

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im suprised that in 5 years with a population of 127 mil that only 8 million videos have been uploaded

>> No.9892266

The ads on Youtube does not finance Youtube.

Youtube only add ads in two situations. If the video has copyrighted material (like music), or if the uploader has a partnership program.

In the first case, the money is used to cover some copyright taxes. In the second case, the money goes to the video owner.

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And you are a shinning example of what a weeaboo is. Defending niconico just because it's japanese, and "japan is superior". Everything that is not japanese, is a "shitty fanbase".

Oh, please, fucking morons...

>> No.9892278

>im suprised that in 5 years with a population of 127 mil that only 8 million videos have been uploaded
I like your logic. Half of Japan's population is over the age of 45. Do you honestly think nicovideo appeals to them? It's a site that caters to specific interests, mostly to otaku.

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r u even trying

he give valid points that you have yet to refrute

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So how is YouTube financed, and how are they making money off your existence?

>> No.9892288


don't get me wrong i wasnt trying to degrade niconico

im just genuinely surprised that there is so few videos

say 1/20th of the total population has some sembalnce of interest in the content niconico offers ... over the span of 5 years surely there would be more

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You don't know how Google works, right?

>> No.9892295

Like how an imageboard here has many times more lurkers than active posters, a site like nicovideo will have many times more viewers than uploaders.

>> No.9892297

Google is an advertising agency.
And someone is trying to say that they don't make money from ads.

It's like what

>> No.9892302

Google is financed by advertising.

>> No.9892305 [DELETED] 


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>> No.9892312

Well, Google is not really an advertising agency, but they have an advertising agency.

Google is a corporation. And he has a lot of stuff. They don't get money from all of it. In fact, they attempt to keep most of their products for free. Like Google Earth, google docs, etc. Most of those services has no ads on them.

Where do they get their money? From their true advertising agency, which is part of the search engine.

>> No.9892323

All of Google's "free" products are for data collection so they can target ads.

>> No.9892334

Well, yes. That's the "hidden" face of google.
While you use their products, they are also "spying" all you do. And worst of all, they have rights to do so, since it's their own products.

It may be true that Google knows you better than your own mom.

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God damn it, /jp/

>> No.9892353

>Low quality due to heavy user load.
>Premium members can view high quality videos at any time! Register for premium membership!

>> No.9892378

Even 4chan seems to have gotten a gold account (unless it's some joke), so what's the problem?

>> No.9892381

As owner of a premium account, I could care less for the fucking ugly and terrible to use interface or whatever the fuck they want to implement... IF the site hadn't just decided to stop playing any and all videos.

I can't take it easy like this.

>> No.9892399

Clear cookies sign back in, and constantly refresh it until it loads through.

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>> No.9892414

>so what's the problem?
I can post on 4chan just fine, albeit having to deal with annoying captcha which takes a few seconds to solve. I can pay to remove this if I want, but it doesn't affect the "core experience".

I can't watch videos with their maximum quality unless I pay for premium membership on Nicovideo. There is no other way to bypass this. This affects the "core experience".

>> No.9892420

You can, you just have to wait half a day or so.

This, of course, is a much larger inconvenience than punching in a captcha.

>> No.9892427

>I can't watch videos with their maximum quality unless I pay for premium membership on Nicovideo. There is no other way to bypass this. This affects the "core experience".
Frankly there are so many superior videos on Nico that I am willing to pay for the privilege. Especially the live broadcasts.

Though to be honest Youtube loads faster for the same videos. Nico just has a superior community.

>> No.9892449

When the fuck is YT going to have 60fps support? Nicovideo has had that since forever. So much for being so superior.

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OP here.

I just realized that no one answered my questions lol

Anyway, come to think of it, does anyone know any good VPN service with fast speed and cheap price?

I heard StrongVPN was good though is there any other services?

>> No.9892480

Doesn't youtube support that already? Anyway, why do you want 60 fps in a video, when most movies have 27 fps? You want 60 fps in a videogame, not in a movie.

>> No.9892483

Also, if you upload 60 fps videos, you will run out of space really soon, having 2Gb only.

>> No.9892498

No, youtube does not support 60FPS video.

Why would this be an undesirable feature? It still is an improvement and another option is it not?

>> No.9892502

You're watching movies on Youtube? Also it's 23.976 fps.

>> No.9892504

>why do you want 60 fps in a video, when most movies have 27 fps?
Most console games are 30fps, but 60 is still better.

>> No.9892514

There's tons of user created content at 60fps. They might not upload it at that framerate because of what >>9892483 said though.

>> No.9892515

I like watching my MMDs with fluid movement..

>> No.9892522


Youtube converts videos to NTSC quality, at 29.970 frames per second.

>> No.9892533

I don't think so. Even then still 23.976 fps just with a 3:2 pulldown judder added.

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I downloaded a video off of youtube and this is what mediainfo gives me. It wouldn't make sense to do that as it would only increase file size.

>> No.9892562

Nicovideo as a service has always been shit, the user created content is what kept it alive for so long. Youtube surpassed it a few years ago with the HD options (around the time "fmt=18" tags were popular).

Have fun getting kicked out of a stream after 30 minutes, or kicked out from scheduled shit because you're not a premium member.

>> No.9892570

...and, granted, Youtube isn't a streaming service, but we have Twitch, Justin, Livestream (I'll just list it because), and Ustream.

JPs seem to have consumed Ustream or use Livetube.

>> No.9893906

My problem with Nico is that there's nothing R-18 going on in the live R-18 section.

What does a guy have to do to see two cute Japanese girls making out?

>> No.9893909

Are you a teenager?

>> No.9893912


No, I'm a horny twenty three year old who expects the R-18 section to have R-18 things going on.

>> No.9893917

>What does a guy have to do to see two cute Japanese girls making out?
I like watching videos of that ridiculously exaggerated kissing.

>> No.9893930


The more saliva the better/

>> No.9894004

Well I enjoy my wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Thank you.

>> No.9894065

I changed region to Japan & language to Japanese but I still can't type Japanese in nicolive comment box, however it still working on the search box. Does anyone have the same problem?

>> No.9894078 [DELETED] 

How do i find the tags now?

>> No.9894091


Comments aren't working for me in general. It keeps telling me I can't comment and then that I can't send the same comment twice.

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What the fuck is going on? Where'd the Japanese go? Where are the tags? I've never even been to the English site! What does
>current language setting is not supported

>> No.9894097

Does that sort of video have a specific name?

>> No.9894108


I never heard of one for it. I don't know what to call it myself.

>> No.9894115

Shame, I’m trying to find good quality (both video quality and content).

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Ok, I tried to copy-paste Japanese text into the comment box. And there's a message something like "connection from comment server has been disconnected", trying with English text too and got the same result, wtf. Maybe, comments is ip region blocked now.

There's option at the bottom page.

>> No.9894164

How do you even pronounce "wwwwww", anyway?
Like "wu wu wu wu"?

>> No.9894180

Like hahahahaha

>> No.9894185 [DELETED] 


>> No.9894203


>> No.9894320

"wara" for a single w and "warawara" for multiple according to Yukkuris. This pronunciation makes people wwww though.

>> No.9894322

> current language setting is not supported
I think this is when you select a comment language that does not match your site language. Pretty retarded.

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>> No.9894361

> 正確な読み方は存在せず、むしろ読まないことが多い。
Japanese cannot lie.

>> No.9894497

I heard that some people have this problem if you use Chrome.

>> No.9894536

What does upotu, /hidden, and /enter mean?

>> No.9894563 [DELETED] 

upotu means you're thanking the uploader

>> No.9894766

Just came here for the first time in years to figure out what happened to muh runes. Now that that's solved I'm curious, does /jp/ have nico threads often? I cut most weeb activities out of my life, but I couldn't bring myself to stop using nico.

>> No.9894772

Sometimes, they usually horrible though and most people give up and start posting jewtube links instead.

>> No.9894773

Almost lost my shit when it said "current language mode not supported" or something.

Then I found the language setting, and it's good again.

I'll probably keep using it in Japanese, even if I don't understand half of it this way.

>> No.9894781

I wish we had MAD threads but that would probably enrage the autismo brigade.

>> No.9894813

Strange, actually I can comment at japanese flag mode and unable to comment at USA flag.
No, I'm not in Japan. I'm in Brazil.

What languarge setting are you talking about?
Because I'm not finding it at nicovideo. Are you talking about window's unicode languarge ones? Because my unicode is aways at japanese mode.

>> No.9894855

>better quality during high traffic hours!? What the fuck! Not even Youtube back on it's early days...
Considering that youtube has shit quality 24/7 even in supposed "HD" resolutions and 30FPS (LOL) limit... nico is technically superior. And has been for a long time.

>> No.9894902

ah, nevermind. I found it.
Now, I'm commenting in english flag too!

And about /jp/ contents...

Here an good example of fanmade things on nicovideo. This one is an video of the [email protected] girl playing Sword World 2.0, an Tabletop RPG game.

More about [email protected] girls playing Tabletop RPG, tag search with "卓ゲ[email protected]"

>> No.9894935

I'd rather continue using it in Japanese because I didn't like this Zero version.

>> No.9895007
File: 295 KB, 784x300, nicovideo_english_us.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just a america flag
Fuck you Amerikkka!

>> No.9895020

English = world

>> No.9895029

The image says "the world", anon. Besides, english is undoubtedly the most important language in the modern world. There's a reason most people who don't speak it fluently have it as a second language.

>> No.9895039
File: 155 KB, 488x572, 1346409762903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, english is the world-language but I want a international flag and not ONLY a stupid amerikkka flag.

I want my german Nicovideo back...

>> No.9895056

>a international flag

And how would that flag look?

Maybe the planet on a flag?

>> No.9895063

nico nico?
did you mean wwwwwwwwwwwwwww?

Honestly the commends on youtube and niconico are equally worthless.

>> No.9895076
File: 141 KB, 708x893, 1348271018718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure everyone here already knows that the people in Japan have the potential to be just as stupid as the people everywhere else.

>> No.9895080
File: 78 KB, 1150x1150, Un-flag-square.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, you're welcome

>> No.9895089

I'd still rather look at "wwwww" and moon runes than shit like "MarQchisan estubo aqui".

>> No.9895094
File: 198 KB, 1920x1080, XCOM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Step aside, we'll handle it from here.

>> No.9895095

I hope that's a joke.

>> No.9895096
File: 90 KB, 576x540, 1346642279790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, the earth with all world flags..
This is fair for all countries. Or?
The world is not only america!

>> No.9895103

You're a joke.

>> No.9895105

Either that or a tiny Arecibo message.

>> No.9895106

Shut up.

>> No.9895109

No bully

>> No.9895111


mother of god

>> No.9895114

I have bad news for you.


>> No.9895145

I don't give a shit about that. I hope it's a joke that he actually thinks "wwwwww" is any better.

>> No.9895170

Not that guy, but I think they're infinitely better.

>> No.9895177

What are opinions?

>> No.9895199

Is there a way to change the tabs back to Japanese without changing the language?

If it isn't possible, then it isn't worth using the "Q" version.

>> No.9895201

When the 2GB got all filled, make an new account just only and strictly to upload video.

There are many guys what only uploads in one account and make comments and community shit with another account.

>> No.9895209

tags, not tabs

>> No.9897809


>> No.9898104


>> No.9898165


>> No.9900179

What happened to the Spanish NND?
I remember there used to be one, but now there are only three flags: Japan, Taiwan and USA.

>> No.9900194

There was also a German version I think.

>> No.9900264

The word "Chink" is meant for Chinese, it's like doing something like calling a spic a gook.

>Hating foreigners.
Though not true there's nothing wrong with anyway, what's wrong with keeping your country pure? People think they have the right to go where ever, and do whatever they want there.

That's China, and Korea.

The only reason why most of them are short is because of their diet. Pure bred Japanese over here at least 6 feet because what people eat here is different than over there.

>> No.9900304

Americans and English think they're not the only ones expected to open their homeland up to foreigners.

>> No.9900509

>That's China, and Korea.
Hahaha, I'm sure Japanese people actually believe this.

>> No.9904901
File: 96 KB, 500x666, fug yea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9904918

>Pure bred Japanese
Pure japs don't exist.

>> No.9904926

There was an amusing netouyo on /int/ last week proclaiming (in Japanese) that Japan invented kanji, and that they educated China and Korea.

>> No.9904927

It's true. Japanese are white.

>> No.9904929
File: 8 KB, 720x379, world_flag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There you go.
World flag.

>> No.9904934
File: 545 KB, 597x596, jap and anime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jap pls go

>> No.9904940

Why does it look like the US flag? At the time when the world is mostly united in hundreds of years, the country could already have lost most of it's power.

>> No.9904943

japs have squinty eyes also they are the same race as Koreans they're north east asians.

Asians are naturaly short its not diet

I don't know how you can delude yourself this far try to keep bias out and make fair judgment.

>> No.9904945

That’s the flag from Futurama I think. Basically the US owns the world.

>> No.9904948

>Asians are naturaly short its not diet
Well, it’s also diet.

>> No.9904953

The thirteen stripes represent the 13 original countries: America, Canada, England, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greenland, and Alaska.

>> No.9904955

even if they had the same diet as whites they would not be near as tall.

>> No.9904960

Alaska is part of America... How can someone be so stupid.

>> No.9904961
File: 32 KB, 288x288, 1344807150981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because the US IS the world.
Just face it, you are all just future states in the United States of America, by then the United States of Earth.

>the country could already have lost most of it's power
Ha, keep dreaming.

And for the record, most Japanese pass every white person they see off as an American.

>> No.9904966

Alaska was its own country before we bought it. Hence original.

>> No.9904972

No it wasn't it belonged to Russia are you that stupid really that stupid.

>> No.9904974
File: 147 KB, 989x739, 1347425837549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9904981

You're just jealous that the US can buy entire countries.

>> No.9904982

What the fuck? If they saw every white person as American they would be less welcomed. Plus get fucked by China.

>> No.9904985

>And for the record, most Japanese pass every white person they see off as an American.
But in japanese media like anime or VNs you are always depicted as loud and annoying joke characters who can never read the mood. You are like blonde monkeys.

>> No.9904986

No I'm correcting you, when you say stupid shit.

>> No.9904989

Don't worry anon, I'm sure when your country has hit rock bottom and can't afford to exist the US will buy it too. You don't have to worry about some shitty country like China buying you.

>> No.9904991

japs are meek and quiet by nature in comparison Americans seem loud outgoing and confident.

introverted and extroverted if you will

>> No.9904996

I'm American idiot.

>> No.9904999

They think all Americans are blonde curly haired, blue eye, big nose with freckles so he's probably not that far off from the truth. I dunno

>> No.9905000
File: 337 KB, 600x1121, jap6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>japs are meek and quiet by nature

>> No.9905006

All the better! You don't even need to worry about your country failing. When we buy Spain and put it next to Mexico because they're already the same country anyway, I'm sure you'll find lots of Spanish chikas that will be impressed by such a handsome and rich American man.

>> No.9905013

they are that didn't deny it. have you been yo japan, because i have they are very quiet, meek and reserved.

>> No.9905018
File: 114 KB, 743x691, 1347576747015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't quite understand where you are getting at. Americans are pretty well received in Japan and make up a majority of the white people there. Even if you don't include the military bases. And what does China have to do with this?

It's almost similar to morons seeing every Asian as Chinese. But go ahead to Japanese websites, the English or foreign option is always USA with an American flag.

>Anime & VN
>An accurate depiction of what the average Japanese countryman thinks
>Mainstream Japanese media

>> No.9905020


>> No.9905023

>Seldom grow an impressive mustache.
Japan superior.

>> No.9905025

Japan doesn't take well to any foreigners especially different races.

>> No.9905031

Japan loves foreigners as long as they're tourists. You try to live there and you won't find a warm welcome.

>> No.9905043

They don't like tourists either. They aren't going to come approach you and tell you of or anything but if you want to know whether japan hates foreigners or not spend some time on popular jap websites.

>> No.9905072

hmm. 4chan is a popular english website. let's check if america likes jews. /pol/ sounds like a good place to start.

>> No.9905082

I don't understand why you guys even care about the separation based on languages.

It makes sense, watching a video with 20 languages flying across the screen and only understanding one of them is a bitch to deal with.

If you want to see Japanese comments, just make a Japanese account.

>> No.9905086

I don't mean use one website go site to site if you know how to read gook you'd be surprised. You could also just do a google search on racism in japan, or google what japan thinks of foreigners.

>> No.9905091

Google what Americans think of brown people.
>Disproportionate arrest of blacks vs whites

>> No.9905099

those sites are mostly populated by jap version of /pol/ though. ugly nerds with no life spouting nationalistic propaganda to troll others.

they're a vocal minority at most. if you follow their customs and behave like them, the regular japs usually won't care.

>> No.9905100

google what japan thinks of foreigners just japan and foreigners okay. You can go on jap websites your choice. also America has racism problems as well.

>> No.9905106
File: 160 KB, 1200x800, img_963596_64818592_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop taking net-uyoku so seriously

>> No.9906322
File: 971 KB, 1000x1000, 1338097728397.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They closed them around a year ago, little after they opened niconico.com.

About youtube, I'm a big fan of youtube, but I like having alternatives to it, most because the issues about the copyright, some countries can't watch some videos, muted videos, and massive taken down videos like the Miku Hatsune videos case.

Anyways you can use anyone of them you like, or even both (like I do) if you want.

>> No.9908318

somehow this turned into a racist thread...
about nnd and yt, imo nnd is a place to unleash creativity, while yt is just a video file storage
in nnd you just comment whatever you see in the vid, in yt you try to come up with a smartass comment to get loads of upvotes

>> No.9908371

It's hard to not take gook neonazi when they are insulting and causing problems for white man in Japan.
I don't mind far-right nationalists and neonazis in my country because I live here and they kinda support my country. It's understandable, since no one here wants to have our country overrun with niggers, illegal gooks and mudslimes. But I'm not a gook, so I hardly give any shit about Japan and its well being.
I want Japland to become more libtard towards white man and maybe import some somalis or something.

>> No.9908376

dat hypocrisy

>> No.9908386

Is there any reason for me to give a shit about japanese people?
I want to take it easy while I'm buying merchandise and gook attitude in a pain in the ass. They should already learn their place and stop trying to pretend that they are somehow relevant.

>> No.9908391

>stop trying to pretend that they are somehow relevant.
Why the hell is the word “relevant” so important to 4chan.

>> No.9908393

The mod is blind or what?

>> No.9908398

dass rayciss

>> No.9908442

/pol/ pls go

>> No.9908518

How am I racist? I didn't say that we should genocide or nuke Japs. I want to take it easy in Japan.

>> No.9908523

>pls go
epic out-of-date meme subhum/a/n.
i see it's really popular all over 4chan right now.

>> No.9908531

Learn to type properly.

>> No.9908543

learn to be not retarded, kid

>> No.9908574


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