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How flat is too flat?

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thumbs up if you accidentally read one of the "flats" as "flan".

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anything less than A cup.

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When they have less tits than a boy.

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f''(x) < 0

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Please don't hurt my feelings like that. Please.

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There's no such thing as too flat for my dick. In fact, I like it the most when they have a boychest.

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You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

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Is that so

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TSURUPETTAN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjKeubR7EUo

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Maybe I'm the minority, but I like them with just little mounds.

Except Flan of course. Flan should be flat.

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Who pectus excavatum here?
I'm not myself, just wondering.

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I said boychest, not manchest. Though I'll admit that I wouldn't mind getting fucked by that Reimu.

I have pectus excavatum, and I know there are at least two other people on /jp/ who have it.

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Does that mean your boobs go inward?

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No, the middle of your chest goes in a bit.

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Mine goes in more than a bit. It looks a lot like this.

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Mine goes in more than a bit. It looks a lot like this.

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My biggest desire is to rub my hand across and up/down a oiled up flat chest, stimulating the nipples just by sliding my hand across them

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When the baby wouldn't be able to properly breastfeed.

I wonder if jewish women generally have larger breasts.

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You will never a Pettanko loli...

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No chest is too flat. If anything, theyre never flat enough.

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So we are clear, that is not flat.. That goes in.

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Tiny buds are best, just enough to barely distinguish them from a boy of the same age.

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What if it's a fat boy?

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A man of fine taste! It's best when the only thing sticking out is the nipple--something to tickle your tongue as it slowly makes its way up and down a washboard chest.

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what the fuck

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Can't really be too flat.

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I can agree with this

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Why is flat chest so arousing?

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Younger = more fertile

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your a pedophile big boobs equals fertility not small ones

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Fuck off assfaglord.

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Look it up.

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So, Irelanders are pedo?

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Wait what the fuck?
That's saying that more than 1/10 10 year olds give birth
What the fuck

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The UK is a fucked up place.

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I'm pretty sure you made that image i did a reverse image search and came up with nothing. I also have contradicting evidence through government census regarding birthrates in those countries. If you have ever taken a biology class you would know that bigger boobs equals more fertility.

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That parabola implies that girls ages 1-6 are having children. I question its legality.

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No such thing as too flat.

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Sure is shopped age axis

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No, sorry. The stats just don't make sense.

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You mean you're questioning its validity.

Nothing illegal about the study.

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As long as there is something on the girl's chest, it's fine.

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Manchest isn't even flat.

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Well, yes, I used the wrong term.

Should have said "boychest", that's closer to what I was implying.

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I find it sad that people are actually taking that chart serious.

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It might be illegal to conduct such a study with your own test data.

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No such thing.

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You will never be a good slave toy for Ojou-sama and be promoted by her sitting there like that to the position of being able to kiss her feet ;_;

You will never be allowed to touch her delicious soft mounds of puffy warmth on her chest ;_;

Oh god kill me.

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You sick fuck.

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You can always Gensokyo portal.

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No anon, you are the sick fuck

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By what claims?

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Please take your epic reaction images to wherever the fuck you came from.

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There's no such a thing as "too flat"

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Sometimes the flatness just goes to a negative scale

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We've addressed this already:

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But then it is no longer flat.

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But that's not flat.

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Is flat absolute or relative? Perhaps there are aliens who all have pectus excavatum, and they have the notion of delicious flat chest for the opposite reason.

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Flat is an absolute term with a set definition. Something can be flatter than something else, but not flat.

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Then how does this thread work? How come A cup is "a little bit flat", but a reverse A cup isn't? I think you guys are just prejudiced against pectus excavatees.

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>I think you guys are just prejudiced against pectus excavatees.

What of it?

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Well, for one, it is disgusting and not cute at all. Two, flat is not relative. You can make a relative comparison, as in one thing is flatter than another, but flat is a constant statement. Breats are supposed to be large fatty portrusions, by the way, which is why small breasts are called flat even if they are not quite flat.

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>too flat

No such thing.

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Don't forget.

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God damn it, I spent six hours looking for this image you fuckers had better respond.

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Glaciar breasts always makes me laugh, thank you.

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Don't forget either.

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Thanks for finding that image!
It made my day and I hope you have a good day too.

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Which Ran is your favorite?

I like Mama Ran and so-fucking-adorable-it-will-give-me-a-heart-attack Ran.

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It's one of my favorite images!
I giggle every time I see it.

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Don't worry, your effort wasn't a waste! We really appreciate you posting this image! Thank you!

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But concave chests deviate from flatness and are therefore inferior.

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Surely this causes heart disease or something.

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It can cause problems to the lungs and heart.

There is also this counterpart of this congenital malformation called "pectus carinatum".

It stands out more, even if you wear thick clothing, but it doesn't affect your internal organs like pectus excavatum.

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No such thing as too flat. I like the small lumps that jiggle. That's adorable. I could kiss and suck them all day.

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I have it, but I have no problems with my lungs or hearth.
Looks weird as fuck though.

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flat (comparative flatter, superlative flattest)

Having no variations in altitude.

fucking retards, flat means flat and it's absolute when there are absolutely no variations in altitude

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We aren't talking about topography here, we are talking about the difference in an eight year old and an 12 year old, and there are different degrees of flatness. For our purposes, it doesn't matter if the slope is zero or 10^-10.

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Shut the HELL up you autismo

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What's with all the chest threads? Where the butts at?