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Here's something weird. Futo thread I guess, but...

I remember a few months ago, one anon posted a Futo pic, and the filename was something like 'Futo has a fine idea.jpg'

I saved the file, but the filename is obviously not saved as well unless you do it manually. Every time I look at my Futo folder and see this pic, I think of that post.

Does /jp/ ever have things like that happen?

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I'm glad my filenames leave such a big impression on you, anonymous.

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I like good filenames. It's fun to think that someone is putting effort into their posts.

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Can we make this the Tao thread?

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I imagine that Futo sounds like those VA's that do both girl and boy voices, with that slightly feminine but also husky overtone.

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Afraid not.

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is there more to this? futo a cute

i always give her a really heavy english accent for some reason, old-fashioned and all

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Taohous are the worst

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I want to touch the demon inside.

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Tojikos legs are erotic.

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I intially thought she would be raped by an asylum demon when I saw that cover. It sadly had nothing to do with Dark Souls.

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Hang on a sec

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Fuck really? I was hoping it would be about her running around pissed scared because she suddenly found herself in a world where her powers don't work and spell card are useless.

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That sounds bad. Why would you want that?

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What are you talking about? Taoism ROCKS

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holy shit

she's like, the silver surfer or somethin dawg

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Tao Sei Sei

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If she sins, would she start losing her immortality?

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Doesn't seem to bother seiga.

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Seiga doesn't have to worry about it because she did it a different way.

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"The truth is, you wish to be with him as well, correct?

You want to be the one most worthy of being by his side," Futo-chan asserted, her shoulders shaking. Youmu was struck speechless by Futo-chan's unexpected outburst. At this point, even I could tell that her trembling anger and ridiculous questions were quite out of character for her. Both Youmu and I were at a loss for words, unsure of how to react. "I am sure you wish to walk with my lord just like this..." Futo-chan continued as she grabbed onto my arm. It felt the same as when she latches on when we go to sleep, except this time the feeling had an air of tension behind it. Youmu let out a small gasp as she saw Futo-chan hold on to my arm. "Futo...san...? Just what...?" Youmu trailed off with both hands at her chest as if she was enduring some sort of pain. Futo-chan simply continued squeezing my arm in silence.

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translate it weeaboo

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If you're talking about how she became a hermit, then that's incorrect. Seiga did the very same process as Miko and Futo underwent.

In her case, she used a bamboo rod as her object for the soul transfer. Once she was presumed dead and buried by her husband, the soul transferred to the bamboo rod they switched forms with the body and Seiga came back as a hermit.

It's probably notable that what makes them different is that Seiga's been alive as a hermit for a lot longer than Miko or Futo.

Long enough that her daily diet should be mist.

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Everytime someone posts this infuriating picture of Sakuya with her panties half-dressed. I sperg out so much when I see that picture. God damn.

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futo is a naughty girl

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b-but it's to long to translate... my grammar and spelling also lacks... im sory!

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Futo is one of the cutest 2hu

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If that's you, you look like a faggot.

Where the REAL men at?

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Futo has a fine idea.png

I think so.

>I have gotten a fine idea!
>It will not be cold if the two of us are to sleep together, am I not correct?
>Well then, let us sleep together!

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This is a futo thread, OotSW doesn't belong here.

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Irresistibly cute!