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What is your favourite touhou?

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Alice and Patchouli and Remilia an

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As for me it's Tenshi.

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Le honk cat.

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Reimu obviously.

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Touhou are whos not whats.

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I can't pick a favorite. My top three is something like:


Patchouli and Sanae need to be in there too, so make it a top 5.

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le sluty gap hag

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Patchouli, I guess.

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no youmu yet?????

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no youmu

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Suika because she makes my genitals tingle in excitement.

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Can't say I disagree with you on that one.

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This one.

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Would you put cheese on your dick to attract her?

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Put cheese on my dick? But there's already a lot on there.

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Anon, you should uh, you should clean your dick.

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Flan and Patchouli

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Dude, please... Wash your cock, for the sake of all of us.

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it's too cruel to choose ;_;

i love them all equally.

except Hatate.

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Yes anon, that's a shower.

Do you want me to walk you through this?

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The perfect and elegant maid.

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10/10 would follow into battle

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worst character.

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mountain of faith

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Why did you choose the character that can do things that can make things easier but chooses not to because she's shit?

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The softest 2hu

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What is your favourite touhou?

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she's just a child man

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I still prefer the ZUN art one

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Yakumo who

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Yes please, but only if you describe it in a lewd manner.

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Gentlemanly taste.

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No shut up.

Now get naked.

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-sama. its her last name
In Japan there are only a few select last names given to everyone so it's easier to group them into classes at school.

That's why in K-On they are all -san.

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Keine. I like her, not in a sexual way. I just like her.

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Since watching Jinrui I have basically attached Watashi/Mediators personality to Keine, I don't know why but I feel like it fits her well.

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/jp/, do you ever feel a little jealous when you see a random man with your favourite touhou and she's all over him?

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oh man that one time I've seen my touhouu with another man I almost killed that guy

now he always run away when he sees me

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Patchouli Knowledge is beautiful, kind, and smart.

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Too bad Zun half - assed on her last name.

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Yes, always. Men have nothing to there (except Rinnosuke as long as he stays at safe distance).

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Only if that person draws it well. Because I wish I could draw half decent. Otherwise I get nitpicky over stupid things. He drew her too short, that really doesn't seem like how she is, things like that.

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It's between Yukari, Flan, and Eirin.

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Patchouli has a beautiful name!

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fluffiest 2hu with best master and cutest shikigami

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Badass and sexy.

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And lovely.

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No question. I like a lot of Touhous, but no one is ever going to take Aya's space as my favorite.

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Would a pealed peach skin feel good on your cock? The fuzzy side.

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Why would a Touhou want to fuck you?

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I like them all, but if I have to pick someone, it's probably going to be Mokou.

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Is Nitori not popular or something?

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Nitori a shit

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Nobody cares about her anymore since the symposium.

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I can't believe I watched all of that.

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So she's a little violent at times, I don't see how that's a deterrent.

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i have no single favorite! >:3

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That's the midget, right?

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good man

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Post 'em

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So did they finally add TD characters to that thing?

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He made it himself, dummy.

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Was she ever popular?

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Since OP isn't going to do anything with this information I will.

/jp/'s top 3 favorite touhous according to this thread are:

1-Yukari and Patchouli tied for first with 4 votes each

2-Miko and Reimu tied for second with 3

Fuck it, there are so many tied for third with 2 votes each that it isn't worth listing.

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I guess loving Marisa is just a given that no one even bother mentioning.

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This cutie right here.

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Aw, man, I'm going to have to recount it all then.

Tenshi gets bumped up to second place though, good for her.

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Okuu for "primary reasons", Pache for "secondary reasons".

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Please explain.

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I like Pache for reasons unknown to me.

I like Okuu because I've had the most trouble with her in all of the games. It took me a really long time until I could finally beat her so I have some kind of emotional bond with her. Also her fight is the most "engaging" one and has the best theme in my opinion.

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Reasons unknown, huh? Like you just saw her and went "Holy fuck that's awesome!"

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Well I like her dress, I like her theme, I also like her fight. I like that she's quiet and reads books and (probably) enjoys tea.

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Well at least you don't like her because she's the illest gangsta rapper in gensokyo or something.

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Those spots are reserved.

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I like her, but...

Yeah, secondary or whatever, she's still my favorite.

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I've always wondered, what makes liking Okuu secondary? She doesn't have any retarded memes associated with her as far as I know, but I don't pay much attention anyways.

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>What is your favourite touhou?
>92 posts and 37 image replies
Deja vu.

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Ms. Hijiri.

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If you really did, you wouldn't be saving samples of her.

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Utsuho is popular.
SA is a difficult game.
Therefore, the majority of people who like Utsuho must not have seen her in SA.
Therefore they are secondaries.

Something like that.

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He got you there, man. Time for you to find a new favorite or reapply to make Bykuren your favorite again in six months.

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Nothing. It's forced by one or two people at most that are angry that she gets so many threads. Matter of fact, most Okuu threads in the past have discussed and clarified about her canon facts and speculated about her based on those canon facts. For those of you who've been here longer than two years you'd know this is true. There just isn't much canon material of her to really discuss anymore that hasn't been done so to death.

That doesn't make sense because there's easy modo, and also she's in the fighting game, and lots of peoples interest for her came from there.

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Excellent taste.

>> No.9892507

More like hipster taste.

>> No.9892585

>That doesn't make sense because there's easy modo, and also she's in the fighting game, and lots of peoples interest for her came from there.
Even on easy modo she's much harder than all other stage 6 bosses.

>> No.9892643

There is not a lot of difference between very easy and piss easy.

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Sure, if you bomb spam.

>> No.9892752

Why would you use a bomb on easy?

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The one with the cute headpiece

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My favourite Touhou is Reisen Udongein Inaba!

I really like Eientei as well, I don't know what it is, but they just have a certain charm to them that really hooks me. I really like Udonge as well.

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The Scarlet Mansion crew. All of it. Except China, China is lame.

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Shiki, she's so just and perfect
I want her to sentence me to an eternity in hell
I have an evil complex, doesn't help I'm also a sub

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Nobody but me likes Wriggle, apparently. I also really like this picture of her.

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i fucking love hina

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A successfully disguised wch2huwldufq thread

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>> No.9892951

theres prolly a yen coin on that string haha

>> No.9892954


If I could have Wriggle as a daughter, or heck, a sister, I would. You an' me both, lad.

>> No.9892958

Even with a corset looking thing Wriggle manages to look like a homosexual boy.

>> No.9892962

More like son or brother.

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Cutest hat.

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File: 2.35 MB, 3000x1687, 「お稲荷様?」「Om」.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me, it's this lovely thing right here.
Then Aya, then Marisa.

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is that hose coming out of her butt? for that's what that damn rat tail looks like

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me thinks you mean 'who' is your favorite Touhou.

>> No.9893088

He could have always just said "w2huwf"

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If i haven't yet completed a 2hu game, can i consider myself a primary?

>> No.9893145

As long as you made it to last stage boss.
Easy mode doesn't count.

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Same, and you even used a decent Yuugi picture that doesn't have Parsee in it.

Why must she always show up with Parsee?

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No idea, I blame yuri shippers.

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Because Yuugi is a bully.
Just look at her making fun of poor Parsee about not one, but two issues at once!

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Do they even canonically know each other? I thought they only appeared in the same game, but that's about it.

Anyway, Yoshika is my favorite.

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Shit, at least ship her with Suika or something. Yeah I'm sure they do but not as often as with Parsee.

>> No.9893233

She's also my waifu.

>> No.9893241

Unless Yuugi is fond of drinking on bridges probably not.

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Given her thunderous movements, I doubt she's allowed to cross most bridges. Or at least she politely declines to.

>> No.9893309

More like her thunderous thighs.

>> No.9893318

I'd like to think she wrecked more than a few of Parsee's homes without knowing that that someone was living under it.

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You are my only friend.

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I can never decide.

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Huh, never though I'd meet another.

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Patchouli of course

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NyanNyan, I'm into more evil, mischievous characters

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Koishi and Marisa are tied for second.

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nice smiley.

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>> No.9894383 [DELETED] 


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omg u saw that movie too o.o
it was so creepy -.-

for the lulz! xD

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>> No.9894791

this is awful, who the fug would make this.

>> No.9894808

I posted Miko twice, so it's just two people.

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Yukari is the best 2hu

>> No.9894841

suwako nitori alice marisa all tied for best!

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What a wonderful present!

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Moko and Kogasa

>> No.9894872

Now that there are more posts I'll count them again.

1-Patchouli with 8

2-Okuu with 5

3-Miko and Yukari with 4

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Make this 4 for Koishi

>> No.9894895

Man I told you, I posted Miko twice in this thread, the second time was with that tohosort.

>> No.9894945

Why is Patchouli so popular?

>> No.9895043

I made it.

>> No.9895060


>> No.9895190 [DELETED] 

Because she's... comfortable, I guess?
She's like Kaguya but more interesting, and she's got the whole "asthma" thing that adds to her moe factor.
Patchy's the perfect waifu for NEETs, hikki's, and nerds who don't like high maintenance girls.

>> No.9895408

Except Kaguya is exponentially more interesting.

>> No.9895429

I love them all.

>> No.9895433

What's wrong with Miko? Why do you have to be "proud" of it.

>> No.9895441

Cuz samefag her

>> No.9895543

Who do you love the most?

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I like them all, but Mokou is by far my favorite.

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Miko is my favourite Vocaloid

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