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I'm thinking of getting into Touhou.

Where should I start and how?

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play the games
look up some doujins with characters you recognize

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Do you like healty or flat chest?

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I like a good face.


Thanks. I think I'll check out Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

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start with cherry

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Start with IN

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fuck wrong image

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Can I get these from /rs/?

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Okay, I got Embodiment of Scarlet Devil from /rs/. I'm just trying to patch it.

But the patch isn't working. God, I feel and sound like a moron..

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if you're a completistfag, start with PC98 versions, heck even i didn't touch those yet, that is if your PC can still run it. if you just wanna know what all the fuss is all about, PCB is pretty much casual friendly.


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looks like it

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IN is a bad game to start with - you pick up too much bad stuff from it.

PCB is better.

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damn, link is old and dead.


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Not man enough to start with EoSD?

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I was going to start with that, but I guess I should check out Cherry Blossom first.

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Wow /jp/ is much more helpful than /a/.

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you have to be a masochist if you enjoy EoSD. INFINITE FLYING KNIVES EVERYWHERE.

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Imperishable Night

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I'm talking about which publication this particular hot image is from.
Seems like from the guy that did okne dash.

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VS Sakuya is the best Bossfight ever!

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Which part of touhou do you want to get into?

The games? The porn? The retarded power-level discussions? The music?

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Completly unrelated to this thread... she is the strongest in terms of firepower hand to hand combat and hx

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The games and The music.

Then I'll get into The porn and The retarded power-level discussions as I go.

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>The music
prepare getting a bigger HD, you'll gonna need all the space you can get.

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Great, another faggot going for that shitty lossless torrent.

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Touhou Music - 260 albums 23.1GB

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Mostly music.

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DO NOT start with IN, you will beat it then play the others and keep on dying thinking you can you use your bombs to escape death. EoSD is a good start because you will get to know where your hitbox is without seeing it. PCB is in between.

Personally i had a lot of trouble with EoSD, i found it the hardest out of them all.

For music, it's up for you to decide what you want. A good starter would be dBu, they have made a remix of almost every song. If your lazy just go to this faggish site doujinstyle.com it has a lot of the music groups there available.

Porn is easy to find, just go to wakachan, gensokyo.zomgwtf.net, or danbooru.

Cirno is the strongest, do even bother debating that.

(Why does no one recommend MoF to play first? It's fun)

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Even worse.

Enjoy your shitty mislabeled tracks and lack of Japanese character encoding.

Just get the albums individually like I did over the years; they're are only a handful of dojin groups (including ZUN) that are decent.

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Just start of Mystic Square, then move on to Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. Then if you want something easy, play Perfect Cherry Blossom, if not, play Imperishable Night.

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Thanks for the torrents guys. ;_; /jp/ is awesome.

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Fuck you.

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dont start playing in easy mode start in normal

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yes do this, easy mode is bad

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Perfect Cherry Blossom is the best to start with.

It has some refinements that make it easier than EoSD, and a lot easier to pick up than IN's micromanagement of the spirit/human meter that can make the difference between running out of time or getting the good end.

If you're like me and you could care less about the games. Try these doujin groups for a general view of the gensyoko fandom.


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Those groups are bad and PCB's too easy to start with.

Just follow what >>987698 said.

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>could care less


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Mystic Square is a good start. There is a bad habit of item collection boundary quickly going to the bottom of the screen (if you take the first 10 or so above collection you'll have Dream bonus full shortly after the midboss of level 1), but you shouldn't concern yourself with points so much anyway.

Otherwise things like orthodox spellcards and tough level enemies starting from level 4 make it great practice.

There's also not one boss that is insanely difficult, except Yumeko in level 5. She is harder than Shinki in my opinion.

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Saku Saku and Hinawa's Store are some good ones, too.

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Sorry to seek technical support here, but why do I get 10-15% slowdown on EoSD, and <1% on PCB/IN?

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What stats are your computer?

When I try PCB on a Pentium III 800Mhz with a bogged down XP I get <1FPS.

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EoSD is buggy, i remember getting 7000 fps when i first opened it, which i had to fix.

though i don't know why you are getting slowdown...

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Refined code since EoSD.

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vistaids, 3gb ram, intel dual core at 1.73ghz, onboard graphics.

Obviously there's a couple of settings I can tweak, but it doesn't do much. Any obscure options that I can change in the custom.exe?

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ZUN stopped drinking for 5 minutes after he released EoSD and sorted the code out.

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Okay.. What?

I got the game from >>987509

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If you hold control to skip conversations, that's where most of your slowdown percentage will come from.

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Eh, the lag is quite noticeable even before the first chat in EoSD. The 10-15% is from only playing the first stage.

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>PCB's too easy to start with.
Wouldn't starting with an easier game make more sense? I'd rather follow a decent learning curve than bang my head against a brick wall then be bored shitless once I play IN.

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wrong icon

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Yeah, I realised I fucked up.

I downloaded Embodiment of Scarlet Devil as well as Perfect Cherry Blossom and I was trying to use the Perfect Cherry Blossom patch with Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.


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its just the english patch not the game

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start by fapping and posting on 4chan

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