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How did they even get our number?

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it's creepy that random people from this site have called me before...............

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Is that you George?

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Why would /jp/ even have a phone-- truNEETs have no need for phones

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I have a phone and I only ever used it to phone my mom. Now I live with my parents again so it gets absolutely no use.

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this aint happening

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This is too much pressure.

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moshi mo-

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Anyone but those guys.

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The number you have called is not in service. Please hang-up, and dial again.

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Fuck those faggots.

I wish /tg/ would call us ;_;

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Shit board full of closet homos.

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/tg/ has gone downhill.
Also they hate us now.

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Why the fuck are you fags saying decline?

>not going to /jp/ and /v/
I shaggity waggity

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Luckily, that's not my phone.

I'd never use a product from a manufacturer that restricts my freedoms.

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What manga is that from?

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energetic satorin

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/tg/ only likes pure maidens.


You will never run your hands through his rough neck beard.

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thanks, buddy

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how do you get that green letters?

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He's using the special meme arrows.

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/v/ here, /b/ stole our phone and is using it to make prank phone calls. Don't sweat it /jp/

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ok how do you get the special meme arrows?

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Gotta buy the 4chan pass

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4chan gold account.

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/v/'s title is "video games" now, the vidya died a long time ago.

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>I am i speshul?

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>/b/ stole our phone and is using it to make prank phone calls
Well, at least we're getting free pizza now

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About a year and a half ago, I got a phonecall that changed my ringtone to Rick Astley's ''Never going to give you up". I didn't answer it. Anyone know how this is possible / who called me?

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I don't understand your picture OP, is that a new Addon for 4chan? I have never seen it.

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My mom told me not to talk to strangers

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And you father?

Did he say that while fucking your fag ass?

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You were dreaming.

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The /v/ermin are loose on multiple boards I see.

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that was a pretty epic post bro