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Hey /jp/, do you guys have any advice on how to start a convention? I've got the basics down, place, costs, dealers, artists, etc. But I feel like people are not gonna like it. My plan is to make it like a Matsuri, not just revolve around anime but Japanese culture in general, it'll be outdoors with tents and kiosks, and hopefully it'll be during the cherry blossom season, spring 2013.

I've been going to cons for a while now and people always get exited about the celebrities they bring, but I obviously can't afford that.

Any advice on what events should take place? Should I have music at all times? I /might/ be able to afford a VA so do you have any favorites/who's the nicest? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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That sounds incredibly gay.

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Go eat a dick

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Still not as homosexual as most of the cons around this area.

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Go fuck yourself.

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You should try the board full of congoers.

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Can you start an western version of Comiket? That seems like a better idea than a shit con for cosplayer to stink up.

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