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konnichiwa /jp, I notice there is alot of touhou here. In fact besides the odd doll thread or AKB48 thread it seems mostly touhou.

I am more of a general weeaboo so dont know much about touhous, so I was wondering,

/jp , what is it most about touhou that you are interested in? the games, doujin?, fanart? what is it about touhou that makes you so fanatical about touhou?

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you need to have mental issues to be into touhou like /jp/ is. If you are a neurotypical you will never 'get' it.

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whats touhou? im only here 4 cocks and crossdressing

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>I am more of a general weeaboo

Fucking nerd

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All of it.

I enjoy the original works, the doujins, the spin offs, the music, the arrangements, the fanarts, ZUN's assorted daily drink notes.

I can admit without a shadow of doubt it has become my main source of entertainment.

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Do yourself a favour and delete this thread and then lurk more before posting ever again before your feelings get hurt

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> what is it most about touhou that you are interested in?

The hilarious threads /jp/ makes about it. Like "If your Mom were a little girl again which Touhou would she be?"

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This. There's just so much of it that you can at least stay occupied even if you end up not liking anything.

Also consider doing this: >>9854604

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My mom would be Sanae because she had sex at least three times.

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>I notice there is alot of touhou here.
Most threads are about retarded crap like which touhou would you marry.

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That's stupid, touhous aren't for marriage.
They are for loving

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>konnichiwa jp,
lol fucken weeb.

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You're a riot.

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All of it! Everything about the series is so nice.

Also a lot of people have touhou girls as their waifus or whatever, so they're fun to ERP as. Which I do. A lot.

Pic related.

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What's that?

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I can't believe this waifu crap still exists.

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He's trying to fit in. It's clear he's a crossboarder. But he's being nice, so let's let off him until he references an IOSYS song, at which point he is officially a secondary and thus fair game.
I entered the fandom through the games, but the doujinshi and especially music caught my attention. I don't care much for the fandom, I'm fine with leeching. Also, the Western fandom has its pants firmly on its head, so I'm not going to pretend to "contribute".

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There's nothing wrong with IOSYS dipshit.

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10/10 OP, you got over 90% of an entire thread full of serious replies.

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this thread is a good thread to post this picture i have been waiting to post

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Seriously. A shitty meme blown way out of proportion.

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That may be true, but it attracts the wrong people therefore one should refrain from mentioning how "awesome kawaii xD" their videos are

By the way OP, touhou is not an anime

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What the devil is going on in this picture?

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Flandre is a cuntdestroyer.

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Erotic Roleplay

I know, the term is silly, but hey, if it gets me some cute cock I'm not going to complain.

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nice pic dude, modeled after this dude?

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Are you a girl?

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Blogging and feel threads are now more rampant than whch 2hu fuck

Good job, neo/jp/. I'm proud of you. (Not really.)

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feel threads are funnier than wich2hu fuck has ever been. Sorry.

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When it comes to ERP, the best policy is don't ask don't tell. I want my partners/prospective partners to be able to assume I am a girl, without confirming it and attracting the creepy shit that inevitably follows.

I'm whatever you want me to be, basically.

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So you're a girl.

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They are cancer of the highest magnitude though.
What would you rather have, ironic shitposting or genuine /r9k/ and /soc/ normalfags here?

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neo-/jp/ get out.

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i'm talking about ironic feels you clown.

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How is /jp/ shitposting so refined? It's like reading from a regular anime forum or a youtube comment section.

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Trying too hard.

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If you like. Whatever it takes to get some cute Anon's cock down my throat.

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probably because the majority of /jp/ has been using the internet for longer than 2 years, /a/friend.

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I hate Touhou.

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Do you get money for your services?

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Goodness no! I enjoy doing it, I do it because I like it. I do have trouble finding partners, and that did make me experiment with whoring myself out for steam games and whatever, but never went through with it because it made me feel weird. I didn't want to charge for it, I just wanted to please.

I just love doing it.

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Sluts please go to /soc/ for your ERP

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But /soc/ doesn't like anime girls or ERP. They're all normalfags who want to hook up and get girlfriends or whatever.

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have you been to /soc/ recently? its basically adultfriendfinder.com

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Cool avatar ^__^

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veiny cock rate thread, if you like veiny cocks, get in here and rate, if you have a veiny cock, get in here and post

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What a shame Yukari. I was thinking of taking you as my bride but you still want to have lots of sex with lots of anons. Why am I not joining? Because I'm jealous, silly.

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How can I contact you?

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Protip: It's not a girl, nothing wrong with it just want to inform you.

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Email field for all ERP related stuff.

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Thanks, I'll send you an e-mail later.

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Please email me right now! I need you in my boypussy!

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Don't be shy!

Hush, silly.

Anyway I've shat up this thread enough, I'll stop now.

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Too lewd.

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Hey, can you help me improve my english?

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And this thread is otakufriendfinder, so it belongs there.
Just because you defile touhous by pretending to be them on the internet doesn't makes you sluttery /jp/ related

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Not him, dorkmaster. Just pointing out that you sure as hell can't roleplay on /soc/.

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Doesn't matter, you can't do it here either.

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he just did though.

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Are you kidding me

It's as casual as vocaloid.