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Hello.I am Japanese man.
Do you have questions about Japan?

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Which touhou wud u fuk?

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Prove you're a legit Japanese man and not some pretending baka-gaijin.

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Why do you post here, instead of on 2ch or Futaba?

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Yes. I am a white man and I want to impregnate as many Japanese women as I can. How does this make you feel?

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Did a gaijin ever rape your grandparents?

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How many girls have you molested? Provide stories.

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How expensive is meat if you live in a big city like Tokyo? A friend of mine told me it's so expensive that middle-class housewives only buy it when it's on-sale. Is this true?

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It's difficult question!
I was born in chiba.
Do you know there?

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I am studying English.
So I wanna communicate American people as I can.

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Are you gay? Would you enjoy sex with an American man like me?
I want to have sex with weak Japanese men.

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>So I wanna communicate American people as I can.
But /jp/ is composed completely of Finns and Polish girls.

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I don't cook!
So I don't know about it!

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Please don't roleplay as a japanese man with bad english.

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I am not gay.
No thank you!

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Do you believe in holohoax?

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I've never done it.

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What's that?

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Are there lots of fireflies over there?

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You are crazy!

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Show us a picture of your passport with another piece of paper showing the date on it.

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Are you learning English because you want to have sex with white blonde women?

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Firefiles are seen in the country.

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It's to travel to many countries.

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This is a page of my iPhone.

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Do you like living in Japan?
What do you like best about living there?
What do you like least about living there?
Do you plan on ever moving?

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I am American man.
Do you have questions about America, Japanese man?

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I am 19years old.
So I don't know about past wars.

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Are you getting any of Dengeki Bunko's new releases today?

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Sometimes I wonder if some of these threads are actually legitimate.

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What are your favourite manga Japanese man?

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That's not quite the same thing, but you put effort into it, so whatever.

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Foods are good.
But,japanese gangs are living near my house.
It's the least things.

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This one is not, but we do get real ones from time to time.

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This is actually the attitude most young Japanese today take. So he is le serious. Seriously trolling, but still serious.

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if your English is this bad you wouldn't say "wanna"

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I wanted to believe the twelve-year-old girl was a real thing so I didn't think too hard about it.

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Hallo. I am Ger man.

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They seriously dont know about past wars?

Do they not know about history in general? Oh god they are becoming like americans now. I am american and I can say this

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I don't have interest about Animation and Otaku culture.

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I mean, remember when DJ BOKUSATSU used to come by? I'm pretty sure he was legitimately Japanese.

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I'm the Queen of England, ask me anything.

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They don't preach an allied view of the war, and if they go too far with a pro japanese one they cause controversy, so instead it's simply skimmed over for the most part. The rest of history is covered as usual.

I for one see this as much better than the "shame on you dirty prussian dogs/ 900 billion goyim never forget" course taught in german schools.

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Why is the royal family still relevant in any shape or form in England?

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figure head

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I just wish sad things not happen in the world anymore.

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Will I have a chance to smell sweaty stinky female Japanese feet one day?

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At this point, of course, it's just continuation of a cultural institution. Other than being head of state, I also act as a representative of England and the Commonwealth internationally. And people like us.

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What's your excuse to not knowing English? Don't pull that "we're Japanese, we don't need English" card, people who say things like that are dumb and not worth the effort. Everyone who lives in a first world country should be able to speak English, especially people in Japan which is supposedly a very advanced nation.

There was a time I used to give a damn about your language and speak it better than every Japanese person I met online speaks English. I'm not a native English speaker, mind you, it's my second language.

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Use your iPhone to take a picture of some Japanese documents near you.

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No one likes the queen. Who even knows how old the women is? Everyone is waiting for one of her great great grandchildren to take the throne to see if they do anything interesting with it.

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We have some fireflies, but they aren't common, probably due to the climate.

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Even if I'm not queen for long, my great grandchildren won't see the throne for many, many years to come.

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She was to be the only person around who saw both world wars and the war of 1812!

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Japan is in midnight.
If I take the picture,I can't take good pictures.

So I give you a picture of Japanese supermarket I took yesterday.

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Yesterday, you say?

Are you sure you don't want to correct yourself?

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The Commonwealth welcomes people of all nations and faiths, but foreigners must be willing to accept our values, not expect them to change according to their demands.

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Why aren't you dead yet?

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Any papers you have lying around will do; it doesn't have to be outside.

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how hard is to get laid with a cute cosplayer ?

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Oi, I've got this covered, goy.

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I'm sanic. Fast me anything.

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What do you think of Koreans?

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>but foreigners must be willing to accept our values, not expect them to change according to their demands.
Based on that image I can see they are accepting your values very well.

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No one cares about you anymore, fake Japanese man.
I mean, the fucking Queen of England is here now. Stop trying to upstage her majesty and show a bit of respect.

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How rude. And there are many people still alive who are older than I am. In any case, when my appointed time will come only God knows, but it hasn't come yet.

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Japanese don't take pictures of oneselves.

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the uk is being overrun by mudbloods. there is no respect for them anymore.

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forgot your trip "your majesty"

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I wonder what went wrong

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I am real Japanese.
I don't care about UK.

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I am not directly from the UK and that image makes me sad.

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How rude. And there are many people still alive who are older than I am. In any case, when my appointed time will come only God knows, but it hasn't come yet.

The vast majority of them do, and crime is not something unique to foreigners. Tolerance is also one of our strengths. Of course, respect for tradition and the law is something that can wax and wane, and it's important that communities work together to instill that respect.

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Which Touhou do you feel best embodies the ideals of the British people?

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that dead 2hu

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Why are Korean girls more attractive than Japanese girls?
Why do Japanese girls only know how to dance para para?
Why do you blame non-Japanese for piracy when in reality many Japanese download anime and games on Bittorrent?

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I love beautiful korean womens.

But,I don't like their music and dance.
It's called ''K pop'' in Japan.

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>Why are Korean girls more attractive than Japanese girls?

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I don't watch animation.
I don't know about it.

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So you like crooked teeth and weird knees?

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Values change, and much of that behavior would have been completely unheard of in my youth, but it's hardly respectable behavior today. And with regards to the signs, Britain is a country where criticism of the government is permitted, even if that criticism is unpopular or even abhorrent.

I don't know much about it myself, but I was told that Iku Nagae might be a good representative.

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I respect your opinion.

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Do you know AKB48?
They don't dance Para Para.
Watch their videos on Youtube.

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Please respond, "Japanese" man.

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Have you been to Okinawa?
How do you feel about foreigners?
Would you hang out with me? ;_;

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Yeah I know AKB48, but that's just one and overrated group. On the other hand there are many Korean girl groups which have much better looking girls than AKB48 and they aren't as popular.

Whatever they dance looks weird as hell. I'm talking about real dance moves here. Also I didn't say AKB48 danced para para.

You didn't answer my third question.

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Oh, I want to sleep now.
The morning will come soon.
See you next time!

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frig off dirty corean

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Maybe if you sucked his dick.

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I think he wants me to confirm he's Japanese as no one will believe it. Not 100% sure, though.





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Nobody cares

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No,I haven't.
I love American people!
Ok!Be my friend please!

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It would be really easy if he just posted pictures of some Japanese documents with dates on them. Even a magazine. Explain it to him in the nip-language.

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And I think you should imrpove your Japanese because it's bad and awkward. Also nobody really cares if he's from Japan.

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filthy Kimchy gook

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I'd say he is. He writes well.


It's an ongoing journey. I can't instantly become good.

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>Also nobody really cares if he's from Japan.
Becuase nobody knows for sure if he is really japanese or not.

we get many posters here who claim they are japanese but we always write it off as just trolls so we get used to the idea that anyone who claims they are japanese are just faking it.

If we knew he was really japanese people would care a bit more.

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He's right though. AKB48 are ugly and talentless.

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They arent ugly. They arent talentless.

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And I'd say he's probably not, because providing proof would be exceedingly easy and he hasn't done it.

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Do you want me to show Japanese Posters?

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Atsuko Maeda(Leader of AKB48)is bitch.

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His english is wrong, his unwillingness to provide proof is certainly suspicious, and the fact he's pretending not to understand despite having no issues with more advanced use of the english language suggests he's lying, the fact he's a coreaboo suggests he's just doing this to get a rise out of people as well.

The queen is right, he's just jumping on the bandwagon since we've gotten a few japs lately, who were at least a little insightful, while this guy has done nothing but make empty claims. The fact this is just a plea for attention is also in how the OP was written, actual japs never do this.

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That's not an excuse to not double or even triple checking yourself. Nobody asked you to become instantly good.

Judging by the way he writes I'd say that he's either Japanese or someone who's proficient in the language. As I said, even if it turns out he's a genuine Japanese there's still nothing much to it. There are plenty of Japanese people on language exchange sites.

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His japanese is alright, and it's consistent.
His english is all over the place, and while he might be communicating through his phone by typing with his teeth while riding a bike backwards through heavy traffic, I'm going to go ahead to say he's trying to mask his proficiency in the language. Why ever would someone do such a thing?

But I'm sure someone who knows very little about 4chan decided to stop by the otaku culture board to say they don't like otaku culture, corea is strong, and then refuse to back up their claims of being japanese.

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How will checking more help when this is the limit of my ability?

I can't check for mistakes more thoroughly when I do not know yet how to find them.

Sorry, I don't wish to sound arrogant, it's just short of another year of learning, I can do no better.




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>and while he might be communicating through his phone by typing with his teeth while riding a bike backwards through heavy traffic
Okay you made me laugh there.