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truNEETS, report in.
How goes the fight?

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I'm losing it.

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nice neologism

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If you're a no-good-for-nothing does that mean that you are a good-for-everything?

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I'm not a NEET because I'm not a cake boy like you OP.

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>implying you're not

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That's not what you said last night when I was fuggin' your mouth, nerd.

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I think I'm losing, I'm not sure how much longer I can continuously type captchas, theres just so many posts to report.

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>he doesn't like to whoop

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I didn't report anyone in this thread though ;_;

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i'll whoop your ass

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I think we should separate fatneets from skinnyneets. Fatneets are disgusting and ugly and usually more annoying and dumb. Skinnyneets are much cuter and have a much higher chance to be attractive. Skinnyneet here, don't fall in love with me fatneets.

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That's not fair.
Fatneets are cuddly.
They both have merits and bad traits.
Like the skinnyneets being arrogant.
We shouldn't discriminate

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Fatneets are more arrogant than skinnyneets and are usually the ones to start picking random fights and bully innocent /jp/sies.

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Of all the wonderful things science can do, why can't it make a person who is skinny and cuddly at the same time? I am unable to gain weight, no matter how much I eat, so I'm really self-conscious about cuddling like that. My fingers are long and bony (think Skeletor) and my collarbone sticks out. I can't have a girl rest her head on my shoulder or my chest because there's no fleshy padding and I imagine that it's very uncomfortable.
Why can't I be a cuddly skinnyneet?

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But bullying is good, nobody who gets bullied on /jp/ is ever innocent.
It's something we all should do to keep shitposters in check.
Skinnyneet here, 59kg come at me

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>59 kg
That means nothing to me without the context of how tall you are.
Example: I'm 75 kg. But I'm also 193 cm. This makes me pretty damn skinny.

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182 cm

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Put on muscle.

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Filtered. Why do you even trip on /jp/, fuck.

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I am also religiously opposed to strenuous activity. It goes against the very core of Yukkurism.

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Religion is adopted out of convenience of justification; you're making excuses.

Put on muscle.

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>you're making excuses
That's the joke. Am I a Yukkurite because I am opposed to doing anything strenuous, or am I opposed to doing anything strenuous because I am a Yukkurite?
The answer, of course, is Yes.

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If you can double the amount you eat and not get fat, you probably have tapeworms or something.

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I'm 180 cm tall and my weight is a bit over 90 kg.
This sounds like a lot but my torso is build rather large and I have wide shoulders. If I lose a few kilos more I'll start looking skinny.

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>but my torso is build rather large and I have wide shoulders

The excuses fat people make are just so uncute.

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I can't speak for the guy you're quoting, but I feel sick if I eat even slightly more than I already do. I can only bulk by eating very high-calorie foods.

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>I'm 180 cm tall and my weight is a bit over 90 kg.
That's fat, I'm 5 cm taller than you yet still weigh 13 kg less.

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I have some meat on my belly and ass and legs, but it's also true that you could see my ribs when I was down at 180 kg. If you saw me you'd know what I mean.

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Are you >>9849319?

Don't worry though, I'm losing it too after looking at the /g/-esque "battlestation" thread.

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>180 kg

What the fuck

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>180 kg

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Oops.... I meant 80 kg. What the fuck indeed.

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Losing the fight. I've managed to avoid going to university yet another year but now my parents push me into findinf some job or internship so the hole on my CV doesn't get even bigger.

I don't know how long I can hold them off.

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Oh shit, I was happy because I though there was a /jp/er more fat than me.

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Isn't it nice being able to self-insert easily as the faceless males are always drawn fat in doujins?

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Nz Neet here,
Been replaying some classic visual novels.
Pretty chilled out night.

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Skinny people don't have this privilege.

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That's not how imagination works.

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>Are you >>9849319?
He isn't.
Your question is stupid.
So is your face.
I really don't like you, anon.

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Skinny people might have it easier imagining themselves as the girl though.

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Are skinny people gay?

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4'11" 35kg girl here, are you skinny neets even trying?

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BTW I'm a girl

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But you're a girl. You fuckers are supposed to be light.
You said that in your first post. please don't double-post on /jp/

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Here on /jp/ the skinnys are the trapgirlfriends while the fatties are the manly man who rape them every night.
It's allright though, it's not gay as long as balls aren't touching

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I wonder which side has best cocks.

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35 kilos? You must get thrown around by big strong men like a ball often.

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>Implying you're a girl

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that's fat i'm 3cm taller than you and yet weigh 18kg less.
Fatties have tiny cocks because fat stores oestrogen.

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At least I know know I'm not the shortest.

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Fat people smell worse. They should be starved to death.

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No YOU smell worse

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;_; Y-Yes!
5'2", 104Lbs

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That's only because I'm a neanderthal and don't shave my body often. Being hairy makes it hard for me to keep clean.

Also 186 and 78kg here, is this good? I have wide hips and look effeminate.

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181 48kg

Give me my prize.

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What about us fitneets? Do you guys even lift?

You can lick my abs if you want.

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*whips out dick*

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Ew no, you guys aren't cute or cuddly at all

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I am the worst kind of NEET. I weigh 85kg and my length is 176 cm. I am a fat lazy piece of shit and I will always be bullied by truskinnyNEET for being fat. And I can never be a pretty girl, but always be a fucking slob.

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You could always just stop eating???

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Better get tishus, nerd. For buttears

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No one cares.

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(I typed out each letter, not copy paste, so you know how much you suck)

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I like guys with some meat more than skinny guys (but only if their cocks are at least my size).

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If you have a cock you should be chasing girls not guys. People like you are what is wrong with society these days.

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Meat implies muscle, not fat.

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pls no bully :(

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I'm chasing no one. I love 2D girls, though.
What I mean is, If I fantasize about being a little girl being sexed by dudes, I imagine them rather big and manly and not skinny.

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I didn't bully you, faggot. It's like you're asking to be bullied now.

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Sometimes I also fantasize about getting raped by fat Otakus with large cocks. I'm serious.

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I'm a buffneet though.

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That's not me you nerd.

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All I do all day is work out and browse /jp/.
My arms are huge but I'm still terrified of leaving the house.

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Fukune weighs 110 pounds and is 5 foot 3, she used to be 5 foot 2 but she has grown a little lately. She also used to weigh 100 pounds but she has put on a little weight. Perfectly healthy for a growing girl. True Fukune fan here, just giving you the update.

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i love fukune

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172cm/52kg here, would you cuddle me?

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Fukune a shit.

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Thanks dude.

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No problem.

>>>/v/ For Fukune haters.

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thanks for the update i miss fukune

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fuck it why not.

Is there any true NEETS or Hikikomori here? How do you afford to pay rent?

I honestly wouldn't mind quitting my job and just never leaving my home but it cost money. It's not a lot, it's a shitty 1 bedroom/kitchen and 1 bathroom but it's not enough to live off surveys.

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Is that Accelerator?

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Anyneetswanttobefriends? ive wrote to two so far and it's been really really interesting and fun.

(i'm a neet too)

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never had a job, tried going to community college a few times, but...

I stay with my parents. The reason this is acceptable is because I'm sick and go to the hospital twice a month minimum. Everyone has this attitude of "you can't help it", so I ended up going along with it and now here I am.

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the last person I tried being friends with treated me like shit and would get mad if I didn't want to do what he wanted.. good luck though~

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I don't think its right to assume id demand anything of you, id have no right, and you can just get rid of me if im not up to par

try me anon, you also sound like you have a cool story to tell there

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I don't actually have autism or a disability, I'm just socially inept.
All I did was go to a psychologist for "depression" and then acted like a complete idiot for an hour.
Now I'm on a few hundred dollars a week for doing absolutely nothing. It's pretty sweet.


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which country? how did you reach that point?

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Do they really give out money once a week? Not once a month?
Where do you live?
How much do you get, specifically?

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I know, but it just worries me.. also I always feel awful removing or blocking someone, it took me almost a year to finally tell the other person mentioned that I no longer wanted to talk. I'm also sorta unfair, I can become rather socially avoidant!

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When did the whole autismbux thing start anyways? Whoever created it must have been the biggest retard.

>> No.9850090

well, i'm just happy enough youve replied here, you must have some interest at least, i wouldn't take it personally if you removed me, and you seem nice enough, try me!

does seem very interesting, what did they quiz you on?

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Define acting like a complete idiot.

>> No.9850098


Putting on an /r9k/+neo/jp/ facade like ``tfw no gf, no autismbux, no friends'' etc.

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First instance of "autism bux":
>I know your feel OP. to make matters worse the govt is rolling back entitlements because of the debt so you can't even take it easy in life by using your social disorder(s) to get monthly autism bux either.
>The future is bleak for both worker and hikki.
July 2011

First instance of "autismbux":
>Oh I wish I wasn't so incapable of leaving the house I can't even attempt to get autismbux. I'd gladly use it on figs and live off the pittance of food allowance I manage now if it meant I could buy figs again, it's been years.
December 2011

First instance of "autism bucks":
>Are they honest and loving parents? Cause if they're not, they will just steal all your autism bucks.
September 2010

First instance of "autismbucks":
>Sudo was a great man, I too am striving to emulate his autismbucks acquisition.
May 2011

What I find interesting about this is how the word has become corrupted. We've gone from "autism bucks" to "autismbucks" to "autism bux" to "autismbux". It's like how the non-/b/ boards have gone from "in before" to "inb4" and "my face when" to "mfw".

For a website that hates common words like "lol", people sure are quick to make stupid portmanteaus, bastardizations and abbreviations.

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you started sputing memes?

>> No.9850113

It's in human nature, saying half a word is more useful than an entire phrase when you're about to be eaten by a tlion.

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I'm not him, and I didn't mean it like that, but you get my idea.
Basically going to the psychologist and saying "I feel hopeless in life, wish I had a girlfriend and belonged somewhere" and so on.

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I'm not him, and I didn't mean it like that, but you get my idea.
Basically going to the psychologist and saying ``I feel hopeless in life, wish I had a girlfriend and belonged somewhere'' and so on.

>> No.9850133

I meant the whole system itself. Not the word.
Who thought giving money to retards so they can sit on their ass all day was a good idea?

>> No.9850137

Do you think english originally had things like "I'd" "don't" "We'll" and so on?
Languages are boud to evolve according to people lazyness. Before you know it, what was once considered a bastardization and inccorrect grammar becomes officially recognized.

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Whoa, didn't expect this many replies. My English isn't too great because I don't talk to anyone and mostly lurk so bear with me.

UK. I dropped out of college for the third time, hated working at a library full of shitty kids, and decided to see if I could get autismbux after seeing a thread on /r9k/ a year back.

Once every two weeks for the autismbux. Once a week for disability bonus.
UK. Around 200~300GBP with the bonus. My rent is paid directly to my landlord, so I don't see any of that.

>does seem very interesting, what did they quiz you on?
They asked me about my problems, my thoughts, how I felt about things, my past social relations, etc.
It was mostly me doing the talking whilst the woman was writing notes on a piece of paper.

Pretty much what he said. I complained about a bunch of shit, put on a forced stutter, talked about how I'm scared of leaving the house and that I can't concentrate because I'm constantly being bombarded by thoughts like "I WANT TO PUNCH THAT BITCH",etc , and that I don't feel right about being a guy BUT I DON'T WANT A SEX-CHANGE NUH-UH I AIN'T NO ///FAGGOT///, and I basically just droned on about shit like niggers and how hard everything is.
Was quite possibly the most demeaning and cringe-worthy time in my life.

>> No.9850162

How do you reach this point? Do you call the gov? Visit a doctor? Can you give a timeline from first doctors visit to getting it all sorted out?

>> No.9850172

I don't give a damn. My terrible spell checker doesn't recognize most contemporary blend words, just the obvious ones like "highway" and "website" and so on. Frankly I'm grateful, because most such words might be in Wiktionary or wherever, but they aren't in any proper dictionaries. This leads to people makingstuff up, like "makingstuff" which I expect to be in Wiktionary by the end of the year.

Descriptivism is shit, especially when it leads to random, zany shortenings. This isn't /b/ so express yourself better. You don't have to be perfect (I'm certainly not), but writing, "Hope you got 10 bucks," or similar is infinitely better than, "hope u got 10bux," even if it's a joke. Jokes become serious words that get thrown around as "useful" terms, particularly when people can't think of an alternative.

>> No.9850195

Last year in october I went to the GP (local doctors) complaining about depression and anxiety, they referred me to some woman, two weeks later I talked to her about it, she then referred me to a psychologist late november where I was diagnosed with the autisms, early december a woman came to my old flat and helped me with the paper work, late december I started receiving the bonus, and mid january I finally moved into my new apartment and started getting the living benefits.
Oh, and I had to send a doctor's note to the jobseekers thingy every three months until recently. Now they automatically do it for me.

That's about it, I guess.

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You know I could be even more of a nitpicker and say that "bucks" itself used in place of "dollars" is a slang that shouldn't be used in proper english.

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>> No.9850263

I'm not complaining about words changing or slang being formed. All the words in this post are taken from other languages and then misspelled, misused and twisted into the way I'm using them right now.

I'm complaining about people typing like idiots, and how that's going to be fine soon and it's all your fault.

>> No.9850295


If anything you should blame how the media promoted texting as the social norm for "youths". Also blame Facebook; everything is Facebook's fault.

>> No.9850296

I'm on autismbux. I had an appointment with a psychiatrist who was evaluating me so I could start seeing a new psychiatrist because of the new public health insurance I got. It was really traumatic because I'm not depressed anymore now that I got the bux and am no longer leeching off my parents and in danger of being homeless. So I'm not depressed anymore but I had to awkwardly and badly lie about my symptoms of depression so I could keep my bux.

>> No.9850311

Language bastardisation discussion?

I hate that people use 'will' in places where 'shall' should be placed.
'Will' implies a degree of 'will', e.g. "I will get a 90 on that test".
'Shall' does not, e.g. "The sun shall rise tomorrow".
I admit I use 'will' all the time in non-formal writing though, because it's the normal thing to do now.

The other thing I dislike is people pronouncing 'i.e.' or 'e.g.' as 'eye-ee' or 'ee-gee'.
It's not like they should say 'id est' or something, but would it hurt to say 'that is'?

>> No.9850332

A lot of people don't actually know what 'i.e' and 'e.g' stand for.

>> No.9850345


That's weird, I couldn't imagine using them without knowing what they stood for. Besides, it's not hard to find out.
Also, all they need to know is their English meaning to pronounce them in a sentence.

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People use it to seem smart. Why use "That is" when you can use something you don't know the meaning of? That's the general human's philosophy in a nutshell.

>> No.9851652

> "my face when" to "mfw"
What? I thought it was "my feel when".

>> No.9854091

I don't have an MMO to waste my life on, and I haven't for 4 years now. Actually, I don't particularly enjoy video games at all these days.

I only read manga and watch anime out of habit, I hardly enjoy that medium either. When I add something, I only add it to waste more time weekly/monthly.

My tolerance for drugs and alcohol is quite high at this point, and I don't see myself taking a long tolerance break during these fall months.

I don't think I'm going to make it.

>> No.9855439

It goes OP.
It goes.

>> No.9855454

Just wrote up about eight job rejection emails. I've set cronjobs so they'll be mailed to myself at random times this week. Then I'll show them to my parents.

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Anta aspie? "Bux" is a gajillion times more idiosyncratic to type out than "bucks". That's why people do it; because it's funny.

NEETbloggers really are the dimmest bulbs in the toolkit

>> No.9855495

You remind me of me.

>> No.9855496

Now THAT'S productivity. Keep up the good "work".

>> No.9855542

I'm making a tulpa. In a couple months I will have my very own companion, that only I can see.

>> No.9855565

I just had to go to the shops because my baka parents forget to get Diet Coke in the shopping.

As I was leaving my garden, I heard some working class people being drunk and swearing loudly. I waited until they were a reasonable distance away, then walked behind them. Suddenly they stopped and they saw me, but I had to keep walking towards them because there were no turns in the path. One of them said, "Hoo look it's an emo," (I'm not, but I have dark clothes and longish hair).
I was so scared but one of them decided, "Hoo, actually a've gotta gan to the shops."
Maybe he was being nice to me, but I doubt it. Either way, that meant I couldn't go to the shops and had to go to the further away shops.
On the way, some neurotypical children followed me and started shouting names after me. Not insults, actual names. "Hoo John! Frank! Andrew! James!"
It was some game to them, and I didn't understand. If I was capable of humouring them, I would have. But what do they expect to get out of this? Me saying, "Yes! You guessed correctly! Well done! Have a lollipop"?

The outside world is so scary and confusing. How on earth do normal people deal with all this?

>> No.9855580

Been working really hard on learning the kanji. Goal is Monday through Friday I do 50 each, and 25 each on Saturday and Sunday, so 300 a week. I'm done 250 so far with 100% writing recall.

>> No.9855703

truNEETs don't learn things.

>> No.9855733

That's just your excuse for being an idiot.

>> No.9856169

I wanted to add some kind of encouragement, like "Try picking up a new hobby!", but somehow I feel like I'm going to be you within a couple years.

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I... how does the rest of /jp/ do this? Even when I try to learn up to 5 new kanji in a day I feel like I'm pushing myself. It took me a month each to learn the hiragana and the katakana. I feel like I'm abnormally slow at everything I try to do, and it makes me so frustrated. Am I just retarded?

>> No.9856234


Not him but you're just doing it wrong. It goes like this: story>write kanji from memory>flip the card. You use kanjikoohi for the menomics to add in surusu. Fuck the premade decks and don't be lazy.

I postponed my reps since I have other stuff to study.

>> No.9856244

What method are you using? I am doing Heisig and I spend hours at it every day. If you really take his advice and try to visualize each kanji as he says in the book, it ends up sticking somehow. It's weird, really. Don't just make up a sentence to go with it, but visualize the story -- close your eyes and think about it and let it sink in for 15-30 seconds. Then write it a couple of times and come back and review it later. I use http://kanji.koohii.com for reviewing. None of that's really helpful though if you're using some other method.

>> No.9856264

>100% writing recall.
Is that mature card recall? If so, really good job. But this should mean you should be able to study more cards. 80-90% for mature cards is where you would like to be for the efficiency. I only have 80% for my kanji mature cards but I'm up to 2000 kanji I think.

I'm taking a break from vocab. I recently finished Core6k and I need the number of reps to even out. I'm averaging 800 review reps a day so I need that to drop down significantly before I go through my customized Coreplus deck.

>> No.9856267

Also I will add to make sure that you do NOT try to learn them by brute force, i.e., by just writing them over and over and hoping they stick. If you do it that way, it will take forever. Also make sure to review from the meaning --> kanji. Don't look at it and try to recognize it, but look at the meaning and then write it to review.

>> No.9856276

>Is that mature card recall?

Not sure what you mean. I look at the meaning and then I write the kanji. The most mistakes I've had so far is getting "likeness" and "resemblance" confused once, but I remedied it.

If you mean "mature" by how they progress through SRS, I haven't gotten them that far yet since I haven't been going a long time. I review them regularly outside of SRS though.

I'm going to start up Core6k when I'm done with Heisig.

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My father almost got him and I arrested and ever since I'm anxiety has been so severe I've been so depressed that I really don't care about anything anymore. It's actually really nice, which makes me happy. I'm really confused.
Also I've been learning about tarot cards and they're really cool.

>> No.9856305

Oh, I think I see why I'm not understanding you. I only know 250 kanji total. I'm working on learning all of the jouyou kanji, not on reviewing them (though I am reviewing them as I learn them). I won't know all 2000+ for about about 6 more weeks.

>> No.9856319


cops are scary

>> No.9856334

Yeah they are, but I wasn't worried about them, my father forced me to help him steal some firewood from a mill that was closed for the season and we almost got caught. The trauma of being abused like that is too much for me.

>> No.9856345

I got pulled over at a road block once and I got patted down and my car searched because my hand shook a bit when I handed the cop my license. He was like, "You don't need to worry if you haven't done anything." Bull-fucking-shit. Police abuse is everywhere. I was scared he was going to plant drugs in my car. Fuck them.

>> No.9856377

Just tell them you have anxiety, that's what I told them and they were like "sorry bro :( "

>> No.9856389

They didn't tell me why until after they'd gotten me out of the car.

>> No.9856403

In their defense it was probably the last thing on their mind since they probably deal with drug addicts a lot more than they do anxiety cases.

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I finished mine a long time ago. They're amazing and I'm never lonely now.

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