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Has anyone bought shimapan, and how comfortable are they?

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It's always the same shit threads on /jp/. It's like "groundhog-day".

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good thread

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I know the movie "groundhog-day"!

Have you read "Higurashi no naku koro ni"? There is a similar concept in place.

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They're just like any other pair of panties, but they look better if you have curves because they highlight them. So not really good if you have a flat butt.

I assume they'd be a nice surprise for an otaku boyfriend, along with sukumizu or a maid headband. Depends on the target I guess

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>otaku boyfriend
I doubt it's a girl asking this.

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It's always the same shit since moot allowed this shit to be in this place. Thanks to /jp/ I discovered that being authistic, pissing in bottles, being a neet, using onaholes and being a pedophile, is part of the otaku culture.

Thanks /jp/, you teach me a lot.

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Are you a girl, dude?

Please respond.

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It's been that way long before the changes moot thinks he made.

Please go back to another board.

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You must be literally authistic if you think you belong here, I was actually just joking about that one part but I guess not. How is pedophilia, peeing in bottles and generally being a discusting waste of place otaku culture?

I seriously can't believe the people you find on /jp/. Why don't YOU go back to where you belong.

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Oh, sorry to bother you, I usually limit myself to lurk the images here.

Just wanting to remind you how pathetic are most of the threads here.

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>not a waste

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Where do I belong?

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Show us your ass.

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>misusing the quote feature

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where do I belong? ;_;

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Who are you quoting?

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The more time i spend on /jp/ the more i hate otaku's for the degenerate wastes of air that they are.

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Who are you quoting?

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Ma nigga.

I hate these otaku's.. I mean weaboos because that's what they really are. Except even Japan won't want them wasting their oxygen, a pity they will come to realize that one day.

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>I am a huge faggot please rape my face

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Almost all of my panties are shimapan. They're just normal panties with stripes on them, it's not like they feel any different from the average cotton panty.

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>not wanting to suck cock

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I am an otaku, and I don't want to be related with that garbage. It's time to go back to the shadows.

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>calling yourself an otaku

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I want to get into wearing panties. Do you just buy your online?

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You have no idea who you're dealing with buster.

I am in the top 10 otakus on this webzone.

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>learn japanese
>this isn't so bad
>I'm learning quickly
>it's like I'm really going to be japanese
>kanji comes in
>well this can't be so bad I'll just use kanjidamage
>kanji isn't losing HP as fast as it should
>double-check its stats
>these stats sure are similar to a be-
>kanji is a bear
>mauls half my face off
>lose cognitive function
>reduced to /v/ level shitposter
>burst into treats
>run away crying with my face cycling from one unrealistic reaction image recreation to the next
>want to fuck
>stumble into my little sister's room for emotional support
>forget about the spaghetti reserve for demonstrating the evils of refined grains
>spaghetti falls out of pocket
>run frantically to kitchen to find something to scoop it up
>/v/ opens the door
>gets on the floor
>everyone walks the dinosaur all over my spaghetti
>sister seeing all of this
>she doesn't want to fuck
>fat cow of a /v/ female crawling on floor sucking at the spaghetti
>badly wants to fuck
>mauled for the second time in only 5 minutes
>pass out

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>He dosen't have any
How does it feel to be male

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Epic memebox bro.

Check this one out:
Bleach has no             games.

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I only have tight little men boxers, no women panties yet.

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*memearrow*but it has

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Haahaha, that guy's face is so epic!
The test was HILARIOUS!

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Sorry I get those memes mixed up sometimes. I forgot it was the ps3 that has no     bgs.

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Not him, but I buy mine online. Amazon has them cheap and the shipping is discreet as long as you don't order from a secondary seller.

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btw i'm a girl

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Yes, and quite. Just get some and try it.

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Haha, it is pretty epic isn't it?

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As comfortable as they are.

Some stripes on your underwear aren't going to alter its comfort properties.

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r u a grill?

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all pantsu should have lycra

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/soc/-tier thread

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>implying OP isn't a faggot

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Do they have to be?