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I want a cuddly doctor to be curled up on my bed anticipating sex!

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Good thing it's penis inspection day at Eintei.

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I get to inspect Eirin's throbbing, pus-filed, infected penis? Dream come fucking true!

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Getting pegged by a milf doctor is one of my fetishes.

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I prefer this doctor.

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Eirin is not a physician/doctor. She is a pharmacist. Completely different things.

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Eirin is not a physician (doctor). She is a pharmacist. Completely different things.

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Me too.

I wish to marry an overworked female doctor and be her cute stay-at-home husband.
I would never have to work or leave the house and I could stay at home cooking delicious meals, taking care of the kids, doing chores, playing video games, and browsing /jp/ while she supports me.
And then when she comes home from a hard day's work, I could massage her feet and have sex with her to relieve stress.

If only....

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I had to go to the doctor a few weeks ago. The doctor I was assigned was this older woman, probably in her late 40s, who was attractive. Glasses, black hair, skinny. I wanted her to say, "All right, pull down your pants, anon. I'm going to need to test your penis reflex."

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My physician is also a woman, late 30s and also attractive. My grandad said she gave him a prostate massage. I was so fucking jealous.

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It's not pus, it's cum. And it's not infected. It's just big, because Eirin likes you very much and she is happy.

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Y-You mean I did that? Well I guess I better take responsibility then....
If it's Eirin, then it's ok.

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Eirin is very skilled with her feet...

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I wish I could be that arrow between her toes. Smell those sweaty and stinky feet must be heavenly.