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post images of depressed/bullied touhous


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She looks happy

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Make me.

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That's how I spend my birthdays; with my fumos. Alice is a woman of fine taste.

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cmon people... i want to see some really unhappy touhous. preferably crying.

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get them on your own faggot

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>crying touhous


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We're not bullies.

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Seeing unhappy touhous makes me feel really bad op.

I don't know what it is about it, but just seeing them all dressed up really cute (I always seem to think of it as if their entire day is ruined, and they dressed up as if it were going to be a good day) and then just crying really makes me want to hug them. Anyone else think the same way?

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I have plenty but I will keep them to myself out of spite for you.

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Fuck You

Touhous were born to be happy for life

They leave a trail of calm, peace and pleasure
on every step

Just look at my Patchy

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Crying/Sad touhous make my chest hurt a little bit.

Which is why I sincerely dislike 90% of this artist's work.

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She just looks bored.

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Not all bullied 2hus have to be sad.

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I can see parts of her feet!

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yuuka is bullied but she doesn't really mind. All the other touhous make rumors abuot her being sadistic when really she's just sweet and kind and shy

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Not all bullied 2hus have to be sad.

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He's actually been making some really heartwarming pictures lately. Or maybe he is just realizing his love for certain Touhous.

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...but she spreads those rumours.

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Ew, she probably smells like garbage.

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Get a load of these turbonerds. Being sad is part of life. Deal with it.

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Then how come the ones bullying her don't call bullshit on the rumors?

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i think an abused cirno makes me the happiest.

the mere sight of her just fills me with rage.

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no she doesn't the other touhous spread rumors that she spreads the rumors

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You are what you can afford to eat.

At least she has a proper job.

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I'd gladly bully the 2nd worst 2hu.

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oh, really? what do you call this?

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And who would that be?
At least you could have posted a relevant image

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It's not bullying if you're just pointing out facts.

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Actually judging by the background it looks like like she lives in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Everyone smells like garbage in that kind of setting.

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just pointing the fact that she's the worst

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Probably one of the PC-98 characters.

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>pic related

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aaaaand later that evening..

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I can just see Alice breaking the broom over her knee and telling her to walk home.

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> "take that. you filthy dog"

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Anybody have the picture of Reisen in war? The one where it has "good luck" or something written on her shield with blood.

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Got you covered anon.

One riot shield bunny, coming right up!

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The fuck? Alice is a Youkai, she can recover from fatal wounds almost instantly.

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Holy shit I love this picture. It's so edgy yet it makes you feel.

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That's because garbage is their new naturally renewable food resource. Full of randomized vitamins and possibly minerals. If you're lucky, it might even be technically edible!

I kid, her sign says she eats plenty of protein from men who pay her to suck it out of them.

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Sweet. Thanks anon.

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Badass moon bunnies.

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my favorite.

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Alice is human

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And in a post apocalyptic setting I'll bet most of those men just punch her in the face afterwards and tell her they aren't paying for shit.

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Well, someone was at least nice enough to leave a few bills and some fish for her.
See, if you put your body and mind into it, you can earn a living just like Reimu!

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Imagine how many diseases she has by now too.

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You're not serious are you?

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Most people in post-apocalyptic settings are still alive because they're highly resistant to disease.

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Kyouko is sad. Her youkai species is dying off because people have stopped believing in her.

She might disappear too someday.

But it's alright.

I'll always believe in you, Kyouko

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>She might disappear too someday.
It won't happen. So long as Byakuren and Co, as well as people like you, acknowledge her existence, she won't die.

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I think she's adorable as fuck. The only touhou I have ever genuinely wanted as a pet.

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video games aren't life, giga nerd.

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gotta wash that dirty, unwashed neet?

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magician != youkai

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I'd punch a Cirno. You don't get in Raymoo's way dumb bitch.