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This was made by ZUN?

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yes official SA art

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Yes, it is from a little known series called Touhou.

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Drawn by an impostor I think.

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Unpossible, you can see her hands.

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ZUN's gotten better since the early days.


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It's just that it looks too good.

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Wait, what?

Her right hand looks decent.

ZUN, have you been not drinking?

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fool! ZUN gets better the more drunk he is!

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This, although op is so good it makes me suspicious....

I wish his fucking art style would stop changing, though.

His best art was in PCB, sadly.

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>Entire thread.
Fagius Newbus

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jeez, it's just fanart you guys. stop being morons.

the big tip off is her hands don't look like mangled claws. that should make this obvious.

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You lie. She isn't fat and bug-eyed enough, and there's a smudge which could be mistaken for a nose.

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I see individual fingers without broken lines and unclear edges. This is too much for Zun.

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>fool! ZUN gets better the more drunk he is!

Pic related?

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Zun's graph is an exponential curve.

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