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Dear /jp/ ...

What the flippity fuck is up with Japanese public toilets?
Seriously holy shit.
Who is the dumb fuck who decided it would be a good idea to have the place where you shit and piss right on the floor.

What happens when you step into somebody's piss and shit?
Do they have these stupid fucking things at bars?
What happens when a buzzed person decides to go piss and shit?

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There are many health benefits to this way of using the rest room.


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They have those around just to fuck with foreigners. Nobody who lives there actually uses them.

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thanks for that link!
i may now start squating

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Good luck. If you're not used to it, it's so uncomfortable. After about five seconds your legs start trembling and you want to sit down. My karate teacher made us squat in that position as punishment.

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Countries only have so much awesomeness to distribute between their toilets.

Countries like the US distribute the awesomeness equally, so that all toilets are essentially the same (those weird, portable toilet stall things are fucking gross but you really needn't ever encounter those).

Countries like Japan decided to make some toilets more awesome than others. Toilets in people's homes and in fancy businesses have heated seats at the bare minimum, and can include full control panels on the wall to spray your ass with water at variable speeds, electronically raise and lower the seat, and other nifty features that I can't begin to guess. On the other hand, many toilets are simply like your picture: porcelain holes in the ground.

I lived for a full year in Japan as a foreign exchange student, and managed to get away with never ever using one of the holes in the ground. Fuck that noise.

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I hardly seen any of those squat toilets in anime

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You really should. You'll be amazed at how clean your shits come out.

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I always find a spot to squat in before taking a poo, I can't take a shit without doing so.

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I can't imagine not squatting.

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I see them all the time in ero-manga.

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>study abroad in Japan
>Curious about the squat toilets in school, use one.
>Uncomfortable at first, but my bowels suddenly just open up and everything slides out
>Start using that toilet several times a week
>Become uncomfortable with the idea of making contact with a toilet seat
>Return to America
>Squat on the toilets by standing on the seat
>Been doing that ever since I came back, haven't sat down to shit in years

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There is a pretty obvious reason why you'll never seen them in anime. Its the same reason they are so popular in ero manga and hentai.

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epic greentext story /a/v/-kun

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Wait... really?

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I told you in the other thread: Greentext stories have been 4chan culture for years. Stop your passive-aggressive nonsense and accept it.

What happened to taking it easy?

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