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>being a weeb
>worshipping gooks

>> No.9808437

you missed /a/ by several hundred pixels. they might actually fall for this even though that picture has nothing about Japan.

>> No.9808448

you sound like you're one of those /jp/ worshipping /a/v/ immigrants, cockboya.

>> No.9808450

It's possible to have the /jp/ link be directly under /a/'s.

>> No.9808452

who the fuck do you think you''re tallking to, bitch?

>> No.9808458

wh r u qt?

>> No.9808479

That one gray E is bothering the shit out of me. I don't understand.

>> No.9808480

Everyone on /jp/ hates japs though

>> No.9808486

This. It's our way of overcompensating for the fact we aren't wapanese in the true sense of the word. It's very important that you justify yourself on an anonymous board.

>> No.9808491

only butthurt gooks and chinks do

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