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What say you, /jp/? If you were to become the *main* heroine in a galge/eroge, what genre would you be? Love comedy? Drama? Tear jerker?

... Nukige?

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What the fuck is nukige...

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Romantic comedy

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BL Game

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A jerker, indeed.

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Fapfest game. Nothing but sluts and mindless fucking.

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It's a game where I fuck your mom.

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slice of life

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Fantasy based action comedy

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I wish to be the sword girl from an action title.

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A female heroine in a BL game? How does that work?

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Maybe the protagonist? I think they get multiple dicks

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Chuuni game by Nitro+

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What do you think BL stands for

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Boys' Love

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This girl is so cute, it looks like my ex-gf

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Popular science.
Most likely something about M-theory or cryptology.

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Also, in case you are interested.


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Probably a screensaver. Can't really imagine myself as a main character of anything at all.

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So a very obscure game that no one would play except nerdy science savvy hipsters?

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I play many eroge. I probably would play his.

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No, *popular* science. Stuff that every high school grader should understand - packed in a very hip and cool story!

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So girlified Bill Nye will appear on it? And she will sport massive breasts in order to explain forces,gravity and bouyancy?

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That would be too lewd!

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I don't think I'd be 'normal' or childhood friend enough to be a main heroine in a regular eroge, even if I somehow became a cute girl.

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I think I would want it to be exciting. Nukige are boring as hell, though, so that is definitely out.

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Something along the lines of Atlach=Nacha please. I want to become a spider and sweep little girls off their feet.

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Don't die, anon

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Does this kind of hairstyle have a name? It's always been my favorite.

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Hime-cut with small twintails I suppose.

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Nothing like hime-cut with those bangs.

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Yes, kusoge. I would be one lady in bullet hell game. I would shoot bullets vertically, horizontally. So that it would plot out the whole screen. While blasting some annoying dialogue that you would have to skip just to survive.

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That's not a galge or eroge, anon. Think outside the box.

Remember, you are the main heroine. Not a silly ship in a STG.

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I was talking about kusoge. I wan't to be in kusoge!

Whatever... I wan't to be a naked super-heroine in tear jerker. Galge.

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A hime-cut is just long hair with cut bangs.

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What, you like rape buses that much?

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either that or maybe a fighting thing of some kind.

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Grimdark White-knuckle Thriller.

No rape though. I don't want to get raped.

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Straight bangs though

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No. I've seen plenty of hime-cuts without strait bangs.

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Nukige...preferably something where I am exposed to some sort of mega-aphrodisiac and am surrounded by no less than 6 cocks.

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Stop lying

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Pure love 10% yuri moege.

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Actually, now that I've typed that I really want to read something along those lines. I don't think it exists though ;_;

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Slice of a life about me doing nothing all day and not getting laid. Worst eroge of all time. Don't buy it dude.

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So, what. Main character (male) is a social worker trying to get you to leave your home and become an upstanding woman?

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Drama, I would be the tsundere in complete denial that I like the MC.

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I'd be something akin to Kyrie from 美少女万華鏡 ―呪われし伝説の少女―

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The music for that game was gorgeous.

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A tear jerker. I want my life to be written down as a tragedy, so young edgy people will think its the best thing every.

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Sci-fi or one with magic powers.
Maybe both.

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I wanna be tsukihime in tsukihime.

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But Tsukihime only appears in Kagetsu Tohya.

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I don't know, whatever this image is.

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Nukige obviously. I'd be a loli that gets gangbanged until she ahegaos.

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Yuri futanari nukige with me as the dick girl. Oh sweet desire.

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I'd be the one that just talks and talks and has one boring sex scene.