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Who SOCKS here?

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Hina socks is best socks

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Sanny socks is good too

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Get a real fetish, buddy.

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I'm wearing slippers.

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How about you go back to sucking your mammy's titties, junior.

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And how is that related, sperglord?

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Eat a dick

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Wrong, Koishi's is

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I thought this thread was about shit we have on our feet.

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I lost my feet in the war.

Threads like this should really carry a trigger warning.

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Where are the pics?

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Socks are shit. How can some of you faggots like them? Dirty soles > the shit you call a "fetish".

Fucking nerds.

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>hurr durr my fetish > yours


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hurr durr


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Socks are nice, aren't they?

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Those aren't even socks.

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A sock can be any item of clothing worn on the feet

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Ara ara~ you came just from my foot?

You really are hopeless anon! What are we going to do with this mess you made ?

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You tell me Yukari-sama. I know I definitely wouldn't want you to force me to clean it up with my tongue.

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yo check out my new socks

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You knew what he meant, retard.

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Every day.


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Well? Which one do you want, anon? I think we both know what a pathetic M like you will choose.

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I ain't no M

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Not yet.

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You will be when Yuuka gets done with you. You'll be her bitch and enjoy it.

Speaking of socks, I've been looking everywhere for a socks extra translation. Anyone got it?

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I can't seem to get into the M mindset. It's real foreign. I'm not really an S either though.

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Its not you retard

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I only somewhat liked black socks in anime, but have been fan of thighighs/pantyhose

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Same here. I guess it's weird, because I do like feet.

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Eh? M-my feet? Well, I guess if you really want...

I've been wearing these for a while now, so... they're kind of sweaty.

You mean you like that...? Ugh... Are you a pervert?

Fine then, for today only you can smell them as much as you like!

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If is Tenshi's feet i wouldn't only smell them but also lick the sweat from them.

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but i don't want to smell them, i want to lick them.

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L-lick them? I guess so...

You're not getting turned on from this are you...? I definitely won't forgive you if you are!

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Why are you putting your feet straight in air? Is this bed very low or am I standing on your bed or somethjng

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this is so old.

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Look at all this roleplaying scum.

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Say 'aaaahh'!

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I love usotsukiya's feet and all but I really don't know any other exceptional feet artists.

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Hentai. Which one? Identification in the form of a name would be ideal. Also bump for delicious socks.

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smelly feet give me a boner

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archetype, key trash

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how long has it been since key trash released anything new?

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Please step on my face with your smelly bare feet, Tomoko!!!!

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''Here you go! You are favorite feet!"

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>foot fetish doujin
>can't even draw the feet right on a panel that's over half the page

I'm quoting yer ass

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Those aren't my're favorite feet.

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Haven't seen this one yet.

Why do some Usotsukiya sadpandas have bunches of different-style-looking pages at the ends?

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You will never have Koishi force one of her socks into your mouth.

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Imagine having one of her socks in her mouth, and being able to suck the sweat right out of it!

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>sucking your own semen
I'm not sure about this. Isn't semen really salty?

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It can be sweet if you eat a lot of fruits.

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Stop pretending that you've never tasted your semen.

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Can't be that bad, pic related.

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Why do all the doujins with footjobs have to have weird cum eating and femdom stuff?

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Because it's hot.

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footjobs are associated with femdom 90% of the time, so the male must be degraded after he comes.

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I love footjobs, but I'm cut so they won't feel good in real life.

This is a tragedy.

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Use lotion.

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I write foot fetish stuff

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You mean guest artists? That's not uncommon.

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This thread made me fap, moan and cum in that order. Now I have sticky stuff there. ;3

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bump for glorious socks.

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lol...wow you guys make such a big deal about a peace of fabric =__=

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Got love the detail this guy puts into his socks.

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Those are real life pictures super imposed into the foreground of his art. He made a guide about it, doesn't even lift a finger.

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More please.

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Don't worry about it, it will feel good.

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this fag draws dicks more than vaginas, is he gay

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You shut your dirty mouth, Usotsukiya is a god among men.

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He always draws the same shit. What a boring author. He can't even write a plot.

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Who here remembers WHERE ARE MY SOCKS?

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>looking at hentai for the plot

Who cares if it's the same shit, it's still fappable

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I can't fap if there is no plot. I especially hate all doujins where the male character is supposed to be you. If a doujin starts with fucking I usually don't read it.

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that feel when the latest SOCKS book isn't scanned
I think the name was "JK R-18"

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But self inserts are the best.

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Only if you're some kind of loser. Are you some kind of loser?

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They aren't. They are boring. I don't want to fuck touhous, I know this is impossible. I really like futa, it sometimes have pretty funny or hot plot. Strong touhous dominating weak is my fetish.
Because of this I find majority (90% maybe more) touhou porn doujins really shitty. Most of them show consensual sex with faceless self-insert male. I usually don't even read them because of how generic they are.

Okay, I don't want to derail this thread. Please, continue your discussion about socks.

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Most are consensual heterosexual sex? Where are you finding all these touhou doujins?

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Impossible, yes. But when I'm fantasizing it's what _I_ want, and impossible doesn't exist.

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why were those pics deleted

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there's some black tar monster attacking her exposed foot!

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Exhentai. Rape really isn't that common. I'm not talking about vanilla, I'm talking about your typical doujin with this scenario.
For example Satori doujins. First six doujins are about the exact same thing.

Well, if I self insert I usually do it in my imagination. I don't need a doujin for this.

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Why do women expose their feet in public? Don't they realize it is a sexual area? They might as well walk around with their breasts out. Even with socks it is still lewd.

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It's only lewd to people who have foot fetishes.

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It is lewd to everyone with a sense of decency.

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Nonsense. That's like saying exposed hands or the neck or whatever are lewd. May as well wear a burka.

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>May as well wear a burka

This is the best choice to keep a woman pure.

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>Nonsense. That's like saying exposed hands or the neck or whatever are lewd. May as well wear a burka.

Anyone who exposes any flesh below the neck or above the wrists ought to be beaten by the المطوعين for the disregard of public morality.

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Due to the Bush shoethrowing incident I heard feet are considered super gross by Muslims or at least Arabics. Does that mean foot-fetish is highly frowned upon and the fetishists are super embarrassed about it?

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Foot fetish is for normalfags.

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Yeah, we get it anon. Anything you don't like is for normals.

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I don't like you.