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So Miko accused the Yama and Komachi for planting bugs into people to report their criminal acts. This is a violation of human right. Why do you want to live in this police state Gensokyo ?

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because cute monster girls

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Did I ever mention that Miko needs a good dicking?

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Wow, this is interesting. Kind of like something from Harry Potter.

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Yamada has more Shinigami goons than just Komachi.

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This is kinda erotic

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That's a dangerous game you're playing, Miko.

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>Bugs called the three worms live inside the human body
triple penetration and infestation by tentacle worms are my fetishes

Other than that, though, it's kind of a fishy claim.

Do the yamas and shinigami get paid by the amount of people processed into afterlives? How does the judicial system get funding? I'd have thought they'd get more money the LESS people were sentenced to hell, and decreasing people's lifespans when they do wrong seems to be counterproductive.

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Why would they even need money?

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I trust Shikieiki because she is a yama.
She always knows best

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To throw around. Every Komachi's spellcard. She's filthy rich.

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It's just symbolic money though

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Symbolic for actually having something of worth to trade

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No, it's not actual money you buy things with

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I see what you are talking about

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I swear if Miko gets ruined by you fags I'm going to snap.

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She already ruined herself with those stupid ass headphones and outfit.

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So the already translated and available Miko porn doesn't ruin her?

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Miko looks like a boy there. Perhap the Prince is actually a trap ?

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Miko looks like she's on the home shopping channel or something.

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I'd watch it

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To all the people who think like this, harden the fuck up.

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If depictions by Toriyama Sekien is to be believed, those worms are the size of a child each and look more like twisted little men with antennae than any sort of worm. And since they're in Gensokyo and therefore almost as likely to be little girls as traditional ghosts, the process is more likely to involve three little girls ripping their way out of your body and telling the Yama how you're a mean pervert who masturbates to underage girls and how they were deadly scared of coming out of your body because they thought you were only pretending to sleep so that you can catch and rape them.

Instead of spending the day praying and keeping watch for the worms, people should try that approach.

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is only a flat chest

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No because all the ones starring Miko are pretty terrible, thankfully.

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[STUDIO T.R.C.] 東方麗魔事変

The barrier has grown weak, and gensoukyou is in need of a renovation. Unfortunately there isn't enough room in new gensoukyou for all the old touhous so sacrifices must be made.

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No it doesn't ruin her because fanon cant ruin canon. Its not the real touhous in those doujins so how the fuck can she be ruined? She cant none of them can. Unless you're some idiot that cant tell canon from fanon.
Don't let fanon shit ruin touhous for you it makes no damn sense. All the porn in the world cant change the fact its not the real touhous in them. Ignore it and thats that, not that hard to do.

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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Except Yuyuko is forever a mature titty monster, no amount of canon will convince people otherwise.

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>Danger Level: Very High/Unknown
>Human Friendship Level: None
>Satori Komeiji
>Koishi Komeiji

I wonder how many hearts were broken, Koishi fans are so sensitive.

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I was okay with that.
I didn't really get any new informations out of Koishis article.
I always figured that she is a mysterious person who hardly interacts with people.
The fact that she likes children is interesting though

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Nobody said loving a youkai would be easy

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>they won't even look at you without being abhorrently disgusted
It's just like real life!

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Wait, I'm pretty sure Alphas art shows she's well stacked.

And ZUN seems to have no problem with his work and considered it canon so.......

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They could both give you the mental image of them smiling and and having a pleasant time around you but in reality they are both laughing their asses off at how disgusting and pitiful you are the whole time, then they would convince you that the only way that they would ever love you is if you killed yourself on the spot, and after which Orin would just cart your pathetic virgin fat ass off to get burned like all the rest of the trash.

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Never trust a monster, smite them down where they stand!

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Satori offered Reimu tea, she can't be bad.

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Those are Secondarys. Secondarys reject canon because it doesn't suit their shit taste.
Doesn't change the fact shes isn't a titty monster no matter how bad I want her to be. Shes not flat though.

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>Prince Shotoku as a 2hu

Reverse reverse trap.

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Why should I trust some scumbag taoist?

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Stay clueless, kid. ;)

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>ZUN in charge of drawing breasts

no anon you are the secondary

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So why is Alice speaking Hebrew there?

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Nothing we didn't already know.
"None" for human friendship level doesn't mean she hates humans, you know. Then it would be low.

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>Yuyuko folding her arms and covering her breasts

Yeah, great argument, you can really see she's flat with that image!

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I know, right?
How can she slog around those huge cow tits?

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All her official portraits look pretty flat.

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I rather like Satori. Some lady barges into your house firing bullets everywhere, and you offer her tea and try to sort things out diplomatically before she starts blasting you anyways. She's kind towards animals, and is even an avid reader and writer. She just seems like one of those exceedingly kind cat ladies who can't help but take in strays, and also happens to be a flesh-eating mind-reading youkai.

Of course, it must have been centuries since she's eaten flesh, and she doesn't seem to have any real desire to resume.

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I agree, she and Koishi just seem like people who would take care of someone.
That makes their backstory even sadder though

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If Kappa are on "medium" friendship level with humans, what the fuck does that mean for Kogasa who is on "high"?
I thought Kappas were always trying to be friends with Humans, despite the whole assball thing.

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That's what Nitori wanted you to think

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Well Nitori's just one Kappa, she may have been talking on her won behalf.

Or the Kappa over-estimate how much they are liked.

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They made Nitori sound like a cunt in symposium.

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Shows how much of a good actor she is I guess.
Then again, I think ZUN might make Akyu exceggerate some thinks on purpose.
For example the fact how Akyu describes that Satori is terribly dangerous.
She is clearly biased towards mind reading youkais, just like every other human and ZUN decided that this would be a good way to make this more clear

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Well, things are supposed to be written from her point of view. It does provide some brilliant insight to how they view eachother and can be used in conjunction with previous knowledge, not just an outside perspective on a purely informational stand.

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I'm pretty sure satori get energy from thoughts, not meat and stuff.

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Canon discussion, on my /jp/?

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>She is clearly biased towards mind reading youkais
Nice assumptions there. Are you implying that Satori isn't "terribly dangerous?" Also, are you the same guy who always blows an aspie gasket and yells how Akyu is a liar, etc in every thread that mentions her?

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She's pretty much an autist. Would fit right in on 2ch or /gensokyo culture/

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If you get too close, she'll pull you into the river and remove your shirikodama. Humans that have their shirikodama removed die. That is a ferocious, brutal part of her so you should be careful.

Kappabitch confirmed for repeat anal rapist.

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>Also, since she loves cucumbers, she'll usually let you go if you give her one.

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>hearts were broken

Why would they? Koishi's gotten what's probably the best characterization in the whole book. Even I became a fan.

>the same guy who always blows an aspie gasket and yells how Akyu is a liar

You mean every one of us except for you?

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>She utilizes the human custom of Nagashi-bina: Placing misfortune onto nagashi-bina and putting them in the river, collecting misfortune by gathering all the Hina dolls downstream. Because of this, her place is full of Hina dolls, but recently it looks like she started selling dolls at the village as a form of recycling
Oh how cute, I hope I get to see some artist renditions of Hina selling Hina dolls at her sh-
>3: Everyone ignores her so she sets up an unattended marketplace.

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No I'm not that guy.
But it's pretty obvious that Akyu classifies Satori as extremly dangerous just because she doesn't likes her mind being read.
Satori hsave always been hated solely for that reason and it's debateable whether Satori is really that dangerous if you don't mind having your mind read and have no ill intend.
Like a anon said before, she even offers Reimu tea

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She should be friends with Alice, they fit perfectly together.

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Mind reading is easily one of the more threatening things the youkai can do, though, so her classification is not quite unjustified. Koishi is blind to that sort of thing, though.

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Those classifications are based on how deadly they are not because of personalities.

I'm pretty sure just by reading minds Satori could cause great damage somewhere.

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It may appear threatening to you because you are scared of it, but even if you'd have nasty thoughts I doubt that Satori would outright attack you but instead ask you to leave.
I'd say she will only attack you if you outright think about harming her or her pets

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Her attacking you is much less threatening than her reading your mind.

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>I'm pretty sure just by reading minds Satori could cause great damage somewhere.
How so?

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What are you scared of here?
I'm sure Satori has read much more terrible things than your petty sexual fantasies

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Nobody is allowed in my mind except for me. No excuses, no exceptions.

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I don't see how it is a danger for you though

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Because she violated my privacy, the sanctity of my mind. Such a creature has no place in there. Besides, then I think we would get into a knife fight or something.

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You really think that you can beat a creature that knows what you are going to do beforehand?

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Of course I can.

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Okay.Let's agree then that the rating "very dangerous" by Akyu is subjective since some people see mindreading as a danger while others don't.

It still shows pretty good how biased humans are towards Satoris

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To be fair, that style of clothing is not known to emphasise that area.

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I love that artist

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Depends, can she move as fast as she can read? Being able to read minds won't do you any good in a fight if your body isn't quick enough to react to it.

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Satori is dangerous because of her sister and animals

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>how biased humans are towards Satoris

Okay, Anon, I overlooked this the first time around, but you're in a serious need of a semantics lesson here. "Bias" does not mean "hostility". It's a word to describe preconceptions that impact your judgment. You can be biased against something, in which case your opinion of it is likely to be more negative that it should compared to what facts actually suggest. You can also be biased towards something, in which case your opinion of it is likely to be more positive. What you have actually said is, therefore, that people have an unwarranted affinity for satoris, which seems to be the exact opposite of what you intended to say.

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Can someone please compliment this nicely crafted picture please?

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It's nice.

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Is that so?
I always thought the word bias works into both directions.
Oh well, thanks for making me a bit less dumb anon.

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Rules are made to enforce standards of behavior for people to coexist without killing each other like the fucking brutes they are.

And in the end, your rights end where another's begin.

Bring dem' worms.

And a more important matter... are these bumps of hair or fluffy ears?

PS: Fuck PoSM. My Mamizou can't be that flat.

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Okuu is just becoming dangerous lately due to Kanako's scheme. Orin was quite dangerous but she now has a whole cemetery for the corpses. I don't know if Koishi is a monster or not but she hasn't done anything to anyone.

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i would let shiki police state me

if you know what i mean

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I can understand those feelings. I've got sharp ears, so I can listen to and understand ten people at the same time. However, if I'm in a crowd when everyone's talking at once, I end up hearing words I don't need to. Sometimes I even hear harsh words that I'd rather not. This is a particularly tough problem to deal with.

I can also understand. In my case, I am unable to forget anything I hear.

Incidentally, I wear earmuffs so I don't have to hear too much. To a certain extent, they protect both my ears and my mind.

And here I thought this would NEVER get cleared up.

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They still look fucking stupid.

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>"Though everybody say he's the Lord of Heaven, reality is different. Those bugs are actually planted by the Shinigami from Hell, and reports are in fact done to the Yama. These bugs are meant for business by them, so humans should resist by all means."
>The final goal of the Hermits is immortal, and their biggest enemy is the Shinigami. And she has announced that The Four Wise Monkeys are made to order and are on sale at an open (but expensive) price.

Is there an English translation available?

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Miko is a very handsome touhou.

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of course he is

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please go.

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Miko is pretty gutsy with those claims. I salute her

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>They could both give you the mental image of them smiling and and having a pleasant time around you but in reality they are both laughing their asses off at how disgusting and pitiful you are the whole time, then they would convince you that the only way that they would ever love you is if you killed yourself on the spot
So they are basically normal human females, huh.

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You must have grown up around some horrifyingly shitty females.

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What? A Miko thread?