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Guys, I'm sick of people affectionately referring to the /jp/ collective as "Tou-Bro"s when they want something. Even if you don't mean any harm, it's a stupid fucking word and it sounds like some shit-tier /b/ meme excrement.

I don't know where or how this started, but I am not your "Tou-Bro". I browse /jp/ and play/appreciate Touhou, but if you're looking to establish a bond with your fellow /jp/, spouting off some buzzword pet-name is probably not the best way to do it. I think I speak for the majority of /jp/ when I say this shit needs to stop, and now.

I want the "Tou-Bro"s to leave. On some level we might be bros, and we might discuss Touhou, but I will NEVER be anybody's "Tou-Bro". Get that through your head.

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Post more of that artist, please.

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Is this some parody of a ``Brony'' pasta or something?

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tsuki_wani @ your *booru of choice.

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The day 'bro' replaced 'fag' as the general suffix was the day 4chan died.

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Right on, newbro.

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I don't get it.