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How badly do you want to suck a cock, /jp/?

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Real bad

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Fuck you faggot get aids.

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This shit is not /jp/. Take it elsewhere, fags.

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Sucking a /jp/ers cock while he browsers /jp/ is pretty /jp/ related.

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I want to be the one getting his dick sucked ;_;

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the,gas chambers will free you from your disease you poor pawns of Zion

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Go back to your ghetto cocksuckers.


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Why do white racists get their own thread but us homos don't?

Stop the intolerance!

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Because you are disgusting faggots completely unrelated to /jp/ who have no place here and nobody wants you. Go die.

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I get enough of this on my blog and in real life. I will NOT be treated like this on /jp/.

We're here
We're queer
Get used to it

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This is exactly why we need white pride threads her.

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just give me a cock to suck already fuck