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Would you let Nue give you a prostate exam?

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Is there any porn of snakes entering a human asshole?

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What the HELL would she examine? I don't think she can give an objective report of my health by using her fingers.

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examine this *whips out dick*

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What's with the arrows?

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She's going that way, duh.

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She can at least check if you have bulges in your testicles.

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those are nue's wings, just with artistic linsence. (pic related)

also, hell yes! i would let her wreck my asshole.

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That seems more Nitori's area of expertise.

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I'd prefer if Eirin gave me one.

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Tojiko or iku come with electric shocks. Kind of a deal breaker

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cool nokosage, bro

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No because that's pretty gay.

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Me too, she's an actual doctor!

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I'm going to ask EX-Keine, surely nothing can go wrong.

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I'd let every touhou take a turn at examining my prostate and anus.