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You are now a sex slave

Which Touhou is your master?

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Please don't abuse the spoiler function.

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Ran because she is a caring mother. She'd take care of me just the wayI like it.

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please get the fuck out of /jp/

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Satori, that way even my thoughts aren't safe from her tyranny.

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The only one I could possibly imagine being enslaved by is Yuugi.

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Please don't bully the disabled.

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Normally this shit clonks by bonkers but this was a legitimate enough misuse of the spoiler function for me to agree with this.

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Ran and Yukari

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I can't...resist...that collar...

Why do I feel like I want to wear a collar and be dragged around on a leash? It doesn't even have to be sexual, just...

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I get the same feeling. I guess it's the excitement of being dominated.

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I have such high dignity and honour. That I think it would be impossible to enslave me. I would choose death.
And who would want a dead sex slave?

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Ufufu~ <3

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Remilia. Dat doujin at Exhentai hnnnngggg

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I keep refreshing the front page and think this is CP spammer.

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Eirin or Satori probably. It's not my choice, though.

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Do you even have to ask.

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I would gladly lay down my well-being to help Udonge relax!

Especially after a hard day's work.

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Can I be the master instead...?

I would give Sanae and all my other favorite Touhous pleasures from HELL (minus the potato, farm / whatever sisters)

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Only Eirin gives me the feeling of love and dominance at the same time

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It has to be Koakuma for me.

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A perfect chance for a masochism thread, yet people insist on using it as a 'my favorite Touhou' thread with just people stating their opinion and no discussion...? What happened to you, /jp/?

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I should continue reading Nana to Kaoru.

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But the latter would be just about how you would be slapped on your ass right?

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Link to that would be highly appreciated.

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You have chosen a harsh Mistress, do you think you can handle it?. Maybe we should have a contest to see which one of us is more resilient to pain.

Well, I'm not a masochist, but sometimes I like to electrocute myself with a radio transformer. Nothing extreme.

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I can handle it. I have experience.

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Care to share?

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I get off on shit like piercing my nipples with safety pins fairly regularly, and that's just the tip of the iceberg for me.

I actually have to pace myself with some things so I don't do lasting damage to my body.

I'd be fine.

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Have been in service for a really strict mistress for a while. Not really in the mood to expand.

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All of them.

Wait. Shit. I can't handle that. Well, unless they're taking turn.

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lol this nigga gettin his balls busted and purse bled by some /cgl/ whore probs

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how do you get your legs to do that

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those are some fucked up legs.

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The best mistress.

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lose weight

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You calling me fat, fuckface?

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Who'se A FATBOY!?

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please dont reply to me i hate fatties

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You want to see fat, you prancy nancies?

I'll show you fat.

*whips out dick*

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Soo... anyone?

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But I don't want to be a sex slave.

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Can't see your dick under all that gut!

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The only obvious answer.
I'd even eat the shit out of her ass.

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well, one that would put different stockings and pantyhose on and would let me put my dick between them.

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Be careful, it not even be her own shit.

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How can you say you love her if you won't eat her shit?

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Too bad.

Now lick my feet

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There's only a handful of touhous I could picture as a mistress. Out of those I'd prefer Remilia.

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Fanon Ran. She would be a benevolent master who wouldn't force me into doing anything too bad. I'd help her around the house and would gladly wash her back or brush her tails whenever she requested it.

Any other touhou and I'd die in a week at most.

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you are mom, faget

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Alice, Reimu, Marisa.

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Ran obviously
picture very related.

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>You are mom

Well, if you're into that. Then, sure, I'll be your mom, honey.

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Fire. Lot's of fire.

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Shit. Forgot to spoiler. I'll regret it later.

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I want to be Kanako's slave. In public I'd be a gentlemanly butler who would organize the shrines finances and events, but indoors I'd just be a helpless boyslave begging for Kanako to touch me, no matter how abusive it is.

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Not really. Bans for abuse of spoilers are longer than posting NSFW content.

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i can't think of anyone i would want to beat the shit out of me more than yuugi.

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I want her to tie me up, trap my head between her muscular inner thighs and be force to eat her out.

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Yes please.
And when I pleasure her her grasp only tightens.

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The only way I'd ever be a sex slave is for imminent role reversal.

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No, fuck you.

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Eirin. I think, maybe.

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Power play is one of my favourite fetishes.

>> No.9768473

Wow you must really like hockey

>> No.9768475

Power play?

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what the fuck

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I was told power play is when both partners exchange their roles a lot during intercourse, trying to see who is the dominant one.

...I'm sorry.

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you should be, but I forgive you.
you are too cute for me to stay angry at you.

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You're so kind to me, anon... Thank you.

>> No.9768562

*pats head
That's sir to you, whore.

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Y-yes sir... But I'm not a whore...

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pfft. there aren't any, don't listen to this shitposter.

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Yes you are. Tell me how much you love cock.

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Please don't bully.

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I... I like cock very much, sir. I like cocks of all shapes and sizes. I really like to lick them, too... Sometimes if I am good enough at licking them, some liquid will come out. I... I like that liquid too. It's tasty...

Is this good enough, sir?

He isn't bullying me. He said I'm cute, remember? No bully would ever call me cute and pat my head after I made such a big mistake...

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I could feel her immense strength pressuring on both sides of my ears. she grasp my skull with her demonic hand, I could feel the friction sensation of her large fingers against my soft scalp, mercilessly plowing against my gentle mane. I knew I was doing it right, her lustful growls vibrating against the side of my face.

Humid air poured from my gaping mouth filling the tiny enclosed space between the front of my head and her moist sheath. My tongue frantically dive itself, tasting the sake flavor fabric of her woman hood. Desperately trying to please it's master.

"Yes," she growled, "Faster, deeper, don't disappoint me, boy." Her sentence ended with a fierce growl. The tip of her nails gently begin to poke at my scalp, as if it was bound to slice into me. The thought of my punishment only made my heart race.

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>flan sob.png
That's quite the mistake. Did you do that on purpose, you pathetic little thing?

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No I didn't! Honest! I thought that was flandre! Please don't get mad at me, sir! Please don't!

>> No.9768759

Sigh. You're dumb, you know that? I'll let it slide for now. But you need to be more careful. Else you'll have to sleep in the cage tonight.

>> No.9768766

Thank you so much, sir! You are so kind... You make me so happy!

>> No.9768768

So happy you sage it?

>> No.9768772

It's just that I'm not contributing to the thread at all. My posts are not worthy of bump status...

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this one

>> No.9768776

Fuck those sagefags, right /b/ro?

>> No.9768781

Welp, gonna need to see more of that.

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You need to decide on your tenses.
Like in "grasp" and "dive" both of these are future tense. But the rest is in past tense. You could add an s to them, bringing them to a present tense, and this still works in context as you could be recounting your live thoughts.

>> No.9768803

I've never heard of that term, but I can agree with you.
I was thinking more of a long-term change, though.

>> No.9768798

don't bother explaining anything to retards

>> No.9768809

Okay. I'm sorry.

>> No.9768829

I want more discussion of this.

>> No.9768885

what kind of discussion?

>> No.9768903

Stop the roleplaying. If you absolutely can't resist, at least take it to #jp IRC where the rest of the shitposters cyber. Keep it off the board.

That's called a power exchange. You probably got confused due to such agreements generally being called play (pet play, role play, age play, etc).

It makes it sound like you're pleasuring some muscular old man, like a crime boss or something.

>> No.9768911

Not bad at all. Would you mind finishing the story?

>> No.9768916

I don't know, more amazing ways to masochistically pleasure yourself.

>> No.9768930

>Stop the roleplaying
I take it you're american?

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I want outsiders to leave

>> No.9768940

I don't do breathplay much anymore, but when I was a teenager, I did lots of it. People say it's dangerous, but I think if you have half a brain and do a bit of planning beforehand, there's not much risk.

I did simple things, such as taping an empty sandwich baggy around my mouth and nose while masturbating. I loved the feeling when I would gasp, and would get barely any air. If I started to get too dizzy, I'd just remove it for a minute.

Sometimes at night I would suffocate myself in the pillow for a bit, which would give me boners pretty easily.

The most dangerous thing I did was tie myself up in the bathtub and let it fill up. I didn't stay in the water very long, though. The best part was just waiting for it to fill up. I would also turn off the lights and have a blindfold on. I'd pretend I was being left for dead or something. When I was done playing I'd get out, untie myself, masturbate and clean everything up.

>> No.9768942

It just flowed really well. I couldn't help myself. I don't do that sort of thing often (I think that's noticeable) and I'm sorry for offending you.

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She could probably use a male subject to test her 'medicines' on. The thought is pretty exciting.

>> No.9768959

Damn I am only a casual masochist

all I want is to be tied up, blindfolded and raped against my will by an attractive female.

>> No.9768996

h-how did you not ever get caught?

>> No.9769014

Any/all of the BBA touhous and /or Yuugi.

I would gingerly serve as their personal excrement bucket.

>> No.9769025

I would do it on days my mother was at the doctor and sister was away at her college. One time the phone rang while I was in the tub, though. I couldn't really go get it, but the mood was ruined.

>> No.9769036

> if you have half a brain

It's funny because lack of oxygen to the brain destroys braincells.

>> No.9769073

This thread is reminding me of that image of the how to guide of how to self tie rope around you so that you end up with the usual BDSM. I always remember that it said "You can even wear it in public"

I can't fucking find that image though ;_;

>> No.9769161

I have the color version of it, but not on this computer. Good picture though.

>> No.9769162

None. Not even my favorite one. They are going to have to finger themselves with my corpse if they expect me to be an M. I've got too much pride for that shit.

>> No.9769173

It's a good feeling having your pride broken down, though, and reveling in the humiliation. You should give it a shot.

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I know which image you are talking about anon but I cant find it either.

>> No.9769192

I'd probably die before it breaks down but at least I can die with a smug grin on my face knowing that they won't get what they wanted.

Then they can shove the corpse up their pussy or something, I don't care.

>> No.9769207

I was never close to an M, but I remember something I did once. Not remotely sexual, but I fainted for a few seconds. Something along the lines of squatting, then closing your mouth around your thumb and trying to breathe out, then standing up real quick and breathing in, I think that was it. But I have no interest in being an M, and think it is wierd but very fun that other people do.

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Here you go.

>> No.9769218

What's the point of this knot if you can still move around in it perfectly fine? I thought the point of bondage was being helpless?

>> No.9769222

Some people aren't hard M.

>> No.9769232

I'd rather have some simple knots myself, with a bit of wiggle room. It feels nice struggling.

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Dat mischief.
I feel like she'd be really...creative.

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Do you want to be like this guy?

>> No.9769243

But there's no struggle at all involved in this one, it doesn't confine you at all. It's kind of like really uncomfortable underwear more than anything.

>> No.9769249

Oh, I didn't like it either. I didn't make that clear

>> No.9769254

but it can be tied to other things easily.
Even suspending someone with it would be easy.

>> No.9769264

I haven't tried it, but I imagine it's just about the discomfort. While it's not anything hardcore, you can be physically uncomfortable at all times, even if you were working or something. This isn't supposed to be "the main event", so to speak. It'd probably leave you in the mood for more intense play later.

>> No.9769294

Or the idea anyone could grab you, tie you to a lightpole, and rape you :3

>> No.9769325

Ran without question.

>> No.9769380

are you chen

>> No.9769379

>but sometimes I like to electrocute myself with a radio transformer
Sounds enjoyable, but I sadly don't have a radio transformer sitting around...

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masochists please go

>> No.9769588


>> No.9769598

I want to stay.

>> No.9769610

I love tubby depressed Mio

>> No.9769634

Woah, all of you are fugging hardcore masochists or something.
http://exhentai.org/g/405493/693321b787/ and http://exhentai.org/g/481776/230fbc60f3/ are as far as I'm willing to go.

Well, having Koakuma as a master would mean also having Patchouli as a master, so it's the best choice. She would probably turn me into a little girl with magic or something.
Alice is too creepy, but could be a good choice as well.

I thought it was called switch or something; but being in charge once in a while to give them a reason to retaliate afterward is incredibly errotic in essence. Bonus points if it's randomness (or at least an unknown factor) that decides who gets to be the master for the week.

>> No.9769642

>all of you
Bullshit; I pity the Touhou who tries to dominate me.

>> No.9770230

I just masturbated with my hand covering my mouth and one of my nostrils.

It felt...weird but oddly satisfying.

>> No.9770257

Why bother taking turns when you can both just fight each other over the roles each time?

>> No.9770277

I'm pretty much the only hardcore massy here. I'm the one who wants to be buried alive via excremented upon from BBA touhous and Yuugi.

>> No.9770288

I'd tell you to die, but you'd probably enjoy it.

>> No.9770290

The fuck is a BBA?

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Big Beautiful Astronaut?

>> No.9770348
File: 256 KB, 600x600, 1336872188176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.9774081

I doubt you're still here but share more masochistic things.

>> No.9774100

I'm really annoyed that I don't have a /jp/ slut to collar and lead around my home in the nude.

>> No.9774101 [DELETED] 

I'm really annoyed I don't have a /jp/ slut to collar and lead around in the nude.

>> No.9774110

Uhh, with the content of this thread I won't be surprised if you find one.

>> No.9774123

/jp/ is full of sub casuals that couldn't take being tied to my bed and teased for hours.

>> No.9774134

I have no sexual experience, but I'd be willing to submit to you.

>> No.9774136
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I'm a little conflicted when it comes to indepth touhou femdom fantasies. I think the touhou I would most want to be dominated by is Sakuya, but it's hard to imagine realistic scenarios involving that, since it's not usual for servants to own sex slaves.

>> No.9774147 [DELETED] 












>> No.9774151

You say that, but you're such a pathetic bitch that you'd run out the second I told you to take your clothes off.

>> No.9774164

No way. I'd be more likely to run out before we met. But I don't just do things part of the way if I can avoid it.

>> No.9774166

That's the exact way with me.

Some one find some good artwork for this.

>> No.9774265

Then you'd submit your mind and body to my every whim?