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Did you remember to water your flowers today /jp/?

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wrong water dude

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Gotta water them flowers.

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I'd water her flower if you know I mean

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Whatever do you mean?

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Why is Yuuka so lewd?

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She's not lewd, she's just drawn that way.

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Man, those tits are awesome. Just want to fondle them for a bit

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Oh. That's a beautiful picture of her by the way.

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Thank you, it's one of my favorites.

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You seem like a good person. Is Yuuka your favourite touhou?

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Yuuka is the only character I can't fap to because she's just that classt in my eyes.

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Yuuka is the only character I can't fap to because she's just that classy in my eyes.

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I see. Do you feel similarly for another touhou/who is your second favourite?

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Yuuka is actually my second favorite.

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Who's your number one, then~

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Yuugi, who I also don't fap to though that's more because of lack of what I consider fappable material.

By the way, I'm not >>9747095 I'm just some random person that popped in here.

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Oh. What do you think is the best part about Yuugi?

And that's okay, you seem nice too. Besides, I'll just have to wait for that first person to pop up, then!

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Not him, but I am not always sure why I like what I like. I know I like my favorite Touhou, but why do I like her I have no idea.

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Sounds like you're in love! Am I right?

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What is love?

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What do you think Yuuka's anus smells like?

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I would not know how to answer it.

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You're avoiding my question, how cute...~

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Oh. But strong attachment to another is sweet too!

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Are you trying to answer it for me now?

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H-hey... I have no hidden agendas here!

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Such a nice, hardworking lady.

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Honestly, it's kind of hard to say. Something about her kind of clicked with my more than any other character. Which is also kind of weird since she looks fairly simple as far as character design goes. Might be because I enjoy muscle girls and taller girls in general.

I imagine she would act kind of like a viking which is also awesome.

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If that was the case why did you try to answer it for me?

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So you enjoy the idea of being protected by another, maybe? Maybe you don't really believe that, but it might subconsciously be a reason for your liking her.

I don't think that was the point of that post..

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Gross. Couldn't you post a normal Yuuka picture?

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Nah, that can't be it. The only kind of protection I would want is financial so I can goof off for the rest of my life and I could have picked Remilia or Kaguya for that.

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Whats abnormal about it? She loves thick semen~!

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Stop being childish.

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Why do you think sex is childish?

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>She loves thick semen~!
She is a fictional character and she never had sex in the games. Why am I even wasting my time on you?

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No I'm not entirely sure what you mean

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yuuka scares me

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Why is there milk coming out of her butt?

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that's how women work

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do you ever have milk come out of there? would you let me taste it

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It will taste quite sweet.

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i like sweets

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Prove it.

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*starts sucking on your cock with a lewd but shy look*

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Sweets don't come out of that. Pee comes out of that.

You get an F.

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shamefur dispray

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Poor boy just sucked your cock for free.

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Yuuka is a goddess. Such a wonderful woman.

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Hey, an F is better than a zero!

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How can you be so cruel?

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Just came buckets, will I be alright?

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You should've given him at least a pat on the head you meanie.

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This thread is fucking terrible

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Roleplay is forbidden, please go away.

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Joke's on you, I have a money tree that only needs to be watered few times a month!

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Maybe you're just not aware of it, but you really desire someone to hold you and protect you in the cold nights?

Sorry for late reply, I was eating lunch and tending to my garden.

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I'm pretty honest with myself. I think I would know it if I had a weird fucked up desire.

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It's not weird, I think pretty much everyone desires for something similar.

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Quite possibly my favorite image of Yuuka, also my wallpaper.

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you have a tiny ass monitor

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What makes you say that?

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>also my wallpaper

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But there's no real connection between wallpaper size and screen size. For example, my wallpaper is 272x216 stretched out to fill 1024x768, which is then displayed on a 4:3 monitor.

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Don't the stretch artifacts on the wallpaper bother you?
Very pretty.

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Where did you get that image

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They're not even noticeable.

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But I fancy myself a strong independent black woman only not black or a woman.

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Theres something SERIOUSLY wrong with your eyes. Please see a doctor!

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Well then, what are these stretch artifacts you speak of?

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That wasn't me..

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Seeing as the aspect ratio is the same, there won't be any artifacts, but it will look blurry

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shit looks retarded mate.

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They said stretched, not centered!

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why would anyone in their right mind stretch an image. that's fucking retarded and you know it.

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I'm not defending it...

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"Fill" works better.

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looks good to me, whats the problem?

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please tell me you're joking.

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jesus christ how horrifying

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the artifacts are barely noticeable

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Wallpaper thread?

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no, fuck off.

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Get out of /jp/, onegai shimasu.

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yuuka thread?

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Let's talk about the dignified and classy Yuuka who at the flip of a switch becomes an unstoppable rampaging juggernaut of terror and destruction.

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I water the flowers and mow the lawn on Thursdays, so I'll catch up tomorrow, yeah?

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baby don't hurt me, no more.

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Thank you.

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Thanks for the wallpaper, stretch fixes my black bars problem.

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I think you are hurting her.

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Ive actually been thinking about a recent subdesuh release where the guy sexs the sleeping woman's breasts and mouth (I think she was his master)
Does anyone recall the name?

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she looks slow as fuck

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Yes she is.

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can you grow flowers in your ass if you dont shit and put seeds in it?

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That's a great picture of her, so I can see why she is!

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Women's Health dot com-Thread title: Cum on my face!?


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>As a man I find this offensive. I see it as a privative way to mark a woman as a possession.
those comments

that guy's either a white knight virgin who thinks he'll score by posting like that or a troll

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How does /jp/ feel about tanned beach babe Yuuka?

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I'd put lotion on her skin.

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I sat in the grass at the side of the road and stared at the field of sunflowers in front of me, unsure of where else to go. There was something oddly calming about the scenery; despite finding myself in an odd, unfamiliar place, there was something about the picturesque view that seemed to alleviate all of my uncertainties, all of my worries and concerns.

“What are you doing here?”

A woman holding an umbrella stood on the road behind me, looking half confused and half irritated at my intrusion.

“I don’t suppose I can really say…” I replied; “I don’t know where I am, or how I got to this place. I simply thought the flowers here were beautiful.”

“Really now…?” She sounded a bit distant, as though she were reluctant to accept my response.

Kneeling down next to me, she held out a single flower, her other hand positioning the umbrella overtop us both. “What do you find beautiful about something like this?” she inquired.

I thought for a second; I hadn’t lied when I told her the flowers were beautiful, but the reasoning was difficult to put into words.

“I like this one because it shines brightly, both by itself,” I turned back to the sunflower field; “…and as part of the collective. All of the flowers here are unique, yet similar… if that makes sense.”

The woman contemplated this for a brief moment, eyeing me critically. “Hmm…” she suddenly smiled warmly; “Is that so?”

Propping the umbrella up between us, she sat down next to me, extending her legs out in the grass in front of her, and stared at the field. We sat there happily for the rest of the day, silently watching the sunflowers.

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I'm sorry, I'm not into shitty fanfics