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/jp/, do you have a smell you associate with a certain touhou,or rather, what do you imagine they would smell like?

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That Marisa looks like she would smell like sunshine and pumpkins.

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sweaty balls juice - sanae

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i imagine yukari smells like my jizz because of how much i pump out fapping to her wwwwwww

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I imagine they all smell like warm cookies.

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I've lost the ability to smell.

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What's it like to be a dolphin?

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marisa smells like mint and sugar

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I do not really remember what things smell like very well.

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Like books, or a room. General, non-specific non-smell.

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Guess how patchouli smells.

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I think Reisen smells like raisins.

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No idea what that says but I can tell Kaguya got her shit slapped! With a fist!

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The first thing I think of when I see a picture is what it smells like. It largely depends on the specific piece of artwork involved.
As a general rule, though:
Marisa smells like fresh grass.
Reimu smells like tea with a slight hint of sweat.
Yukari has a faint lime odor.
Ran smells like dry grass, or more accurately, her fluffy, fluffy tails smell of dry grass.
Cirno smells like a running stream, sort of a fresh, cool scent that is hard to describe.

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Eirin smell like my dentist. Which is scaaaaarrry :'(

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beat me to it

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>Patchoulol or patchouli alcohol

Can a human drink it without becoming blind or dead:retard? If yes, damn, I need some!

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>Well, well, if it isn't Mokou!
>I'm gonna kill ya.
>Look like you're all...
>...fired up

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Tenshi smells like peaches. <3

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Better be Georgia peaches. No other peach is acceptable.

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It's sandalwood!

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Fresh garden.

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Nope, she smells like ginger.

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Mokou smells like tobaca and kaguya smells like /jp/ users.

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Kaguya smells like Mokou's fist.

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Those little hard candy that taste like caramel and cinnamon.

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Marisa smells like dry earth under a strong sun with a hint of sweetness and sweat.

Reimu smells like wood and flowers.

Cirno smells like the night air in late summer/early autumn.

Sakuya smells like detergent and sweat.

Remilia has a heavy intoxicating smell that makes you think of expensive wine or roses.

None of these are disagreeable to me.

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Why do people associate the smell of living beings with plants and spices and stuff? Unless you've been rolling around in coriander or working in a strawberry factory, you'll smell of sweat and (optionally) some disgusting chemical designed to cover up the smell of sweat.

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Well... Smell of sweat is close to shit. So...

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So, from all the touhoes, which would surely smell bad or not very pleasant?

And no, the fact that you smell like sweat and sperm doesn't make you smell bad. It makes you lickable.

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Because "smell" is usually a general designation for a non-corporeal feeling which the character (or person) in question gives us. It's a completely subjective interpretation of a personality and thus can't be accurately transferred via text/speech. Thus we use "smell" because we know that every one of us associates different feelings with different scents. We're merely stating what the characters mean to us by analogy.

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If you live in a forest filled with thriving plants and grass, guess what you will smell like?
Also, "sweat" isn't a scent. Sweat has a smell that is a composite of many different smells that is unique to the individual. You obviously are not a wine enthusiast.

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When I think of Ran, I think of vanilla. I don't know why.

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I almost said Medicine, but then I remembered that the Suzuran gives off one of my favorite scents in the world.

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I used to think that and then I managed to hold a drunk girl in my arm at school once and even through the smell of her vomit she smelled fucking good, nothing like sweat or chemical perfume. She smelled like some kind of flower. Flower with a touch of vomit though. But flower anyway.

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Remilia Ojou-sama must smell of expensive perfume.

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Flandre has Sakuya taking care of her. The Young Mistress smells only of the distinctive scent of Ojou-sama.
Yoshika takes care of her skin meticulously. Obviously, she smells like lotion.
Rin smells like sulfur, though, which stinks to high heaven. Literally, if you believe in that sort of thing.

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I thought Orin was supposed to smell like corpses.

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Shouldn't the former Hell have that classic Hell smell?
It doesn't use the same fires it did before, being solar powered now, but thousands of years of sulfur doesn't go away overnight.

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Meiling. Flowers. Many, many flowers of all kind.

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Thanks for clearing that up. Pardon my ignorance.

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But seriously, I've never actually thought about it.

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like sickly sweet smelling mold

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Rotting flesh and incense.

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Eirin smells like a chemistry lab covered with perfume.

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Sorry, what?

Warm coal and ashes