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Who's your favorite artist for certain characters?

I really like the way Nikutama Soba draws the fairies.

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Ario's Yuugi


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As retarded as ao usagi gets, he draws some hella cute Reimu

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Pasteltel for just about everything.

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I like that guy drawing mexican Okuu

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Best Mystia artist

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That guy for pretty much anyone he draws, especially Mystia and Mokou. The Touhou Charisma Hair guy for the Yakumo family.

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I think I can safely assume that no-one will ever draw the fairies better than Hirasaka himself.


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winter scenary

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Onikobe Rin's Shou is delicious.

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Aki Eda's Reimu.

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Please do not misuse spoilers.

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Banpai Akira's remi

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I like it when he ties them up and puts vibrators on them.

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Moisture's Yuyuko

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Ikaasi's Reimu is the best Reimu

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I have trouble finding consistently good artists for Hina. I'd say shinsir / ハカノシンシ but half his stuff is guro and I'm not a big fan. EN is really good, but doesn't draw much.

efe for Kaguya
t-ray's Yuyuko
ario's Yuugi
miki purasu's Koakuma
rinnrinn's Yamame

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forgot pic

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Sankuma for everyone.

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I like his Marisa.

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Eromame for Koishi.Too bad that bastard draws lewd stuff too

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Hemogurobina1c for Kasen.

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>Too awesome that bastard draws lewd stuff too
he pleases both sides of pixiv

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This thread has made me notice how many artists draw such a great Keine.

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Hina with hair down, damn. Marisa without the hat is always a nice find too.

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I can't choose between almost anything else besides Ito's wriggle and >>9732883, there is too much to choose from.

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woops, I repeated some.

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I usually hate Reimu but this guy draws a pretty cute one.

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Watosato's Everyone.

He makes them so healthy and cute. The only artist that competes in my opinion would be Moisture's Yuyuko.

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1B, best fairies

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He makes them all into sluts except moonbitch

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I like ZUN's art.

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The Cirno from that ReimuxCirno doujin series. She's practically Yui.

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I'll slap you.

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Everything this guy draws. The faces look so charmingly weird.

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you both are my brothers

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He's kinda right, his doujins involve a lot of them being huge sluts that want tons of sex. He's got a bit of cute art that I adore but all the porn puts me off, plus I think the way he draws characters is a bit too squishy, but that's just what I think.

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We need more muscular Okuu.

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Makino's Okuu. She's so adorable.

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This man is a god. It helps that Ran is my favorite, though.

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nitro unknown

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Oh yes.

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Although I really like Takatora's Yuuka, I think Mokku's is the best.

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them thighs

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that nazrin


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I love his Marisa. She looks like such a douche bag and I love that,

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Morino hon for Meiling

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I like only artists who never drawn porn. People who draw Touhou porn don't really like this series.

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I respect your opinion and kindly disagree.

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I do like his work, but the faces are too manly for my liking.

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Will he ever finish the cat teaser story?

I was pretty shocked when I found out that the Mamange guy draws porn. And it's still in his usual style.

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It's true. If you love Touhou characters you don't want to see them being fucked.
Only Touhous with original clothes and Gensokyo's spirit should be accepted by true fans.

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Well, I guess, Tasofro has shit taste in game artists then, if we look at things from your perspective.

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>Only Touhous with original clothes
Now that's just bullshit. God forbid a girl have more than one outfit.

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I don't mind them being positioned in any which way, and do not care if that disqualifies me from a silly title.

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See, they are not girls. They are mostly demons and gods. Okay, I can't speak for others, but I hate when Touhous look different.

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gibuchoko draws a nice balance of cute and cool Okuu.

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You do realize the characters have worn many different clothes in the canon works?

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>See, they are not girls. They are mostly demons and gods.
Even ZUN says they're girls. (Demon girls and god girls, but still girls. Maybe women. You know how it is.) Even the Great Sage of the Youkai changed it up in CoLA.

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I don't mind different clothes, but acting out of character or lewd stuff is a nono

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Yaza makes a lovely angry reimu

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Ooh, scary scary. God forbid!

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I didn't say you can't enjoy fanon interpretations of chracters, I do too for some, but I hate it when people incist that their Gensokyo is just as right as everything else when things are clearly defined

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>out of character
But most 2hus have only shown up in only one or two canon works.

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Nobody is insisting anything... Those are some strange delusions you have.

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Even Shizuha Aki is in four.

She doesn't have dialogue in some of them, but one or two is a gross underestimate for most characters.

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77gl makes some interesting stuffs

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Get off /jp/ Cro.

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Reimu is a bully.

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Hard to decide for Meiling. Tima does a pretty good and consistent job of it though. Neko Majin (formerly known as Ebz on danbooru) has done some pretty good stuff as well, but suffers pretty hard from sameface. Ryuushou does some really nice art of Meiling and Flandre together.

Dammit I can't decide.

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I like the Marisa that Rock Heart draws. Delicious no-hat.

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Yaza makes a lovely angry everything:


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Karaagetarou everything, Bkub's Chen and Kazume's Yuka.

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I love how it's almost as if he doesn't know what curves or color transitions are. It makes his drawings look so brutish and strong. That's why I like his Yuugi the best, although he sadly didn't do much of her.

Also, Shinoasa.

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Ennui, every toho

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I like his/her lewd pictures.
Especially that Cirno with spread legs.

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Definitely best Ran artist


so that's his name ahahahahahahah GET READY /jp/ it's going to be 2AM ALL DAY 24/7 ahahahahaha

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Yamato Damashi

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What's with this guy's obsession with smoking Reisen?

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Not only that, but he's very nice to his fans on twitter and he always streams himself drawing on nicodouga

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What's the name of that guy who has some deal with Rumia and MickeyDs

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Mio Sazanami. The only thing I don't like about him is that Alice doesn't seem to find happiness in his doujins.

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Hashiya's Mima

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More general question: What's with some artists' obsession with a somewhat delinquent Reisen?

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Yonurime for her ReimuXMarisa yuri.

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Love this dude. Pure grungy style.

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He is pretty great.

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I don't like generic and boring art. Is there an artist who draw Touhou in traditional Japanese style?

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Unfortunately I don't know the name of the artist.

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Karaagetarou draws best Patche.

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An artist that draws in the traditional Japanese wood block style?
I am impressed.

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this guy doies a good alice

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Reimu gets all the bitches.

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Ao Usagi's, Yaza's and Porurin's Reimu
Gibuchoko's Utsuho
Banpai Akira's Remilia
Sankuma's Sanae
Miki Purasu's Patchouli
Noraneko's Alice
Makoto's Kasen
Ario's Yuugi
Warugaki's everyone

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[YsY]s Utsuho. She's a goddess.

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FLIPFLOP'S have a real 'feel' for Yomou as RED SIGHT have for The Sealing Club members.

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Petenshi's Yuyuko
Iwamoto James' Nitori
Dioxin's Cirno
Usotsukiya's Hahate

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Nope, this Mima is the best Mima.

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What's the tag for this artist on Danbooru or Pixiv? I can't find him.

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I can't really complain about Iwamoto's Nitori (he also does a very nice Tewi), but he can't beat Hachimilion's Nitori.

Picture completely related.

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>>9734701 Sankuma
>>9737368 Ptenshi, Urotsukiya
I approve of these selections, and would like to add Aka Ringo's Reimu.

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Fuantei is the best Shinki artist, period. TOKIAME does gorgeous Watatsukis. Eromame's Seiga is adorable and lewd.

And Mai.

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My favorite hourai. I doubt she counts as a character though

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as109's Flandre and Sakuya are good.

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Buriki's Tewi, Youmu, Flandre. . .

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>>9742020 TOKIAME does gorgeous Watatsukis
yep, pretty good

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枡狐 - the most adorable Orin
他亏了也 - hags (mostly Yukarin)
れおん - Reimu
D^q^N - Medicine
さとうきび - Koa
さざなみみぉ - Youmu
ぢせ - Koishi
甘党's Remilia looks adorable in his doujinshi.