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Have you already checked your horoscope today?

Remember that only japanese sites are accurate.

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Tha's gawai, Flan, Remilia and Tewi want to fuck by the way.

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Witch 2hu would marry u?

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>Something you might have wanted to keep between you and a few trusted friends could inadvertently be revealed, perhaps to the wrong people. Frustration and a sense of betrayal could plague you, but don't turn against those who knew. Even though this can be disconcerting, you can learn from it. Benjamin Franklin said, "Two people can keep a secret only when one of them is dead."

He's going to tell everyone that I like loli.

I have to kill him first.

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I got orin....

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I don't know my blood type.

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Very clever, Bernd.

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According to that thing, my favorite Touhou, Okuu.
It was destined to be!

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Watch the video, then 1 minute later, Thriller plays on the Radio (which I normally have playing in the background). WWWWWWWW CRAZY

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It's weird man, same with mine.

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Which touhou represents capricorn? I must know!

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Suika would have been a better representation of taurus just because she actually has horns.

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Considering Libra is the only inanimate object in the whole horoscope thing, I'm guessing it'd be represented by bucket girl?

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Who would represent twins?

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Parsee and her clone other Parsee.

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Nitori is incorrectly labeled as Pisces when it should be Aquarius.

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I got baka


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Taurus here

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why is this so accurate to my preferences

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My horoscope is the second best today

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Just check your birth records, if you still have them.

Apparently Minoriko wants to marry me and i'm not okay with that.

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>Apparently Minoriko wants to marry me and i'm not okay with that.

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That thing paired my up with Sakuya, and she's my favorite Touhou.

What the fuck.

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Youmu... Can i have Sanae instead? She's my favorite.

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Reisen, cool.

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Iku & Yukari, two fine maidens with good hips.

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Komachi. She can go to hell for all I care.

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Why is there 2 Pisces?

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I'm ok with this!

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1st one doesn't show superior Leo master race ;_;

second one where it's determined by blood type


gatdamn what a shit selection well I hope i'm an A blood type I mean Tenshi isn't that bad

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Nitori doesn't strike me as a Pisces at all. We're supposed to be head-in-the-clouds artsy types.

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Could be worse. Look at Gemini and Libra

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why is it missing a c in horosope

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I feel sorry for the poor saps that get Wriggle.

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Yukari, I'm happy with it.

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WOOOOHOHOOHOHHOHOOOO I get Suika, hello drunken loli.

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What the fuck, she is my favorite!

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Where is superior Aquarius touhou?

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eerie ain't it?

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It was supposed to be Nitori, but looks like she is even more baka than Cirno.

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the scary part is .... wwww

I am very similar to orin.....


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You work in a mortuary? That's pretty badass.

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Leo here, I know the feeling.

Here's hoping I'm O type for Yuugi

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what touhou is aries

i can't recognize her

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21st here. I didn't even remember how to use that thing.

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I don 't know my blood type but all the 2hus for my sign are a shit anyway so who cares.

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I gots Orin.

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I don't want to marry Eiki. I don't hate her but I get enough jabs at my inability to do anything as is.

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I don't wanna marry Eiki. I don't need a lecture on everything I do wrong. I hate lectures.