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If the Lunarians are superior due to their technology, meaning technical knowledge is superior to magical knowledge, does that mean Nitori is theoretically the most powerful 2hu?

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Lunarians use both magic and technology. And I don't think Nitori makes guns. In MoF the main characters break through her optical camouflage pretty easily.

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>If the Lunarians are superior due to their technology
Lunarian superiority is not tied to anything as simple as technology. It just is.

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But all Nitori has is that camo thing thing that doesn't even work right.

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Lunarians aren't superior because of any real reason, they're just a metaphor for isolation-era Japan.

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The Lunarians run on mary sue, Nitori can never be more powerful than them.

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They're not really Mary Sues, they're just a more advanced race. In SSiB, the best 2hus got their asses handed to them, but still ultimately emerged victorious. Think of it like those old-fashioned sci-fi serials where unbeatable aliens attack Earth, then humanity beats them anyway. ZUN has the same level of writing talent, even if he's a little behind the times.

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She would be if the kappa could ever stay focused and knew how to cooperate. Aren't they always making weird gadgets that barely work before tossing them aside for something else?


Lunarian superiority is the insane amount of cocks the two princess moonsluts suck every hour.

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Only if she learned how to make fire-arms.

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Nitori Thread

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I want to touch Nitori's boobs.

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I just realized that I'm a kappa.
Well fuck.

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That's a French gun Nitori, YOU DIDN'T MAKE IT.

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What if Nitori made the French?

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I saw the first post you made that you deleted

Everyone did

Get out of /jp/

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If she was the most powerful you wouldn't be able to defeat her by making her spill the water out of her head.

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see also:

Its canon, Kapa can make guns.

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A glimpse of the future?

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I see what you did there...and I really don't like it.

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Yo, lying is bad!

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Maybe the hat isn't just for show.

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Looks clear to me.

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considering in ssib and wahh
gesokyos inhabitants want to reach an industrial age like moriya shrines trying to recreate cold fusion and the power okuus gotten to bad shes a birdbrain

then there is the kappas trying to build a dam

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They're smarter and stronger simply because they were born on the moon. Any story that writes a species as just being born better, when their bodies look identical to everyone else, is just bad.

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They're smarter and stronger because they're born without impurities and so are enlightened by default. Their bodies are identical to normal humans, but they can do supernatural shit because they come with the spiritual prowess of a 500 year old Zen master the moment they're born.

But if you showered a Lunarian with enough of your filthy, desire-filled Earthling semen, her purity would be destroyed and she'd turn right back into a normal human.

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So they're like newtypes?

Touhou bastards with their souls held down by earth's gravity.

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Pretty sure racial genetics don't work like that, but feel free to try.

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Those are toy guns dude.

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lunarians also have magic

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They're smarter and stronger because they've been living on the moon for god knows how many fucking thousand years, under the direct guidance of that god-of-the-moon guy, forgot his name.

Eirin was already old when she got down to Earth more than a thousand years ago. She was brewing immortality potions when we were trying not to die of diseases while planting potatoes.

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>stronger because they've been living on the moon...
Dude, you need to take a lesson on what happens when you live in a low-gravity environment for an extended period of time.
Just send Suika up there and she'll kick all their asses.