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Let's discuss the perfection that is Sanae.

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I see two imperfections.

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Let's talk about Sanae's desires.

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Why did that faggot delete his awesome Yume Nikki art but leave his stupid Sanae porn?

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too pure

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What are Sanae's ten desires?

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ass twice

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Oh god, those melons!

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being white covered in cum doesn't make her pure

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but she's perfect in bed you turbonerd

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I want to pour my two years worth of semen into Sanae's womb.

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why people keep giving sanae a big rack ?

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it is inflated by her desires

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Sanae is great, one of my favourite characters.
It has been confirmed that she had a boyfriend in the real world.
But just think about what kind of person she is.
A girl who is obsessed with some old shrine.
She probally fell in love with a boy who she thought was different, but in the end he abadoned her because everyone would bully her for being a weirdo.
The shrine and it's god were the only things she had.
She had so much faith in that god that she appeared before her.
Can you imagine how that must feel like?Believing in something that is unproven so much that it sees you as worthy to meet her?
And can you further imagine how it must be like when this god offers you to enter a magical world?
Sanae must be very happy about that gift, and that's why she is so dedicated and cheerful when trying to gather faith or fullfilling the expecations of a shrine maiden.

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>It has been confirmed that she had a boyfriend in the real world.
Is this canon? Where can I read about this?

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ZUN said this in some interview.
It's the reason why all sperglords say she's a slut.
Because any character who was in a relationship before is tainted forever and a supercumslut in the eyes of /a/ and it swapped over here

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>ZUN said this in some interview.
I can't find anything.

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Cum receptacle
Seed vessel
Jizz bucket
Sperm holder
Manjuice spitoon

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It's not, but eh, she is from the outside, in high school and is cute. It's obvious she is not a virgin anymore.

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ZUN also said in some interview that you were a gigantic faggot. In the same interview, he also mentioned how your mom gave such nasty heads.

See, two can play at this game.

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is this still about that post in the SoPM thread saying that sanae's profile states that she was popular in the outside world?

that person was joking.

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>Because any character who was in a relationship before is tainted forever and a supercumslut in the eyes of /a/
Used goods are disgusting by anyone's standards, not just /a/. Unless if you're a cuckold and get off from this shit.

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This whole thing started way before SoPM.
As far as I know people support this claim by quoting an interview with ZUN where he said that she was a highschool girl in the real world, but I actually never read said interview

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So anyone who was in a relationship before is used goods even though you know literally nothing about said relationship?Is that your reason for defiling the picture of a character like this?
Honestly, that's nothing but jealousy.

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True story, I saw that interview too.

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Unless you're ten years old, if you have someone you obviously have sex.

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Except that's not true, there are people out there who refuse to have sex until they are marriaged.

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This is what twelve year olds actually believe in.

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Pixiv artists giveth and Pixiv artists taketh away. So make sure to keep what they give and not rely blindly on cloud computing.

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Fuck you whore. That's way too expensive for used goods.

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>cloud computing.
wanna talk about it, nerd?

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For religious reasons. We know all about Sanae's religion, and I doubt she was too fussed about fornicating seven or eight hundred times before she arrived in Gensokyo.

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Shrine maidens are required to be virgin, since they're supposed to be, well, maidens. Else they lose their power, and I don't see Sanae losing her powers at all.

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Well, I only want to have sex with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, regardless of marriage or religion.
Does that make me a slut?

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I want to have sex with Sanae, does that make me a slut?

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>Want to have sex
Yes. Eugh, get out of /jp/, disgusting normals. Pure-hearted /jp/-dwelling little girls have no use for such vulgar desires.

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a slut miracle?

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No matter how many rumors you spread or how many times you make fun of her, she will always be the perfect, pure miko.

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Sanae's 10 desires:

1 - Cum in her armpits
2 - Cum in her ass
3 - Cum in her pussy
4 - Cum on her face
5 - Cum on her tits
6 - Cum on her ass
7 - Cum in her hair
8 - Cum in her eyes
9 - Cum in her ears
10 - Cum in her nose

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Go to bed Ryan.

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I liked her in The Genius of Sappheiros. Very useful to have in all sorts of situations.

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I love Sanae!

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What would you do with a soaking wet Sanae

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You listed ass twice.

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she REALLY likes anal

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Nothing,I would help her of course

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She must be getting cold! I would take those wet clothes off her and help warm her up.

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What's the name of this artist on *booru/pivx?

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warm her with my dick

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That shit is NSFW. You can see her nipples!

Also fuck you captcha, i always to put it three times.

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Just discovered teh tag さなぱい

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But then she'd be all naked if you removed her clothes. What are you gonna do to a naked and wet miko?

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Told you; warm her up!

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How can we trust you won't do anything indecent?

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lol sanoo a zloot xD

Fuck off you sex-deprived children.

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Make her scream my name as I repeatedly cum inside her.

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There was more, and some of it is floating around on his blog and a couple of other image boards, but a few pictures seem to be lost forever.

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Sanae practices safe sex.

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But only when she's in Practice Mode.

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Way better than that dirty, street trash whore and third rate miko Reimu.

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Miko is Japanese for temple prostitute.

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Your mom is Japanese for prostitute.

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Say that to her face, I dare you, I double-dog dare you.

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>that doujin
Good times.

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You can't win against my cock, slut.

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If she's not a temple whore then why does she dress so lewdly? Doesn't she know that just confuses people more? Or is she just stupid?

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Air conditioning. Those garments get incredibly hot during your typical Gensokyo summer days.

Also works as air in-takes during flight and heavy danmaku dodging.

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Miko gave birth to Reimu.

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give her a towl so she can wipe herself

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You forget the Previous Miko didn't fight with non namby-pamby "danmaku" spell-card rules.

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That doujin is just another fantasy by that certain fan artist.
She's retired for a reason. As if she would stand a chance against either of the two younger mikos.

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fuck yeah Sanae Is way better than that overrated shitty armpit whore

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>you're favorite feet!

No, YOU are.

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Sanae Kochiya from Moriya Shrine.

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Listen, where did the whole slut thing even come from in the first place?

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Someone spread the rumor that Sanae had a boyfriend in the real world.
Asspies flip their shit and think that means that any character who was in a relationship before is a slut

>> No.9710839

Never heard of it. I thought it just came from the "good girl" cropped doujin page.

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The more pure and beautiful something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

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> any character who was in a relationship before is a slut

the thing is tht sanae is a miko, and they are not suppose to have boyfriends and stuff like that, so for not following that rule, she is of course a slut when we consider her duty

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That's not too far from the truth.

>> No.9710863

Same reason she's always drawn with huge tits.

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Do I get a cookie now?

>> No.9710873

Retard fanon?

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Why is Aya considered a slut?

>> No.9710886

Why is your mom considered a slut?

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She learned from you're mom.

>> No.9710893

Why did she do it?

>> No.9710897

To learn from the best you turbonerd

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Why would she learn to be a slut?

>> No.9710915

Why wouldn't you learn to be a slut?

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Because being a slut is a sin.

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This is literally the lamest thread.

>> No.9710928

All threads are literally lame, because they can't walk. Choose your words more carefully in the future.

>> No.9710929

This is literally the lamest reply.

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What sort of school did Sanae go to?

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At least it's about Sanae.

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slut school

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Do they even have those?

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They had to build one for her.

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That was nice of them!

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What do you think Sanae smells like? Besides slut.

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Cherry bubblegum

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Once a young woman gets a taste of the dick then there's no going back.

This is a biological fact. The brain of the human female is wired in such a way that when they first engage in physical contact with a human penis then all of their desires and ambitions instantly become centered around penises.

It's a biological fact. This is how procreation works. So if Sanae did have a boyfriend then she's cock craving whore. No dancing around it, it's the truth.

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I'm not even going to bother arguing with you and just call your mom a whore

>> No.9711073

I doubt that's true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

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People often break up when sex stops working unless they've already made kids. It's all about le dick but civilized people don't like to talk about it that way.

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For someone who is on /jp/ you sure know alot about how the relationships of every single person on the world orks

>> No.9711114

It is wise to know your enemy.

>> No.9711131

Except you don't really know how humans work at all unless you would be able to read their minds

>> No.9711156


Do you have to read a bear's mind in order to know how a bear behaves?

Humans are animals, just like the bear. You don't have to read the mind of every bear if you understand how a bear's mind works. Human behavior is not that complex and people aren't that unique.

>> No.9711163

Yo Hobbes, still ranting on about the human condition.

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completely wrong.

the human nature is to be free. animals are bound to what their instinct tells them. on the other side, humans can reason and be absolutely unpredictable.

btw sanae sucks, Reimu is better

>> No.9711175

Fuck you some of my best friends are bears.

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I wouldn't call her perfect. Perfect people are boring, and Sanae definitely isn't boring.

>> No.9711224


>animals are bound to what their instinct tells them. on the other side, humans can reason and be absolutely unpredictable.

The humans that you see are highly trained animals. You can train a bear to dance, you can train a dog to do tricks, you can train pretty much every animal to do abnormal behavior that isn't instinctual.

Humans are the same. Have you ever seen a baby that can reason and isn't ruled solely by his instincts? All of the advanced social behavior in humans is trained behavior. It's like the dancing bear or the dolphin that bounces balls on his nose.

Look at Japan for example. Very polite society, they have been trained to be extremely polite and respectful, but from time to time that instinctual human animal inside of everyone fights back and then you see those outbursts like the time when that man started stabbing people in Akihabara. It's like when a well trained bear suddenly attacks his trainer for no apparent reason.

Humans are very trainable, we can be taught pretty much any trick in the book, but reasoning and any of the other complex behaviors of humans doesn't come naturally to us. It's trained behavior and when push comes to shove (the behavior of humans during chaotic natural disasters, situations where you're very angry, etc) then your instincts will override whatever you've been trained.

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>early WI-Z Garage artwork

Good God he was never able to draw proper human anatomy.

>> No.9711238

>you can train pretty much every animal

Also, babies aren't fully developed. You can't compare an infant to an adult.

>> No.9711258

I like her.

But she's far from being the best touhou.

>> No.9711272


Many animals can be trained though and if they're extremely aggressive then you can always breed it out of them. They did it with foxes and it only took a few generations to selectively breed out their aggression and have foxes that were as docile and trainable as domesticated dogs.

>You can't compare an infant to an adult.

Babies are the closest thing that we have to feral humans. It's unethical to isolate babies to study feral behavior with non-human parents so no one will do that, but the few examples that I've read of older reports of feral humans showed that they behaved exactly like the animals that raised them, even when they were adults.

Human babies can't survive on their own. They will be trained to pick up the behavior of whatever is raising them. It's usually humans in the modern world, but you could get a dog to raise a baby like it was one her pups and then after a few years it would most likely be impossible to train him to understand any normal human behavior like speech or clothing.

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Honestly, I like her story of being someone from the outside word. Bitch is living our dreams.

However, I hate her green hair. It makes her being from the outside world less believable.

>> No.9711283

Green hair is perfectly normal in Japanese drawn media culture.

>> No.9711296

But still, the other human characters have normal hair colors and they live in a magic land.

>> No.9711308

Maybe she dyed it dude

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what about her eyes?

>> No.9711328

What about them?

>> No.9711348

Sanae is a miko of miracles. Getting green hair is a piece of cake for her. Leave the normal hair colors for more normal humans.

>> No.9711350


Poor Sanae

>> No.9711352

Those are the eyes of the swamp folk. She's real sensitive about it so don't ask.

>> No.9711386

Fantastic reply, I bet that in court, that would own everyone's asses.

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Jokes on you, she deathbombs after that

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She's a demigod. Green happens.

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Oops. That was supposed to be for >>9711274

That was doujin was stupid as shit, though. Spell cards aren't lethal; that's the whole point.

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Now we are talking.

>> No.9711547

No we're not.

We're typing, you dunce.

>> No.9711560

My boss saw this.
Typing this as I pack up my stuff.

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/jp/ browser with a job? 10/10, that was a real knee slapper.

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It boggles my mind that after 3 years people still post my shitty facecrops

>> No.9711585

But there's not a single trace of shit on that crop, Anonymous...

You don't make any sense.

>> No.9711593

Did your boss like the pic?

>> No.9711604

Congrats on the promotion.

>> No.9711611

Does anyone have that pic of Sanae alone laying on the ground, looking all cute and naked with a giant cock leaking out cum?

>> No.9711618

That last part doesn't sound very accurate. I'm fairly certain that girls don't have that thing.

>> No.9711620

I never got the name of this doujin, and google does nothing. Source?

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>> No.9711633


>> No.9711755

That's funny because the first result gives the name of the doujinshi.

>> No.9711811

Sanae a slut.

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is not ero....

>> No.9712022

Wow, you fucking new tertiaries are pathetic.