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>her power is to control sunflowers
>people claim she's a powerful Touhou, maybe the most powerful


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( ・◇・)?

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Imagine if the whole world were sunflowers. You wouldn't be able to get anywhere.

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Her power is to make flowers bloom anywhere, OP.
Even inside your body.
Still, her ability has nothing to do with her levels of strength and magical power at all. She is a youkai, after all.

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Ok let's get this straight once and for all.

Who is the strongest Touhou ?

I say Reymoo.

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she takes it the most easy.
taking it easy is what translates to power in touhou.

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ZUN said himself that Reimu is the strongest Touhou. I still like to think that Shikieiki is stronger anyway.

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She's not so strong.

Reimu, Maria, and Mami could beat her.

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who are you quoting?

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But doesn't Kaguya or Yukari take it the easiest? Maybe even Komachi.

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It's her power but she worked on other powers that are strong enough to overshadow her original power.

Like imagine someone being born with a genius IQ but he's better at Kung Fu than doing math or something....I don't know. I'm sure someone can think of a better comparison.

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>Her power is to make flowers bloom anywhere, OP.
>Even inside your body.





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Obviously not.

There's you.

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She's described as being really powerful in Perfect Memento, but that might just be Akyu exaggerating.


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Magical prowess, physical strength and danmaku ability do not correlate whatsoever with personal special abilities.

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We aren't even talking about metaphysical stuff like time/abilities/borders, we're talking about a simple spatial positioning. It wouldn't matter if you were to make a flower sprout right here or two feet away, and if your body is in the way, then so be it.

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I want a peach hat

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Don't read Sankakyuu Complex.

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Ex Rumia = Adolf Hitler = Hirohito = Advent Cirno = Erwin Rommel = Otto Skorzeny (with Chen fusion. See picutre) = Death Star > Shikieki = Douglas MacArthur (Pipe and Sunglasses Mega Prime) = Mussolini = Winston Churchill = Roosevelt (Mecha Wheelchair version) = Montgomery = Himmler (Crystal glasses mode) = Reimu > Stalin (1944 upgade) = Tojo = Yamamoto > Yuuka > Yukari > Flandre > Yuugi > Watasuki Sisters > Vegeto (SS4) > Letty (Full power) > Suwako = Kanako > Mokou = Kaguya > Suika > Eisenhower > Marisa > Remilia > Mima > Yuyuko > Ran > a SS soldier > Gogeta (SS4) > Komachi = Tenshi > Sanae > Eirin > Koishi > Satori > Utosho > Iku > Elly > Nue > Wing Gundam > EX Keine > Goku = Vegeta > Alice > Sakuya > Patcholi > Orin > Youmu > Lyrica = Merlin = Lunasa > Reisen > Medicine > Keine > Nitori > The Bible > Hong Meiling > "The Scientific Companion" > ZUN > Parsee > Hina > Mystia > Wriggle > Yamame > Starsapphire = Lunachild = Sunnymilk > Black People > Dirt > Poland > Jews > Type Mercury ORT = VIVIT = Demonbane

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It's just that her raw power is really strong. Manipulating flowers is more like a hobby or something.
Also, PC-98 Yuuka didn't give half a fuck about flowers. sleepy yuuka

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I wish she was still sleepy

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I do believe that in one of the Seihou games (the vs one) Yuuka was a playable character, and she gains the ultimate magic in her ending. Never played that one myself, but I *think* thats where she got it. Whether this is canon for Touhou or not is completely up in the air, since Vivit kinda fought Marisa and Reimu once (but that could easily take place in the near future).

Regardless of whether Seihou counts or not, Yuuka uses magic in addition to her flower stuff. Please see the PC98 era where she basically master sparks you in the face (this is before spellcard rules).

And even if that WEREN'T the case, OP, if you can't imagine how being able to grow flowers on a whim would be broken, you might want to invest in a better imagination.

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EX Rumia is strongest

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Nobody gets it OP. After all, we all know that Yukari~n is the most powerful.

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Did somebody call for the most powerful touhou?

Ya'll is right fucked, now.

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This seems to be the consencus, but I never understood it. Her ability is supposed to be gapping stuff and "borders", right? Pretty much a limitless teleport. Unless we're talking about
like >>9703816 said. Just replace "Yoshika" with "Yukari" and "eat" with "gap".

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She controls literally anything that can be seen as a border; the best example being the border of life and death. So, she can just kill anything.

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Well the thing about Yukari is that there are MANY direct examples of her doing EXACTLY that. Heck, she separates the boundary between day and night during one of the fighting games. You end up fighting her at the shrine with half of it bathed in sunlight, and half in the middle of the night. Gaps are only a visible, easily understood aspect of her ability to manipulate borders.

Now, the thing to keep in mind with saying that Yukari is uber powerful is that we have never actually seen the limits of her power. We do at least know that she can't make portals just anywhere, since she wasn't able to create one within the boundary of the lunar capital from earth. So there's likely an issue of range or interference.

Either way, she's not someone you would want to piss off, since even the lowest level "make a portal" ability is absolutely broken if you use it right.

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>since she wasn't able to create one within the boundary of the lunar capital from earth
Didn't she create a perfectly viable portal but everything that passed through it just died?

>So, she can just kill anything.
Well I don't know about "boundaries between life and death" (it's just her card name, right?) but at least pic related would be a viable use of portals to off someone.

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No, she did that during the full moon (I think), which was the stipulation for the portal she used later on. That was why they had to wait so long. Its been a while since I read that, though.

>Well I don't know about "boundaries between life and death" (it's just her card name, right?) but at least pic related would be a viable use of portals to off someone.

You're right about that. Just because you CAN extrapolate that she can do something doesn't make it fact. Its just possible that she could. Besides, she wouldn't need that ability anyway. Just think of the possibilities.

I remember talking with my friends once about how broken it would be in DnD to get a permanent portal attached to a shield. Blocking things would cause them to miss you completely, you could set up a very high caliber canon on the other side and just surprise them with instant death, you could just hit them over the head with it and send them where ever. And that's only thinking of what you can do with a fixed portal that leads to a fixed location. Make both ends pretty much anywhere you want and you have a trump card for any possible situation. Someone giving you trouble? Just leave and start dumping lava on them from a safe distance.

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Oh god that was amazing.

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Yuka is so damn strong not because of her ability but because she is one of the oldest youkai around.You should play her game

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Does that mean she's considered one of the "hags"? Even though I never see her included in the Old Maid Alliance?

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>Flower Youkai
>absorbs energy from the sun
>centuries of living in the sunlight
That's my take on it, anyway.

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What's so hard to understand? Have you never seen the power of nature? How slowly, but surely, plants reclaim everything?

She is pretty much the power of flowers. Life itself. She is powerful because she might as well be an avatar of Gaia.

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Yuuka was beaten by Reimu and Marisa alone before the spellcard rules.

The strongest are moonbitches who can call 10 million gods.

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I'd bet on the Yama

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She's the most powerful because she mastered the ultimate magic: Youkai Moe.

Youkai moe~

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It's canon that Shikieiki is more powerful

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don't you mean Youmoe ?
Youmoe did win the moe tournament.

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Regardless of which is your story about superpowers it's never the power itself that determines who's the strongest but the quantity and quality of that power.

Let's say "telekinesis" for example. It's pointless to argue whether that's stronger or weaker than another power. It all depends on how much mass the esper can move, how fast it can make it accelerate, how many different objects he can move at the same time and from how far he can interact with them.

It could be as weak as the ability to bend a spoon or as strong as playing dodgeball with entire planets.

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How Yuuka came to be known as powerful: http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Perfect_Memento:_Yuuka_Kazami

As for why Yukari is considered extremely powerful (just below Demonbane ranks)


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For lazy sperglords. Yuuka:

"The ability to manipulate flowers consists of being able to make flowers bloom, shift the face of sunflowers towards the sun, or make withered flowers bloom again and such."

"This ability is more of an extra; she truly possesses extremely high youkai power and physical abilities, a youkai-like youkai."

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And as for Yukari~n:

"The ability to manipulate boundaries is a terrifying ability capable of fundamentally undermining reality. As you know, everything is built upon the existence of boundaries.If there were no boundaries, everything would probably exist as a single enormous object. Thus, the ability to manipulate boundaries is an ability of logical creation and destruction. Among the abilities youkai are known to possess, this is one of the most dangerous, being comparable even to the power of gods."

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I still feel there is an unfair level of extrapolation across their powers.

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that's interesting and shit but i'm curious where the whole "ultimate sadistic creature" gimmick came from

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Bitches ain't shit but 'hous and tricks.

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Yuuka is just extemely powerful, but that doesn't say much when compared to as how overhyped Yukari is.

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From people turning "Yuuka likes to tease people" into "Yuuka like to ram nails through girl's clits and hang them from meathooks".

The same exaggeration that turn Kaguya into Le Sleepy NEET Princess and Tenshi into HURT ME MOREEEEEEEEE

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My point was that the general hyping up of Yukari to being the best thing ever is completely unfair because the argument they make for her is only made for her, and despite the other Touhou being in the same, rather ambiguous situation, they do not get a second thought or equal treatment when she comes up in conversation.

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Well, if you look at the Lunar Invasion, it seems like Yukari cooked it up to take care of troublesome youkai. Why would she need a scheme if she's so powerful? I think that, while she has an immensely impressive ability, if someone can counter it, she's very weak otherwise.

Yuuka is pretty much the opposite; her ability isn't that impressive, but her raw power is off the charts.

I posit that Suika is the strongest 2hu because she combines a potent and flexible ability with unparalleled physical strength.

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I have argued before that if it was a full fight and not a game, Flandre would be the best choice. Her power is just destruction, plain and simple. Very dangerous.

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It is speculated that Yukari never wanted war with the Lunar people, if that's true then she's most likely a teaser. Why would she fight?

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But Flandre has the mind of an autistic little girl. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to outsmart her, especially for the 'hous with trickier abilities; i.e., Nue could take the form of Remilia.

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The problem with speculating about Yukari is that she can comprehend things it's literally impossible for our brains to process. There's no real way to guess what she's thinking or what her motivations are.

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yuka is powerfull
she is the spring youkai

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>While Shikieiki's combat capacity is never directly referenced, at the conclusion of ZUN's "A Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years", Yukari Yakumo believes that herself, Yuyuko Saigyouji and Reimu Hakurei to be together "no match for" the Yama.

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Here's one for you: Is Yuuka a fairy? It's implied that she was more aggressive when she was younger; another 'hou noted for aggressively attacking things is Cirno.

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>believing anything Yukari or Yuyuko say

SSiB didn't tech you anything?

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I think Yukari meant they would be no match if Shikieiki wasn't bound by the code of the Yama.

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Yukari can tell the truth and be lying simultaneously.

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It still makes sense, she is a Yama of Xanadu. In Buddhism Yama is a wrathful god that everyone respects and is afraid of and touhou as you know is based on mythology. So it's just common sense that a human + 2 youkai would be no match for a top tier god.

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Yukari can be lying and telling the truth simultaneously.

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Yes, this exactly. Yukari is a troll, and she's good at it. I'd say as far as trolling powers go she's the tops.

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"Did SSiB not teach you not to believe anything Yukari or Yuyuko says?"

Was that so hard?

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I'd give that distinction to Nue, myself.

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Shinki = Ex-Alice > Shikieiki = Yuka > Reimu = Moon Sisters > Flandre > ... > shit > Yukari

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Also Keine could just erase Yukari from history.

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>He thinks Reimoo is the strongest

Mama Miko says NO.

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It's just that Eiki is a pain in the ass, she spends her time lectring everyone. So yeah, Yukari would die of boredom if ever she met Eiki.

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No one is strongest, as far as we know. It doesn't MATTER who's strongest, either, because they are all playing a magical version of paintball, not fighting for their lives. Powerlevel discussions can be fun, in trying to interpret how powers would work, but the instant you turn it into "X vs X" it loses all value.

Besides, because of how vague things are, such comparisons are impossible to form arguments for or against. Some characters simply have more written about them, so obviously we will know how they work better than others. For all we know the whole fan EX Rumia thing is true and she's godlike.

Is she? Not fucking likely, but the point is that for most the cast we actually have NO idea how they work. And there hasn't been a single, solitary fight without the spellcard rules since the pc98 era, and even THAT was probably more playful than it looked based on some of Zun's comments.

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Reimu's mom isn't a canon thing though.

>> No.9706938

punches like a canon thing, though

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>And there hasn't been a single, solitary fight without the spellcard rules since the pc98 era
There have been a few. Just not very many.

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>Discuss about power level
Get a hold of yourself, all of you.

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She can't kill Mokou, who's beyond the boundaries of life and death.
Not everything has a limit, you know. Time too, for example. So she's powerless when faced with Kaguya's power of eternity and the instantaneous.

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I would rather take Kaguya's power less seriously. I doubt she has a strong grip on the laws of the Universe, but merely an ability to nudge them a little bit.

Because, if she was THAT powerful, why is she on the run and hiding?


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It's quite probable that if you tried to kill someone in Eientei, they justwouldn't die.

>Because, if she was THAT powerful
It's just that moon people are THAT MUCH MORE powerful.

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Isnt this girl a satan..how can you win against that

>> No.9707128

Yeah but she's all about law and order so she won't fuck with you unless you're already dead and getting judged and you decide to try and punch her in the face or something.

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>We do at least know that she can't make portals just anywhere, since she wasn't able to create one within the boundary of the lunar capital from earth. So there's likely an issue of range or interference.

One of the moon touhous' power is to manipulate the boundary of the moon capital. Yukari probably can't open a gap to the moon capital whenever she wants because the moon touhou is making sure it's closed shut.

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the moon people -are THAT MUCH MORE POWERFUL.

And she's the damned princess. I would take her very seriously, as the supposed future ruler of the lunar capitol.
And the answer to your question ; she simply doesn't want to return to the moon because she likes Earth more. It's pretty simple.

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Since they're so powerful, what would they do? Kill her?

>> No.9707363

pfft. that bitch has nothing on lucifer. satan's just a servant of god, disguised as a demon to test the strength of the believer's faith by leading them astray.

he has nothing on a fallen angel who revolted against the god and converted a third of his troops to his cause, and even after being outnumbered and losing he still prepares to fight in the rematch at the end of times, believing he can win this time (which implies he's either immensely powerful, or that the god isn't almighty).

>> No.9707483

Consider the possibility of hubris, pride, and unwarranted self importance in such a being.

>> No.9707522

that too, but to even consider being able to defeat the god implies you've got knowledge of the extent of his power, and are about as powerful.

with just pretty words no angel would follow him and rebel, knowing all he'll get is death or worse in return. there had to be a reason they believed it's possible to win, and who knows how it'd all go if lucifer got more than just a third of the host on his side.

it's easy to get misconceptions about the power levels when you're just a human who never saw a god or witnessed/experienced the power, but for one who was the closest to him it's different.

besides, he's the absolute ruler of hell with all demons under his command. he can't just be a weakling with big ego, the demons would never follow someone like that.

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The best gifs.

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she's so strong she passes through walls.

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why isnt yukka a playable character yet ?

>> No.9707621

Because she already was one

>> No.9707622

>She's not so strong.
>Reimu, Maria, and Mami could beat her.
But mami's dead.

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It's Mima, you goddamn infidel heathen heretic.

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Been waiting to use this image for a bit now.

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light spells

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Seduce her
then control her as your cockslave

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>Reimu = Moon Sisters
Wait what? Didn't one of the moonbitches beat a bunch of touhous at once, Reimu included?

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Go to hell.

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Who are you quoting?

>> No.9707784

>implying she wouldn't push you down and turn you into her sex slave, using you whenever she wanted to and forcing you to do things you might not like with her inhuman, monstrous strength, then discarding into a dark room until she needs some release again.

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It's very hard to follow the flow of conversation when I can find the quote you are referencing.

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too bad for you then. you can go lock yourself in your room and cry into a pillow i guess.

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She canonically possesses the "ultimate magic."

Which is so ultimate, ZUN isn't even sure what it is.

And at any rate, her special ability isn't important.

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To most Christians/Jews/Muslims, Satan is Lucifer.

Lucifer was his name as a good angel. Satan is his name as a fallen angel.

>> No.9707828

Someone post that doujin where she discovers her ability

>> No.9707829

In hebrew, satan has a different meaning. Going by canon, of course.

>> No.9707836

Right, two different names with two different meanings.

But yeah if we step outside of the canon into weird borderline occult stuff, like gnosticism, and, uh, that one sect of Jewish mysticism, then there are like five devils, half of whom are actually good, and so on and so forth.

>> No.9707842

Has Yuuka been deflowered?

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Quite frequently

>> No.9707858

>Before the rise of Christianity, the pseudepigrapha of Enochic Judaism, which enjoyed much popularity during the Second Temple period,[12] gave Satan an expanded role. They interpreted Isaiah 14:12-15 as applicable to Satan, and presented him as a fallen angel cast out of heaven.[13]
>Christian tradition, influenced by this presentation,[13] came to use the Latin word for "morning star", lucifer, as a proper name ("Lucifer") for Satan as he was before his fall. As a result, "Lucifer has become a by-word for Satan in the Church and in popular literature",

so, that's just a retcon. it wasn't like that originally until some guy decided to rewrite it

>> No.9707860

What's a retcon? Calling him Lucifer? The Hebrews didn't call him Lucifer because they didn't speak Latin.

>> No.9707883

no, the part about applying his role to satan

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Pretty much what this guy said.

All of the Touhous have insane powers that pretty much determine how a fight could end simply by who strikes first.

They're really just playing fantasy paintball inplace of that.

>> No.9707912

You mean as an angel that wasn't actually evil, but whom God uses to test mankind through adversity? As opposed to an angel that God essentially uses for the same purpose but is evil.

Was that actually canon though? The devil is never really mentioned at all in the Hebrew or Christian canons of scripture.

There were different Hebrew sects with some different ideas but if no definition of Satan was considered canon then the Christian interpretation of him isn't actually a retcon.

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Please respect board customs or don't post at all. Your greentexting is an insult to the intelligence of everyone here.

>> No.9707968

I'm not entirely sure that you're responding to the right post. You should be more mindful of what posts you are replying to or you shouldn't post at all.

>> No.9707975

Well am I entirely sure that I'm responding to the right post.

>> No.9707986

>Well am I entirely sure that I'm responding to the right post.

Are you?

Or do you mean "I am entirely sure that I'm responding to the right post."

Anyway the post in question contains no greentext.

>> No.9707990

No but it's part of an argument about it. Stop pretending to be a complete idiot please, you're embarrassing yourself.

>> No.9707996

>you're embarrassing yourself
I don't see how he is embarrassing himself. I feel no second hand shame reading his posts. You on the other hand are a different story.

>> No.9708001

btw im not the guy youre talking to

>> No.9708007

same here

>> No.9708008

If I'm the one who's an idiot, why are you making the grammatical errors?

>> No.9708018

Because I woke up after an hour of sleep and I can't think straight yet.
So if I'm the one who's an idiot, why can't you follow a simple conversation? And moreover, why are you getting hung over over something as silly as grammar? Got no other arguments? Realized you were at fault but are too stubborn to admit?

>> No.9708039

I don't care about whatever conversation you were having with another anonymous poster. I just know that you were bitching about greentext in a reply to a post with no greentext.

And that's just silly.

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>> No.9708053

How is that silly if the conversation was about greentext and that other individual was oblivious to his "mistakes"? It's not like anyone quotes the original post in a conversation every time.

>> No.9708091

>It's not like anyone quotes the original post in a conversation every time.

Well maybe you should! Have you thought about that?

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Yukari~n says hi

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That would be very silly. If you'll excuse me now, I have a flight to catch.

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but, btw I'm a girl

>> No.9708167

That was the joke you dork.

>> No.9708173

Pls no blly.

>> No.9708174

Please don't parrot forced "memes".

>> No.9708195

Please don't abuse the typographic symbol ".

>> No.9708201
File: 242 KB, 800x1400, 5b252d06374bb8b511158eb184fce415eea12642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think that the Supreme King of Hell, who has death gods, oni and demons under her control, who is one of the mightiest, purest and wisest beings in existence would need something material? With her position she can get anything in the world with just a snap of her finger. Hell, she is even able to make replicas of other 2hus. The only thing she could use you for is as a doormat.

>> No.9708249
File: 265 KB, 849x546, f8bc13efc963e973db69462194aa9f6b53036833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9708279

women's strongest weakness is a good dicking, that's what h-manga and doujins taught me

>> No.9708308

she is not a human

>> No.9708336

Please don't abuse my cock, dude
*whips out dick*

>> No.9708345

but she's a woman, she can't scape

>> No.9708352

it can't be helped, she has a vagina

>> No.9708415

How do you know?

>> No.9708558

how do you not know?

>> No.9708565

Youkai are not born like we humans are so I'd say genitals are obsolete

>> No.9708574

but there are also half-youkai

>> No.9708641

which a yama isn't.

also >>9708279
even if this was true, a good dicking doesn't mean it's on your terms. she could pin you down with her monstrous youkai strength and rape you until you ahegao'd and fainted/died from exhaustion.

>> No.9708947

She is not a youkai, she is a god.
But she is not a human woman.

Anyway her ability is to always be able to tell what is black and what is white, in other words she never makes mistakes as she always knows what is right (white).

>> No.9711142

So what's the point of this fantasy paintball anyway? I thought Gensokyo was supposed to be a ruthless unforgiving wilderness full of dangerous monsters?

>> No.9711162

Damn, you guys can be childish. Anyway...

>Threat level: Extremely low
How does this work? Isn't she one of the most powerful beings in Gensokyo?

>> No.9711192

>how does this work.
Come back when you have finished your research.

>> No.9711233

Threat =! Power

Yukari already said Yama could beat her, Yuyuko and Reimu, too.

>> No.9711252


She was talking about Eiki being a real pain in the ass to deal with.

Not powerlevels.

>> No.9711266

The original wording made it ambiguous whether she was talking about winning a fight or an argument about morality.
Obviously, it would be nigh impossible to win such an argument against someone who can supernaturally always know, objectively, right from wrong.

>> No.9711311

ran is the most hand to hand powerfull

>> No.9711319

What sort of buttfuck stupid idiot put that list together?
How godawfully retarded do you have to be to put someone above Tenchi, who is LITERALLY omnipotent? Not as a logical extrapolation of his power, but his power actually is, canon, omnipotence. Full stop.

>> No.9711336

The point is to settle conflicts between human and youkai in a way that enables youkai to stay alive

>> No.9711342

I'd say read up on Demonbane.
..or have someone else explain it to you.

>> No.9711364

>a man-made machine that is almost equal in power to a true Deus Machina
So... Not omnipotent. And would you care to explain the other four people who, supposedly, have more power than limitless power?

>> No.9711373


akyuu wrote it. Think of it as "threat to humans" and the threat levels make sense. Eiki is powerful but is a very low threat to humans because she would never attack them because it would be sinful in her eyes. Same for alice's low threat level. She has ultimate magic but fights never with full power or uses it. So she is quite strong. But she is no threat to humans. She even makes doll shows for little kids. So threat level low for her.

>> No.9711398


Once upon a time there was a guy who was the omnipotent God. He decided to create something even more powerful than himself and after who knows how much time he succeeded. And so Lilith was born.

After some time they decided to unite their powers and create a being even more powerful than they are. And so Eve was born.

Then the first God put all his power into a hat and disappeared. Eve now wears that hat.

Demonbane needs more explaining.

>> No.9711423

I do not think it means what you think it means.
The very notion of something being more powerful than absolute omnipotence is, by definition, not simply an impossibility, but a sign of logical failure beyond comprehension.

>> No.9711446


Omnipotent god creating a rock he can't lift etc.

The very concept of omnipotence is flawed.

>> No.9711480

It's not so much a matter of not being able to create a rock he can't lift, but that the idea of a rock he can't lift is illogical.
Still doesn't change the fact that even the most powerful being in its canon should be no more than equal to Tenchi.

>> No.9712026

As the other anon says, to say "an omnipotent being introducing this thing that he can't do" uses a flawed premise. It's a logical error hidden behind a trick of semantics.

>> No.9712362

I can't imagine Alice doing doll shows for kids

>> No.9712380

What would happen if...
if she turned your dick into a sunflower?

>> No.9712391

avoid hamsters

>> No.9712392

All she wants is some friends.

>> No.9712404

It means that she is not hostile. It is hard to get into a fight with her, but if you manage to, you are fucked.

>> No.9712420

>She was talking about Eiki being a real pain in the ass to deal with
Yukarifags mad at the fact that their waifu is not the strongest. Of course she was talking about her power, she is fucking YAMA, no youkai would be a match for her.

>> No.9712437

My personal favorite is the guy that claims Yukari has an incomprehensible thought process.

>> No.9712440


I remember reading Yuyuko's threat level was very high, so it seems inconsistent if that is the case.

>> No.9712481

no, it does make sense. It shows how dangerous the individual is, Yama would probably be the one to protect you not attack you, so she is not ''dangerous'' Yuyuko who is able to kill a mare human just with her thoughts, I guess, can be considered dangerous. Cirnos threat level is medium, but you know that she is quite weak, so it's not power level for sure.

>> No.9712541

Yuuka can control a living being.

There isn't many people who can do that.

>> No.9712578
File: 13 KB, 250x298, shaolin.monk[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spends his time praying and shit
>people claim he can beat the shit out of you



>> No.9712613

Reasonable extrapolation from "nobody ever understands the shit she says".

And besides, they're youkai. They don't think like us.

>> No.9712637

If you cannot understand how she thinks, you may just be an idiot. And the reason ``nobody ever understands the shit she says'' is because she tries to do that.

>> No.9712658


What, you mean Zun?

You know, because he was the one that said that. Admitedly, he probably means it in a more mundane way than than people interpret, but taht is besides the point.

The point is that you can't fault poeple for citing stuff that actually hapened.

>> No.9712732
File: 49 KB, 221x221, 1344754987056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I would like to be Yamaxanadu's doormat.

>> No.9713035
File: 699 KB, 637x900, enma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone would, she is the embodiment of perfection

>> No.9713482 [SPOILER] 
File: 86 KB, 650x650, 1345516538113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

<-- erryone knows who most powerful 2hu is

>> No.9713540


That makes more sense, then. Thank you anon.

>> No.9714344

i want to impregnate Yamaxanadu

>> No.9714385
File: 86 KB, 414x300, reimu happy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm glad that we can all agree that Yukari~n♥ is the strongest, after all she's the only phantasm boss, all others are demoted to the mere rank of Ex boss, at best.

>> No.9714388
File: 133 KB, 600x974, 41bd93b3e0cfa8966ff0d6eb457bf3e5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the strongest

>> No.9714399
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>> No.9714747

Yukarifags delusional as always.

>> No.9714779

Please don't respond to obvious trolls.

>> No.9715490

We love your tears

>> No.9715600
File: 353 KB, 1100x1270, 1345348645498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found something in regards to Demonbane and might help clear some things up in regards to him.