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Hey /jp/, about two weeks ago I came to you concerning whether I should visit one of japan's soapylands. One of you told me to go, take pictures, and report my findings.
Well, I ended up going and it was a pleasant time. All three times. If any of you are interested in learning more about soapylands, I'll be more than happy to share my experiences.

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>All three times
You took that advice about taking multiple lesser timespans to get a better value than the longer timespans?

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I don;t know what soapy lands are.
Is it like buying a prostitute who washes you as well?
Give us a quick run down.

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Spit it out already man, what was it like?

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Sorry, I can't understand any of that.
What happens is: You drive down these shops with japanese yakuza-looking dudes standing outside. If they welcome Americans, they'll approach your car, if not don't mess with them they won't mess with you. They'll ask you if you are interested in soap or sex or whatever and you can ask them a price and how the girls are before you go in. Once upon agreement he/she will escort you to a parking spot for your vehicle free of charge. You'll be brought in and they'll ask you if you need to use the bathroom, then to a waiting room where there's a TV, couches, magazines, etc and the manager will be back with a menu and pictures. You choose your girl and get brought to a room where she'll be waiting. After initial greetings, she'll undress you, wash you, give you a handjob, suck you, and ask you if you want to go straight to a bed or lotion play. Depending on what you want, she'll ask you to hop in the tub and brush your teeth while she prepares. She'll get out an air mattress, mix the lube, pour it on herself, and slip and slide all over you while doing this that and the third to your guy down stairs. Then she'll put a condom on you with her mouth and you get to fuck the night away until your time is up.

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How are you dealing with the crippling shame?

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Sorry, it's quite the adventure so there's a lot of information.

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It seems better than the brothels we have in my country. If I ever happen to travel to japan I might give it a try, was it too expensive?

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I've done away with things like pride and honor long ago. And the atmosphere of the places I went to were so relaxing and hospitable. The yakuza dudes loved me and the hostesses were very enjoyable to talk to.

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These places sound neat

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Yeah, the prices are very steep. Luckily, if you're not completely socially retarded, you can talk the bouncers down quite a lot. By my third go I talked the guy down 14,000 for 70 minutes. Here's a menu for one of the more expensive places I went to on my second time for reference. I managed to talk this place down to 15,000 for 60 minutes.
It also depends on what time of day you go.
All three times I went in the morning/afternoon.
At night time it will be very difficult to negotiate prices.

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Did they kiss you?

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Actually, I'm remembering the cold stare of a uniformed highschool girl as she was walking her way home while I was negotiating prices with the bouncer on my third trip. It was pretty hazukashi

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You might want to remove the EXIF data, dude.

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Yea dude! The legion will come and beat you up OP!!!!

They're bullies!

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The last trip I went to the chick tried making out with me, I kept my mouth shut and she took the hint and kissed me on the cheek. It was totally embarassing, but she just finished sucking me off not 5 minutes earlier, and I couldn't see if she was licking my butt while she was massaging me while I was laying face down.

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whoa, that's pretty expensive.

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Are they hairy?

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I find the QR code extremely ironic. Do they even pay taxes?

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I could give two less shits.
Soapylands are perfectly legal and I don't social network to care about that stuff

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The first one was, but she was by far the prettiest out of the three I got. And she wasn't so hairy to the point of disgust, you could definitely tell she shaves. Arms, armpits, and legs for all of them were shaved though.
And for those of you into the whole arm pit thing, they all seem to know about it as it was apart of all their massage routines.

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And people said QR codes aren't going to take off, now even goddamn soaplands use them.

Funniest thing I've seen in a while.

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What about the quality of the women, do they all know what they're doing or were some kinda meh?

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Of the three that I got, two of them knew exactly what the fuck they were doing.
The second one was really young, she said she was 20, but I'm not even sure about that. It was at club virgin, coincidentally. I know for a fact she was used goods though. She was pretty timid and a lot more hesitant to start undressing/touching me. It didn't even seem like an act, and if it was it was a very good one.

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>club virgin

Our club

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Were any of the girls actually good looking? And I mean semi-stunning

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>paid vajayjay sex
Why are you believing him /jp/?
I feel like I'm on /a/...

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>Sorry, I can't understand any of that.
Someone in the last thread commented about the pricing on one of the shops, pointing out that it was cheaper to take several shorter sessions than to take one longer session.

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Do they act like they're being pleasured or were they actually pleasured by you?

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Huh? All soaps do vaginal. Stop confusing the law for reality.

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Of the three, one was drop dead gorgeous, the second one was cute and the third one was pretty average but she was a pro.
Because I masturbate to VNs, I try to last as long as possible since I believe that the next scene will be better than the last and I should save up for it. Due to this, I take a very long time. If you're premature, hitting up several shops at 3500 yen each would be best.
Yes, it was weird. I asked if she always sounded like that and she responded with "most japanese men like it"

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What a waste of money. I'd rather buy something. Even something stupid like a doll would be better.

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And by yes I mean they try and act like their pleasured. Obnoxious moans like in your favorite hentai.

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http://www.lovebonita.jp/lesson/ Message board where the sex workers talk about their trade.

The recruitment sites are pretty cutesy. http://kansai.fuzoku-job109.com/

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man that's a bad thing, but I guess it is better than if they were to lie down as a corpse.

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Everything but soaps does vaginal. Soaps are the
"mainstream" & legal brothel. I don't know what Japan you are in.

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Next time I think I'll bring my figures and have them participate.

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Wait, so japanese girls really do the "EEEEEE EEEEEE IKUUUUUUUUUU" and generally screaming like a pig being slaughtered?

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You read VNs and you aren't socially retarded/poor enough to not ever be able to go to these places? What?

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Something like 40% of Japanese men admit to having been. Personally if I'm going to involve with myself with 3D I'd rather be romantic about it and get a proper girlfriend who I'd be able to have mutually enjoyable sex with for free without time limits though. Wouldn't really be able to keep up the slut hating act while simultaneously frequenting brothels.

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Soapylands are technically a business where you pay for a bath. While you're at the bath, you fall in love with a girl (of your choice) who just so happens to be naked and stroking on your penis. You then proceed to have an affair with the woman who you "fell in love with" for the amount of time you paid for in full upfront.

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Every story I've read of people going/working at soaps has involved insertion.

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>Had to shave arms, legs, and armpits

Was she Korean or something?

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>get a proper girlfriend
Who you'll pay for
>have mutually enjoyable sex with for free
After you paid for dinner, gifts, etc

You're getting the same thing in the end, except you pay upfront and skip the bullshit

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It's crap.
It's almost like you're desperate to believe in these stories. It's only 3dpd.

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You're delusional.

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>Having sex with a girlfriend

How disgusting. I would only have sexual intercourse with my lawfully-wedded wife, in the missionary position with the lights off, for the purpose of procreation.

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I don't know about westerners, but Japanese girls really aren't that demanding. You just go on a few dates (splitting the bill) and that's it.

I don't understand the /r9k/-like mentality of thinking that girlfriends are more expensive than hookers.

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Fuck! This is some lewd shit, guys!

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Then you shouldn't bump this shitty thread.

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Sounds like a good place to visit, affordable prices too.

>> No.9701699

If you're not intimidated by yakuza or scared of passer-by-ers giving you the look of shame, they're totally something you'd want to do at least once in your life. Highly recommend.

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You call that affordable?

>> No.9701707

Have you ever dined in a fancy restaurant? Prices go beyond that quickly.

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Since these are legally grey, how do you know the women don't have various diseases? And how do they know *you* don't?

>> No.9701711

considering actual prostitutes in japan are 5000円 for 15 minutes (they have timers), to some this could be considered a steal.

>> No.9701713

Can you make them do cosplay sex? Like mikos or maids?

>> No.9701717

There are more things to take into account than just money. For example how much time you are willing to spend and if you actually want a relationship or just sex.

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It's one of those risks you have to take while going. They won't put out unless you wear a condom, but even then there's still dangers.
My rule of thumb is go to the less dirty looking establishments with well dressed men or women bounders and the women will no doubt be cleaner.

And of course, you could always not have sex and go for the massage, but if that's the case, you might as well go to a massage parlor with happy ending

>> No.9701720

They do have various diseases.

>> No.9701723

is that a camera on the wall?

>> No.9701725


That surveillance camera.

>> No.9701736

That's a hell of an ugly wallpaper.

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There are plenty of places that do cosplay.

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And to think, I thought /jp/ was virtuous and hated the thought of having sex outside of a committed relationship.

>> No.9701762


Now that's something I'd spend 15,000¥+ on. That said, more info on this are welcome.

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It is a camera, I thought it was a lot nicer than the tinted window on the door.
Not sure why, but all the waiting rooms have some form of surveillance.

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I'm sure OP doesn't play Touhou.

>> No.9701795

I'm sorry to dissappoint you, but I play touhou quite often with my xbox controller

>> No.9701796


So one session means two figs less...

Well, I guess I'll try it.

How many of those are "no dirty gaijins allowed"?

>> No.9701810

You don'tdeserve it, though. Touhou girls would be disappointed.

>> No.9701815

Surprisingly, only a few of them are japanese exclusive. And if you know some nihongo yourself, you can talk your way into their shops if you aren't black. If you're driving down a soapydistrict, you'll know what venues are open for you by if the bouncer flags you down or not.

>> No.9701829

Why does it cost proportionately more for the more time you want? Shouldn't it be the reverse? That means it's better to buy 2 smaller sessions over something like 2 days and you'll saving more than what it would cost to buy that time straight up.

>> No.9701837

I couldn't pay a girl for sex. It'd make me feel terrible that I can't get paid >$100 an hour like them, despite having a far more demanding job. Also I don't understand why it's expected for men to pay women for sex but not the other way around much. I can't accept that a woman's sexual value is less than mine.

>> No.9701839

Yeah, I mean why not just buy 60 1-minute sessions instead of one hour session?

>> No.9701841


What if you are in japan for just few weeks and don't have a car?

Can you just walk to these guys? Do you need to be dressed like a businessman?

>> No.9701848

That wasn't the point being made.

>> No.9701851

from 50 min to 100 min the price is actually a bit lower. I guess it becomes the opposite for higher tiers becase the girls can get tired after 2 hours.

>> No.9701855


Everybody knows being a pretty female makes your life easy mode.

You need to deal with it and hope you'll have more luck next time.

And think positive. You could've been a nigger living in some hut made of cow shit in Ghana.

>> No.9701856

Implying there aren't men that are paid for sex by wealthy women.

>> No.9701859

Well I'm not going to make it even easier for them like other stupid males. Women should have to work for us just as much.

>> No.9701863

How can I become one

>> No.9701868

People are born different, you shouldn't expect equality.

>> No.9701871

Yeah, males are born stupid.

>> No.9701875

>Also I don't understand why it's expected for men to pay women for sex but not the other way around much.
Women aren't that obsessed with sex. Most men are in fact dumb animals. 15 000 yen for 60 minutes? Really? Males are so dumb.

>> No.9701876

You need to be sexy, muscular, and willing to please ugly women that are way over their 40.

Why? Did you think that good looking men actually pay for sex?

>> No.9701881

Good thing I can satisfy myself for free.

>> No.9701882

You can definitely walk. Just tell the taxi driver to take you to soapy land and he'll know the deal. He'll take you exactly where to go. Just keep in mind it's a whole lot harder to shake off those bouncers on foot. They're like sharks after your money. A lot of them are cool as fuck though. Really nice people
These girls aren't paid that much. Most of the money goes to the managers. I don't know what kind of deal they have set up with the hostesses, but I know one girl I was with said money wasn't good when I asked her.

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I fucked in a whore house in germany.

It was the first time I ever had sex and I couldn't even blow my load.

I like my hand much more.

>> No.9701888

Japan seems to be more open about places like this than Korea.

>> No.9701890

>first time I ever had sex
>I couldn't even blow my load
You're probably gay

>> No.9701892

People don't really like to talk about money, so of all people are you asking Japanese about their money?

>> No.9701896

happens when you masturbate a lot
loose vaginas cant compare to your deathgrip masturbation

>> No.9701901

It just wasn't intimate to me, I've done things with women before (no penetration) and it has made me extremely turned on, but fucking a random whore and expecting to perform in a matter of minutes is not fun at all.

Whores are not attractive.

>> No.9701905

>15 000 yen for 60 minutes? Really? Males are so dumb.
Although those are only listed prices and you can definitely talk it down some, it's funny you mention that. While the hostess was washing me down after the deed was done, I asked her how long men usually last when they visit her. She said most men usually take about 15 minutes or bust during the message. After that it becomes weird because she doesn't know what to do with the rest of the left over time.

And on all three occasions I went, I went well over my time. If it's in the morning or on a weekday, they don't seem to mind.

>> No.9701907

Japan legislation on the matter of sex is kinda retarded.

Prostitution is illegal, however only the coitus is considered "sex", therefore everything else is perfectly fine.

Likewise explicit depiction of sexual activities is also illegal, but... again only coitus is considered sex, and if you censor it, it still can pass, even if the "censor" is just a small rectangle that doesn't cover shit.

>> No.9701914

> but fucking a random whore and expecting to perform in a matter of minutes is not fun at all.
That's the wonder of Soapyland. half the time is mostly lotion play, penis message and intense blowjob. They just make sure to finish you off with a nice slippery fuck.

>> No.9701917


Gambling is also illegal, yet you have Pachinko parlors everywhere.

That's asian legislation for you.

But who cares. Japan is much safer and cleaner than europe or USA.

>> No.9701919

Oh and I forgot to mention, you get washed down like you never had before. So you leave feeling amazingly fresh

>> No.9701945

I was planning to lose my virginity to a Thai prostitute, but this sounds so much better.

I'm so going to one of these when I'm in japan next year.

>> No.9701952

Is there any kissu at the Soap Lands. Can I get some kissu.

>> No.9701956

Wow OP, thanks for the thread. I didn't expect you to come back for a second thread. All the slipperiness and bathing sounds so nice. It's unlikely I'll ever be able to go to one though.

>> No.9701963

OP, do you have some info on shit like >>9701741 ?
Soapylands doesn't sounds all that almighty, but young women in the schoolgirl outfits on the other hand...

>> No.9701965

Get an inflatable mattress, some oil, and a dakimakura and do reverse soapland.

>> No.9701968

Yeah, sometimes I wish I wasn't too lazy to learn Japanese.s

>> No.9701983

I don't know if you'd want someone who just slobbered on your penis to be kissing you.
As I mentioned earlier in the thread, one tried kissing me and I wasn't too sure if she was tickling my butt or licking it.
I'm probably going back on my next weekend off, so in two weeks so I can sit down and talk with one of the hostesses. Each time I went, I engaged in very nice conversation with them. I used to think whores were superficial, one dimensional money lovers, but they all had a surprising amount of character.
If you have any questions you want me to ask the bouncer, manager or hostess, I'll be more than happy to

>> No.9701992

>I don't know if you'd want someone who just slobbered on your penis to be kissing you.
If you didn't drink your own semen before, you need to get out of /jp/.

(It's also ridiculously silly and immature attitude in general, but that's beside the point)

>> No.9701994

You guys should just get girlfriends. You can bathe together with them and do anything a girl at a soap will together whenever you want.

>> No.9701996

The cosplay soapylands place more emphasis on the bed than lotion play. Your hostess will greet you using all formalities, undress you, folding your clothes neatly into a basket, and instruct you to sit on a nice little stool so she can wash you. She'll then take off her socks so she won't get them wet and scrub your body so that it's nice and clean. From their it's pretty straight forward. Blowjob, handjob, sex all while she's wearing a cute outfit calling you goshujinsama or senpai or whatever fits her outfit.

>> No.9702008


How does that work?

Won't they get completely wet during the bath foreplay?

>> No.9702011

Thai prostitutes are just too slutty, even for prostitutes. Not to mention that you know they've slept with countless obese, hairy Americans. Although I've seen some massage parlors nearby which advertises Japanese girls since there's a lot of Japanese where I live so they might be worth scouting out.

>> No.9702033


Is it that bad irl? I mean I see it all in my JAVs and doesn't seem to bother me at all now after seeing it so many times.


Sounds like heaven. Will try to go one someday hopefully, if I can get pass the shame that is.

>> No.9702050

Anything like this with Ikemen guys instead of old whores?I know hosts do some naughty stuff but I would be embarrassed to ask them.

>> No.9702052

The kissing part isn't really that bad. I mean, we both brush our teeth and whatnot, but in this occasion in particular I wasn't sure if when I was lying face down if she licked my anus or was tickling it with her fingers since it was so slippery.

>> No.9702065

Are the women still sold into prostitution by polygamists looking to get rid of their surplus daughters?

>> No.9702072

All of my money, I'm moving to Japan, fuck this.

>> No.9702077

Did you kiss the gorgeous one you mentioned?

>> No.9702082

>Not to mention that you know they've slept with countless obese, hairy Americans

In 2D that would actually make it hotter.

But in 3D there are those things called STD's...

>> No.9702083

>Fucking gross yellow chinks


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>> No.9702091

Just find a girlfriend. It's probably even better.

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How much money you have o.O

>> No.9702098

No, fuck responsibilities.

>> No.9702103

It's not really a responsibility. Stop listening to /r9k/.

>> No.9702104

Better wasting money on whores?

>> No.9702106


Shit, that's pretty damn expensive.

Good thing I'm getting into a job that pays 5 000 $ a month.

>> No.9702108

All of them tried to make out with me at some point, but me being somewhat concerned about diseases for some reason made me not really get into it. They had been going at my penis no problem but I was hesitant when it came to making actual contact.
At one point I got so into it I tried to eat her out, but then all that stupid ass lotion got all over my face and I felt like an idiot. She handed me a towel and proceeded with the message

>> No.9702111


Not that guy, but yes.

Girlfriends are a pain in the ass. And I don't know a single guy who never went through some shitty drama with their girlfriends.

>> No.9702114

King is back~!

Thai prostitutes are gross but it's because they either poor and need money fast or are transsexuals that need money fast and sometimes it's a mix of both.

I look down on the guys more for taking advantage of them (This only how I feel about people using Thai prostitutes time) one guy even left his wife for a "ladyboy" (He kept using this offensive term) and started a "ladyboy" internet porn business.

>> No.9702117

what fucking message, did you pay her to post on 4chan or something

>> No.9702120


Wait. How good looking are you? Are you fat, tall or what, etc.

>> No.9702121

Sorry. I'll go ahead and kill myself now.
Again, I'm terribly sorry.

>> No.9702128
File: 173 KB, 446x523, 52f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From your last thread I though you were just bluffing OP, good for you. I Parsee as HELL.

I don't know man. There must be some that do it because they don't have other choice.

>> No.9702132

I'm from Guam, so right off the bat they don't assume I'm American. I've been speaking japanese for about three years, so I can talk to them. I'd say a good amount of /jp/ aren't disgusting fat neckbeards. Even the most ugly person can get by if he's somewhat functional in speech.

>> No.9702134

Chances of acquiring Sexual Diseases from saliva is extremely slim.

>> No.9702144

You can make a shit ton of money as a host, it's just a lot more work.

>> No.9702146

This is me being retarded. In hindsight I feel like I shouldn't have been such a pussy because she was beautiful, but it's whatever. Her name was Maki, The young one was named Yuri and the professional was named Mako. All fake names, all in katakana, but just incase you all were wondering.

>> No.9702154

Surely getting gonorrhoea would be easy. That's quite prevalent.

>> No.9702161

What's it like when the moisture makes their makeup run and it looks like their face was set on fire?

>> No.9702164
File: 76 KB, 1440x810, 1315678635134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Come on, describe how you look anon. Share to us how ikemen you are.

>> No.9702168

Speaking of hosts why are they all so ugly?

Most of them have deep fake tans and huge bleached hair and it's scary and unattractive.

Hostesses are actually pretty girls 70% of the time so why is it hard to find a decent looking guy?

>> No.9702182

>shit ton
Reminds me of this story (host gets 1 million yen to eat a woman's shit).




>> No.9702207

By no means am I a stallion, but I get by.

>> No.9702228

when I was living in Japan a girl that I met in a Halloween party told me exactly the same thing... now I see it was a Japanese copypasta...

>> No.9702229

/jp/ how much money one should pay you in order to make you eat shit?

>> No.9702246

Maybe it was the same girl.

>> No.9702251

This is pretty disguisting shit. I hope nobody here loses their virginity to a 3d pig succubus whore.

>> No.9702252


>> No.9702255

Do the girls really scream like pigs being slaughtered? You see that all the time in JAVs...

>> No.9702297

Well, it was nice sharing with you all. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask the hostesses, bouncers or managers on my next trip, let me know. Time to work and such.

>> No.9702310

How do I enter Japan? I need to enter Japan. Please.

>> No.9702325

I hope no one here loses their virginity at all. Actually, all non-virgins should just get the fuck out.

>> No.9702368

Hey OP, thanks for youe report. Which city did you visit? I will be going to Japan in November, any tips for Osaka?

Did the girls speak English? How about french kissing?

>> No.9702413

Why don't you go the fuck back to Reddit? You're annoying.

Enjoy spending your time with someone who doesn't even share half of your interests only for getting your dick wet.

>> No.9702426

I think it's the same /cgl/ whore that tried to goad innocent /jp/ers into getting /cgl/ girlfriends. As if any self-respecting /jp/sie would ever sink that low.

>> No.9702433

Do you work in Japan?

>> No.9702440

>As if any self-respecting /jp/sie would ever sink that low.
Wasting your money on a whore is even lower.

>> No.9702459

Being a whore is low, spending money on one is charity and thus an honorable deed.

>> No.9702470

You're objectively wrong. Spending a (supposedly) small part of your income on a service you're likely to enjoy is not "low" unlike deliberately changing your behavior and lifestyle just to have the chance to get pleased by some slut whenever she feels like it. Take your senseless trolling elsewhere, bitter landwhale.

>> No.9702507

>tried to goad innocent /jp/ers into getting /cgl/ girlfriends
>tried to goad innocent /jp/ers into getting /cgl/ girlfriends
What? Why? Who? It's funny knowing thoses girls said that we were the lowest of the lowest scum of society. Why aren't they going after the good-looking rich successful men?

>> No.9702515

Late reply, but I hope you realize being a host is so shitty it's not even worth it.

Watch The Great Happiness Space.

>> No.9702517

Do you consider paying for goods and services rendered "charity"? I bet you're real popular at your local business establishments.

Per chance, are you now, or have you ever, been a member of the Communist Party?

>> No.9702532

You are simply wrong. I pity people who pay for sex, because I'm a romantic. This is the main reason why I prefer 2D over real world.
Hiring a whore is such a 3D thing. It's just disgusting.

>> No.9702534
File: 14 KB, 500x405, Japan-Aid-soap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

STDs: Did they do any STD check on you? Like, do they require you to bring some medical records or the like? Also, do different establishments post or advertise their STD screening habits in their lobby or something?

Choices: When choosing a girl, what kind of menu are you given? Just a picture of them or some sort of Bio-card (like a playboy centerfold biosheet thing)

Membership / Relationship: If you frequent on, lets say, a Tuesday morning... can you get future discounts by being a repeat customer? Or maybe better treatment?

Yakuza: Any chance you can shoot the shit with the guy out front? How does he feel about doing this job... or does he not care?

The Girl: Next time you are there, would you ask these two questions:
1) Does she go to Host Clubs

2) If she can draw a silly picture for us. Maybe bring a pen and piece of paper / napkin. Ask her if she'd draw a picture for us or send an anonymous message to the world. If she doesn't want to draw something, maybe ask her if she could have one wish, what would it be! Have her write that!

>> No.9702552

A-are you calling me a commie?
You're fucking calling me a COMMIE?
You have some nerve, fujoshi.

>> No.9702556
File: 70 KB, 256x321, heathcliffe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will never understand this.

Especially after that one girl admitted to consex so that she could spread her STDs.

>> No.9702560

It's mainly to get rid of the animal curiosity, I guess.

>> No.9702569

Wait... what happened?

>> No.9702579

Pretty much that?
There was some woman with STDs who admitted to having unprotected sex at cons with random strangers.

>> No.9702599

The fuck are you on about? None of your “2D” women are romantically interested in you, the majority aren't even fictionally interested in you

>> No.9702603

lol owned
thatll teach those normals
i sincerely hope they die

>> No.9702609

Actually I like being around a girl for their company without any element of otaku culture being involved.

>> No.9702613

NICE. Assuming whatever disease she has isn't chemically manipulating her brain into breeding like a rabbit- she is a magnificent host. Really wish I had people that passionate working for me.

Oh, let him be! Look at how cute his defense mechanisms are!!

>> No.9702622

What did you talk about with the yakuza dudes?

>> No.9702630

>people that passionate
she's probably just some bitch who was mad that she got an STD so she decided to take revenge on some random strangers

>> No.9702631

I know, but I want to have sex with someone I love, not a random whore.

>> No.9702635


>> No.9702641

That's passion.

>> No.9702643

Hah, you're young.

>> No.9702657

Not him, but I'm about to marry my "imaginary friend" and I've had sex with her in my dreams before.

She's modeled after Reisen (because I can't say she's the same Reisen after all)

>> No.9702666

Just say tulpa.

>> No.9702687

congrats on the marriage

>> No.9702702

I don't really bother being a virgin so I don't really see the point in fucking a prostitute just for the sheer act of fucking but I'm a total pervert even by japanese otakus standards and thus I want sexy time with the sluttiest whores that ever whored. The problem is that deep in my heart I wish to be the little girl and I really feel like I would betray myself by doing such dirty deeds.

>> No.9702703

I didn't work on creating her, she just appeared all of a sudden.

Not sure if I can call her a tulpa.

>> No.9702704

Just say schizophrenia.

>> No.9702717


>> No.9702731

Do these establishments only allow male patrons?

>> No.9702753

Reminded me that I just wanted a loving and caring woman but even this seems impossible by modern standa... I mean modern women. I'm grateful to 2D.

>> No.9702761

Are you a little girl?

>> No.9702775

Good luck with that. What do you think the chances are of there being two people who can both love one another for reasons other than loneliness, money, sex, and power? Of course, they also have to live in the same general area to be able to meet each other and make a relationship work. Even then, how likely do you think it is that they'll actually stick together and not get bored with each other after several years?

The chances of achieving an actual long-term romantic relationship like in the movies has got to be one in a million at best. Women are delusional enough to believe they'll meet the "one", their "prince charming". I feel bad for you if you actually suffer from a similar delusion. As a result of your unrealistic expectations, you're going to end up experiencing a whole lot of loneliness.

>> No.9702787

Not that guy, but who said anything about "like in the movies"? I'll gladly love/marry someone who's cute and nice to live with. That's not too high a standard.

>> No.9702797

A study from 1999 and somewhat updated once in a while narrowed it down to 18726 potential partners in the whole world.

>> No.9702801

That's great! We have so many chances!

>> No.9702810

I hope that's sarcasm, because that is very little. As the author put it:

>...assuming I were to go on a blind date with a new girl about my age every week, I would have to date for 3493 weeks before I found one of the 18726. That's very nearly 67 years.

>> No.9702811

>I feel bad for you if you actually suffer from a similar delusion.
he didnt say he believed it would happen
he just plans to never have sex, which is the /jp/ way

>> No.9702812


>I would totally marry a almost fuckable girl I don't love if she makes me sammwiches.

Fixed it for you.

>> No.9702814

It WAS sarcasm.

>> No.9702815 [DELETED] 

>I would totally marry a almost fuckable girl I don't love if she makes me sammwiches.

Fixed it for you.

>> No.9702816

There is no such thing as love, please stop deluding yourself. "Love" as we now know it was invented by the Capitalist Whore (a.k.a America) in order to increase revenue and control people.

>> No.9702826

You'd have to include the fact that we on /jp/ are "special", so the number would go down a bit if we wanted a partner that shares our interests or at least respects them. Of course I want to stay alone so it doesn't really bother me.

>> No.9702845

Excellent post.
>Women are delusional enough to believe they'll meet the "one", their "prince charming".

I love those girls. They are the ones who "settle" around the age of 30. They "settle" (marry) any decent looking man with a steady job and strong financials. Then, they subconsciously PUNISH him for not being "the one". Yes, they actually punish him for that. Home Improvement and Everybody Loves Raymond are great examples. Those wives are complete bitches.

Here is a fun story for you all- an 80 year old Librarian I read about in the local newspaper circa early 1990s. A real relic from an age gone by... believed in abstinence till the day she died. Never married, never dated. Her only love was reading and passion was teaching children to read. An admirable life, but with steep consequences.

>> No.9702853

There you are. Your age is, again, showing. Please read my above post >>9702845

I know its very vague, but there is arguable psychology here. Please research it before you lose your mind around age 35-40 from a horrible divorce.

>> No.9702854

Sounds like she was one of the last good women left. ;_;

>> No.9702860

I think they like entertaining these sorts of fantasies in /r9k/.

>> No.9702892

Is there such a thing as love? If so, what is it? Isn't it only an absurd amount of affection towards another/something? Why does society tells us to get a companion for all our life?

We often use the word love when we talk but some don't believe it exists. Well you know what, maybe it's cause you're on 4chan and never found love or experienced it.

>Implying someone has experienced love here anyway
>Yeah, towards our 2d and board. Not 3D.

>> No.9702919

This sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

If I wasn't ashamed of my mutilated penis I would surely go.

>> No.9702923

Why do you have a penis? You should get your genitalia removed.

>> No.9702978

Will they get into the bath with you while fully clothed?

that's my fetish.

>> No.9702985

You should watch this movie regardless.

>> No.9703001

> Why does society tells us to get a companion for all our life?
It's because we're animals that reproduce sexually.

Stop trying to be edgy, it's how our instinct works.

>> No.9703006

By the way, who the fuck are you quoting and why would you start a fake quote with the word "implying"? That makes no sense, /a/b/v/-kun.

>> No.9703016
File: 130 KB, 1000x1073, 27863850_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i did experience love from the first sight
i can describe it as a strong attachment, though i've never missed her. when i was with her it was inspiring. i was much more playful, more imaginative.
it lasted 5 years.
*timeskip: 4 years* recently when i talked to her, those imaginative qualities have woken up a bit.

it was one-sided, obviously

don't have a waifu, because fuck the attachments.
you don't need to be loved. become the love instead.

>> No.9703071

This is thread is EVIL, tainting so many pure /jp/ souls.

Please delete for the sake of 2D.

>> No.9703076

I've had sex before. The best sex I've had was where I would throw money at her while doing it. She seemed to like it best that way.

>> No.9703080

But as animals our instincts tell us to rape, not marry. Stop trying to be edgy and fit in.

>> No.9703091

What the hell dude. In every other thread /jp/ talks about being in love with 2D girls and lamenting how they don't have someone to call their own, but in a 3D thread everyone suddenly only cares about sex and hates romance?

I don't get this board anymore.

>> No.9703094 [DELETED] 

everyone only cares about*

>> No.9703100

it's very rude in japan to ask about how much money someone makes

>> No.9703106

Shifting user base

>> No.9703107
File: 35 KB, 155x135, 1339254494979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

peace dude dont let the door hit you

>> No.9703110

That's why female specimens are so picky about males. You try to get into her butt and she refuses, because there's no way she will let an unsuitable partner into her butt.

>> No.9703111

>you don't need to be loved. become the love instead.
That was pretty deep.

>> No.9703158
File: 114 KB, 850x850, 1347006512168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9703166


It's rude everywhere bro.

>> No.9703207

This is maybe something we learn in school?

Stop being so fuggin pathetic /jp/. Seriously, you always talk shit about misogyny and one mention of chances with 3D you go nuts like a dog with two tails.

>> No.9703226

There are more than five people on /jp/, you know.

>> No.9703236

If the other 2 want 3D, then fuck off to >>>/soc/

>> No.9703238

Hey thread, it's been great.
I'll be back in another two weeks or so to answer some of your questions and have the hostess draw something silly for you. I'll probably have her draw her own face so she doesn't have to worry about her father seeing it.
There was a Japanese drama back in the day of a daughter bring paired her father at one of these establishments and they both became furious as to why the other was there. That's the reasoning behind the censoring of the faces thing if any of you were wondering.
Well anyway, thank you all and I hope I was informative on the soapy side of Japan.

>> No.9703239

Very few soap girls let you put it in their butt. :(

>> No.9703250

I'm quite surprised how "normal" /jp/ is.

>> No.9703252

Yeah, we learn that in school, what about it?

>> No.9703261

Give these people a chance and they will admit they were just sore losers who had "hard" middle school lives.

Too bad these same faggots are the ones who also enjoy playing Touhou.

>> No.9703284

a lot of just pretend to be neets and hikis. there are a few "real" /jp/ers though

>> No.9703308

truNEETs don't reply seriously to NEET threads. Trust me, I am an actual NEET.

>> No.9703313

truNEETs don't post at all.

>> No.9703314
File: 83 KB, 800x770, 1334225230916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah well im a truNEET and I do, checkmate retard

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