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Youkai Mountain is the greatest place in Gensokyo.

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>Youkai Mountain is the greatest place in Gensokyo except for wherever Ran happens to be in any given moment.

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That's not Hakurei shrine.

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I'd agree. It seems like a pretty place to live with all the trees and rivers. It must look nice in the autumn.

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You spelled Yakumo residence wrong OP

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That's not Eientei.

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Ugly old granny with her fox and cat show.

Eientei is terrible, except for Reisen who should move to Youkai Mountain.

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It's rare to find people who actually like Reisen.

Anyway, Tewi, Kaguya and Keine are pretty cool 人s.

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I'm with this guy.

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I'd still rather be in Ran.

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Moriya shrine is better.

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Sameface to the max.

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GO take your sluts somewhere else wanker, Kanako can stay though

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I like the SDM.
Cause, you know, there's so much going on in there.

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The underground is the best place.

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That's not how you spell SDM

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That's not how you spell Chireiden.

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gensokyo is shit

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lol good job uploading a half size image op

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That's a weird way of spelling hakugyokuro.

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It's true, even just counting the Tengu and Kappa.
Do the Kappa really live on the mountain, though?

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Where would you rather live. In a fancy estate with a ghost or on a badass mountain with a bunch of cool shit to look at?

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In one of the recent chapters of Wild and Horned Hermit, it's said that they usually live at the foot of the mountain.
But then some god destroyed their home because of Seiga, so they're forced to live on the actual mountain IIRC

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That's not so bad. That's just like moving up the street.

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It's bad. They lost their homes, their possessions...

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I hope the day for /jp/ to convert to the only true faith comes soon.

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Sanae already gathers my faith

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That's not how you spell Scarlet Devil Mansion, OP.

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You SDM fags are worse than Hittler.

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Old hell and Hakugyrouko are better.

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Quality over Quantity

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>yuyuko a shit
>youmu a shit
>mfw people actually like worst tohos

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Yeah I can agree on Youmu but don't you say Yuyuko is shitty.

There are plenty shittier that a person could like.

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That´s not how you spell Great Taste.

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yuyuko should get a better sidekick, youmu is so shit she brings down both of them. even mystia could be a better sidekick

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>implying MoF didn't have the second-best rate of good 2hus/2hus of the series

Hina, Nitori, Aya, Sane, Kanako and Suwako are all good 2hus. The other 3, whatever their names are, are just irrelevant.

EoSD would have the best if it didn't also have the ones who are clearly the worst 2hus.

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Youmu is someone you can trust. Mystia is on Tewi level, I'd say she is even worse than her since Tewi, at least, brings fortune to humans.

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Yeah, Mystia is one of Cirno's stupid friends. You can't trust anyone in her group of stupid friends.

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What the fuck?

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One thinks that the only thing Tewi does is bring fortune, and the other thinks Mystia is a member of "Cirno's stupid friends",