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Which Touhou has the most fascinating/beautiful/unique fanart according to you?

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Reimu because she has the most artwork.

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Probably Alice.

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Yukari has a bunch of weird shit that makes her memorable.

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Quantity =/= Quality

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Flan and Yukari.

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Not mutually exclusive.

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How the fuck do you not expect people to just say their favourite touhou as an answer?

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I won't Yuugi doesn't have that much great art.

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1% of 100,000 is more than 1% of 10,000.

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> their favourite touhou

Only plebs have one favorite touhou

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Sanae beause she has more Lewd artwork, more faith for the Moria shrine

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Reimu, Yukari and the scarlets.

Mostly because of their status as the first popular characters and there being bigger focus on artsy things back then. The scarlets had mostly gothic shit here and there but it was quality.

Yukari because of her otherwordly nature and nearly every pic with her with Reimu has them in an otherwordly place, it's sweet. Separately, Reimu is often drawn with exquisite festival-like clothes in most of the highest rated pictures and basically most of her poses are erotic and innocent at the same time, due to her normal costume. Yukari is otherwordly by herself and artists usually point to that, gaps are a fun mechanic.

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This picture screams of Reddit.

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Forgot picture.

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You forgot Yuyuko for beauty.

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It originated here dumbass

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Pictures can't scream, doofus.

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They can in imagination land, faggot.

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>there's no klimt rendition of his favorite 2hu

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We aren't in imagination land, nerdnik.

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You're not torturing them enough.

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Yuyuko and Sakuya

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You can't torture a picture because it lacks the capacity to be tortured.

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Thanks for the clarification, king autismo.

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Welp, looks like my job here is done.

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Yuyuko, Yukari, and Yuuka.

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Little white butterflies has just lost my respect for being bandwagoning faggots.

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1% of 100 is more than 0,0000000001% of 1000000000

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Aww Yeah