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What's the longest you've went without fapping? I can last for about 2 days, but I always succomb to my primal urges...

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3 weeks.
C82 broke my streak.

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A week. It was awful and it ended up being all I thought about. Usually only fap every 3-4 days.

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Probably 3-4 days since I started living by myself.

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like a week in 7th grade when I had to go to some stupid camp thing with my class.

5 minutes within getting home, I had stripped naked and was fucking the shit out of my pillow. I used to usually masturbate by humping or grinding shit naked. Felt so awesome. I rolled up a sleeping bag for a number of years and fucked it too. I miss that sleeping bag. I'd cum into lubricated plastic baggies for easy clean up. The only reason I masturbate the "normal" way now is because it's hard to fuck a pillow and use a computer at the same time.

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2 months when I was at a mental hospital.
My first orgasm after that felt absolutely heavenly. It was like when I came the first time as a teen.

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Oh, how I wish I had the patience for that.

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About 3 years when I was up in Alaska.

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I didn't even know what masturbation was at that age.

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I'd like to learn how about that pillow method of yours.

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1 month. I was charging it up for a girl that was 7 years younger than me with a nice loli body. Don't worry she was legal. She dumped me before I could fuck her so I ended up just blowing it into tissue.

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>I had stripped naked and was fucking the shit out of my pillow

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I would just lay on it and pin it between my belly and the pillow, and hump. It feels great. You can also just do it on your bed if you want. When I was in 5th-6th grade, I'd just cum on a fleece blanket that I'd put over my body pillow, and then roll it up and stick it at the end of my bed. My mom would wash it when she found it, lol. Then, I become more sophisticated in my bed-fucking, and would put vaseline in a plastic baggie, put it diagonally over my dick so it would cover most of it (My penis is about 7 inches erect-the sandwich baggie method works okay, though, if it's diagonally placed, as I said). However, if I pumped hard enough, my dick tip would usually tear through the plastic baggie, so I would sometimes readjust it.

The best way was the plastic baggie and the sleeping bag. I'd wind the sleeping bag up, put the elastic thing around it so it was tight, and then push my dick into the fold/folds and fuck it.

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Two months because of basic training.

Actually rented a motel on the final day that they released us to make up for lost time, I am fairly certain I lost consciousness within an hour or so.

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holy shit i used to do that shit too!

just grinding on my bean bag naked was the best thing ever until my peepee got too hard and it dint have a hole to put it in. i was not crafty enough to do the sleeping bag one ;_;

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M-maybe we could....put our pee pees into each others holes....

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I typically don't intentionally resist, but my depression sometimes makes it so I don't even think about it/find it a chore to do, so I just don't.

Even with that said, my longest streak since I discovered it is probably 5 days or so.

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Putting them under the foreskin instead doesn't sound that painful.

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The jews took my foreskin when I was a baby.

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I love that face. Source?

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Probably one or two weeks. I don't find the need to fap unless something reminds me of it.

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I think I went about 3 months once. Depends on my sex drive.

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>no scat tag


that face convinced me she was taking a sensual dump that caused her to cum uncontrollably

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16 years

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I almost went two days without fucking my girlfriend

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I went over a month when I was really depressed

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Stop spoonfeeding the retards.

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Not like he could have found it from that cropped image alone

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God damn I share your pain. Nothing like saving up for weeks to impress that one girl with the tight little body and then boom. You're out of the game.

I wanted to smother that fit little belly of hers with my seed, filling up her cute innie until it overflowed down her tummy and sides.

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Is this how AIDS niggers think?

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>implying emotions exist
>implying qualia


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who are you quoting?

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In recent years, 2 hours I think? Unless you count when I'm sleeping, in which case 12 hours if I slept a long time -- I sometime wake in the middle of the night to fap and go back to sleep though.

I constantly fap while doing other stuff, I am right now -- and cum once in a while (not that there's much left, it usually drips out over the course of a few hours)

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this is nothing like my Japanese manga

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Whatever your reason is, STOP.

Just fucking stop and do something else to satisfy yourself.

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If I don't fap for 4 days, I get wet dreams (which is awesome). However, after 3 days I can cum without even touching my dick and orgasm is incredibly intense

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moot has to report CP to the FBI, just FYI.

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a little over a month when i was in the hospital
other than that, a few days maybe

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Maybe a week or two.
Have you aver masturbate,whan you was drunk?
it`s a great feeling

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Antidepressants killed my libido.

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18 days. My balls started to hurt like shit in the last day, and I thought I'd cum in the middle of the mall when I accidentally touched a girl while walking.