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What else should I add, /jp/?

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Do you have any cute stencils of yourself?
I don't have a peach marker.
All I have are blue, red, black, yellow, green, and brown.

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Remove Cirno, add Mima, Sariel, PC-98 yuuka, shinki and Yumemi. Or just go full retard and add Flandre, reimu, etc.

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It's permanent, Cirno is staying.
Do you have a nice pic of PC-98 Yuuka?

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Is that your Drive jacket?

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she is CRAYZ

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Where's the cirno stencil from?

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....preferably some chibi shit I can stencil?

This wallpaper.

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Photographer's shadow is the ultimate no-no.
But whatever.

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It's a backpack. Hopefully this will make it a little easier to spot at baggage claim.

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Oh GOD that is cute.
I'll see what I can do, but no promises.

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Why does a carry bag have 2 shoulder straps?

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It's a backpack.

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bumping with pics just to keep the thread alive so I can post results when I'm done.

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oh wait I forgot this is /jp/

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That's cute.

But why the fuck would you ever check a backpack?

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That's cool OP, do you have any other Touhou stencils? My laptop needs some decorating.

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It's the only thing I have that's not going to be packed with fragile/messy things.
-bag with companion cube cookie jar and a few other dishes
-another bag with comic books/drawings/shampoos and other hygiene stuff
-backpack full of clothes

I should probably add that I'm a girl, so that you're not wondering why a guy is flying with a bag full of kitchen wares.

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Did you draw this OP?.

And what about a caption?.

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I wish I did.
I'm in the middle of coloring it for shits and giggles, though.

Depends on the caption. Any clever ideas?

I wasn't asking if you thought it was cute or not.

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You want something disgusting?
*whips out dick*

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Do you masturbate to Touhous OP?

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All I got is this

Maybe add some Ohayous? Theyre the best

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That's nice and pretty epic. I like it.

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Sometimes, if I come across a nice picture.
I think the last Touhou I schlicked to was...Sanae?
I'm a big fan of Yudokuya's work.

not really wanting to overdo the 9s man.
Any pics? I might consider adding some Ohayous just for you.

Thank you!

Update: PC-98 Yuuka is cut out and I'm about to start~

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Suika doesn't get enough love around here >>9692904

Did you print them out and put them on cardboard then color it with a marker or something?

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i will need the source of that.

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1 sec, I'm gonna try to edit a non-clipped version. Suika is my love after all

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Find me a cuter pic? I'm not so fond of the bust shot.
I just printed them out on regular paper, cut it out, and taped it to my backpack, rearranging the tape as I went.

Give me a few minutes, it's lodged deep in my tumblr.

Update: Outline done, going to cut out and work on details now, then color.
I still have space elsewhere on the bag, feel free to toss some pics up and I'll see what I can do.

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wow I'm fucking stupid.


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In case anyone cares about my drawings, here's some shit I did with a mouse.
I know it looks blurry, I used the airbrush tool.

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I like a swath of loop velcro. I slap patches on them. Animu patches, military themed patches, random patches that say stupid things. Patches.

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holy fuck, I did it again.
Shit drawing just doesn't want to get posted.

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holy fuck
my eyes

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dem legs

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What about them?

In a good or bad way?

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100 hours in paint. I feel my depression easing up.

I'll try, OP.

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I think your bag is fine as it is.

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What about this?
*whips out dick*

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they look smooth

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Aww, I'm sorry. I'd post an actual pencil drawing if I wasn't busy stenciling and replying to a bunch of people all at once.

Sorry toots, I'm taken. Moving in with my boyfriend next weekend, gonna try to be best waifu. Well...as good as possible while still being 3dpd.

I can try, right?

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The new is strong in you reddit-sama.

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....They are.

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I've never laid my eyes on reddit.

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Please stop attention whoring, this could have been an OK thread about Touhou decorations.

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Sociable females on /jp/?
I can now say I've seen it all

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Will do.

Anything is possible.

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Christ, this is like "High School: The Picture".

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But if they're on /jp/ that means they aren't sociable

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I-I can't take it easy knowing there are 3DPD on here...

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I'm sociable on the internet? I haven't spoken a word to anyone in the same household for about...2 weeks now.

Update: I'm getting there.

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>spending friday night drawing touhou on bags

wanna fug?

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could have been an ok thread even after you mentioned your gender
but you fucked up

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How many dimensions are you?

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Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

Update: Goddammit Yuuka. So many details.

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Why do you pretend to be a girl anon? We all know that you're just a twenty three year old boy who shaves his legs and attention whores on /jp/.

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She looks cute, がんばって!

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Do you really want me to timestamp?
I mean...It's kind of offensive. Just saying.

Thank you!

Anyone else want to contribute? I'm going to put Suika on one of the side pockets.

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I want you to show me your penis.

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I don't have one.

Update: These details.

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Same here. Its almost time for me to jack off anyways.

I've been saving up for a week so don't let me down op.

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Typical fucking secondaries, ruining everything by drawing Touhous on their tacky and shitty bags.

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Let's not mince words here. What is the length of your fully erect penis?

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5 feet.

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That's really nice, OP.

How did you make that?

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Printer, paper, scissors, tape, and markers.

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what country uses people's feet as a unit of measurement?
did you put your cock on the floor while 3 people stood beside it and one person was on one leg?

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I live in the US, California, specifically.

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You measure in feet by walking heel toe heel toe. Using 3 people to measure something like that would be ridiculous.

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update....getting tired. Gonna color this and call it a night.