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Were you expecting a magical girl who can transform?

It's just me, Patchouli. Sorry...

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What are you reading?

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I approve this thread

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How To Sexually Please Your Man

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Patchy Patchina Patchouli

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Fuck off with your stupid, shoehorned lewdness. It doesn't belong here.

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You're the reason /jp/ is the best board. I mean that unironically.

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Someone's a prude little NEET girl!

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Exactly. No shoehorning. There's no way that Patchouli would be reading a book like that, since everybody knows that she's Remilia's concubine.

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Roleplaying is against the rules

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You like hip-hop, yes?

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It's okay, Patchy.

I love you just the way you are.

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Why is it so cute when girls hold their breasts like that?

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Patchouli-chan can transform though

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what happend?

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I will never forgive you.

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for what?

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I wouldn't want you to transform anyway, Patchy. You're already wonderful the way you are.

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I came here expecting a magical girl who can transform. Instead I got Patchoulli. Unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable!

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Ima go ahead and second that.

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Well, fine, she'll throw something together. Just wait a minute.

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And of all possible magic users it just had to be Patchoulli! It's like she made it on purpose to annoy me. And then she has the nerve no shyly apologise! What a horrible person! Next time avoid the apologetic attention whoring instead of wasting my time!

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...here, how's this? She doesn't look weird, does she?

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Careful how you're talking to my favorite touhou, bitch nerd.

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I'm waiting. Do not disappoint me.

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You call that a transformation?! You're just messing around with color. Are you even a real magical user or are you just an asthmatic bookworm? Or is this your lame attempt at stealing the title "seven-colored magician"? Newsflash, miss: you're missing a couple of colors! Or has the lack of vitamin A kicked in so strong you can't even tell red from blue anymore? What a failure. Please don't associate yourself with other magicians anymore.

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Alright, this is it you faggot. *sticks dick up anons' ear*

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Imagine supporting Patchy's head with one hand, and holding her inhaler in the other while she uses it.

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But...that doesn't make any sense! They can't transform either!

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Zettai Yuru-Sanae

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What about her eyes?
Magician transformations don't have to be all big and flashy. Any hedgemage can turn into a cat or something, but I'd be none of their unimaginative transformations have the power that Patchy's fancy form has here.

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Patchy is the second most bully-able Touhou.

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Just because you can't transform doesn't mean other, better (read: all other) magicians can't. Have you reflected about your reason to live yet? You're a youkai who is weaker than humans. On top of that, your magicianship sucks, even though you spent centuries locked in a library. Perhaps the library is full of crappy manga and not real books about magic. Who knows? Then you spend your days whoring for attention on imageboards, trying to capitalize on the sudden rise in popularity of "cute" girls in the west. Do you even research magic anymore? Or do you hide under the excuse that Marisa just so conveniently swipes the exact books you're using for your research (a mathemathical impossibility, considering the size of your library) so that you don't have to do any work? Must be nice, living in a house with a pathetic excuse for a demon (goes along with her master well: a pathetic excuse for a mage) serving you, along with a far more skilled human(!) who mastered the art of time and space manipulation while being best friends with a powerful vampire who happens to have a sister just as poerful. Do you even try anymore? Spamming mukyuu mukyuu on the internet while posing in that bag you call a dress will only take you so far.

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That's enough.

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Who's first?

It's the softest

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It isn't bullying when she deserves it. I, for one, have gotten sick of her attitude.

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Who else but Youmu?

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What about fondling her chest, and feeling her fluttering heart beat?

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Alice is canonically a bitch.

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What are you gonna do besides leering at me? Make another hair rainbow? Or are you going to be a coward like usual and send your cronies to do a job you can't perform?

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Please don't bully Patchy.

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You shut up. Don't you talk shit about Patchouli, her magic, or especially her familiar.

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Just look at her. How can you honestly say you do not want to make her cry? She looks so soft and fragile.

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Bring it, cunt.

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Wait a moment and see.

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Please condense your Patchouli threads.

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Please SMC, dude.

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Oats and Squatchouli.

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She is not. Alice is the most talented magician in the world. She is also an expert at puppetry and she is extremely kind, never using her full power so that she can have a fair match. Not only that, she is also quite the looker. I bet she has a couple dozen suitors lining up in front of her house, ready to shower her with riches, for the mere reward of seeing her smile. A smile as pure as the smiles she gets from children, when she puts on puppet shows.

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I'm not a bully, so I don't like making people cry.
And please don't start a whole tirade about how it's her fault for being so abusable or some other sort of bullshit.

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But it is her fault. It is completely her fault. I cannot help what she does. Her entire appearance practically begs you to bully her.

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"It's her fault that I raped her, she dressed too scantily."

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What did I just fucking say?

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That was not a whole tirade though.

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Nice leering. I notice you're just making blue light now. Has your mana depleted from making so many colors early?

It's not bullying. I'm setting her straight. She should also learn to share her library. Not just let herself get stolen by the girl she has a crush on (yet does nothing to make anything of it. Maybe because she knows she has no change. Ugly, weak, a failure as a magician... I would quit before I even tried, too)

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It's like leaving $10000 sitting on the dashboard of your unlocked car. You don't deserve to get stolen from, but you're making it pretty damn hard to resist. In that same sense, Patchouli is really bringing this on herself by being so bullyable.

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Yes, and?

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Patchy's gonna get fat...

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How about we all stop replying to bullies?

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آه، انها كانت طويلة جدا.
إذا كان هذا لا اشباع لك، وسوف الإنسان، لا شيء.

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HELL yeah

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You asked someone to start a tirade about how it's her fault by inviting it.

You know, in a way you're proving that you're wrong. The reason people started the tirade is because you invited it. The reason people bully her is because she invited it?

Of course, I really doubt humans can bully her...

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you secondaries do realize you'd probably end up dead if you tried to bully Patchy right?

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Oh. That is really something. Look at me I am so scared.

Not really. Wasting your time making a golem to your likeness when you don't even know where I live? The golem would fall apart on the journey here. Not that it won't turn to dust any second, now. My puppe-- you can't sustain anything stronger than gas. You rotten, putrid, rude excuse for a woman!

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Why does anything think I can be killed?

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>Why does anything think I can be killed?

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Well...he was going to anyway, just like always. I can at least try.

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Pffft, I can't be killed. That bullshit about alternate universes confirms it. Sure I can die billions of times but not in my continuity!

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I applaud your effort.

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Alice really is a bitch.

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you shut the fuck up right now bitch.

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ya know the names hippy perfume right. just had to say that made me laugh.

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Alice is no such vulgarity. She is a sweet, talented, charming young lady.

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Secondary as hell.

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I'm not a secondary, I know what I'm talking about. I wish I was as good a person as Alice. So successful and gifted. And hard-working, too!

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what anime is this from?

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Is this you?

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my little reddit

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I've got a gun, bitch.

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She can do it if she tries!

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That was very good.
Doesn't suit Patchy very well, though. I can't imagine her running around doing magical girl stuff.

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So do I! *grabs dick*

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I hope you're not implying Patchy is a fatass.

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Of course not. She's not some thin, fit bombshell, but she's not outright fat.

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Pachy makes my penis so hard. I just want to cuddle her :3

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It's one or the other, lewd-kun.

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Im sure she's fine with both.