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Hey, how has your labor day been so far?

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>take the day off

Damn it, I laughed.

Thanks, OP.

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>implying I'm not NEET

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The what day?

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Get your double negatives out of here, /v/-kun.

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"Labor", it's some shit normalfags do.

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I'm not American, but do people drink on Labor Day? Can I buy booze and get drunk and not feel like an alcoholic?

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People drink and throw fireworks. I've been in my dorm the whole weekend, and it's the best because my roommate has been gone the whole time and the entire dorm is silent.

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what is labor day

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Please don't ban evade!

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Great. Time to go to Tesco's and get shitfaced.

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its alright i was banned wrongfully

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Please don't bully!

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how many special days the US have ?

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Reported for ban evasion

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Labor day - where every bank and government office is closed but the rest of america still toils away.

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reccette isnt greedy at all she doesnt want the money for herself but to pay off a loan you fucking retard.

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Nope, you were banned rightfully. I know this because I was the person who requested your ban:

02:20 <I_AM_ABIB> link to a post fucknut
02:20 <Archduke> >>9169425
02:21 <I_AM_ABIB> run of the mill troll
02:21 <I_AM_ABIB> goddamn I hate jp

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The sun came up just a few minutes ago and I'm about to go to bed. Have fun with your normalfag holiday I guess. It's just another round of sleep for me.

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I don't work at a bank, so I still have to work at my pathetic minimum wage job. 6 hours today.

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loool tokiko your a loser get a life any ban requested by you doesnt matter
if i was banned rightfully id respect it but im not you loser nerd stupid idiot

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I just got done watching the last episode of Jintai because my sleeping schedule is all wacko, and it was really good! I plan on having a good day.

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You are this mad.

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youll never be part of jp you loser

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get a load of this big bully ban evader!

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