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So, Japan is one of those countries where you are supposed to have no shoes indoors, I have a foot fetish, so if I were there and had to visit some female friends or even cousins I think it would be a hard time containing my boners.

Anyone else? maybe some other related issue with their culture?

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In my case it would be awkward because my feet smell a lot.

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I suffer from the same problem as you, whenever I see feet I get hard. Shit sucks.

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You guys are so fucking lucky to have a foot fetish. I like buttholes, when will I ever get the opportunity to see a real life butthole that is cleaned and bleached? Never, only in porn. You fuckers get to see bare feet on a daily basis.

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Clammy pls go

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Maybe you need some hygiene.

You mean stuff like this makes you horny?

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Anyone with a smelly feet fetish? Pretty common within foot fetishists.

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I used to manage a hotel and all of the Japanese people who stayed there asked me where the house slippers were. This is relevant. We did not have house slippers (though we did buy some, and deemed them 'house slipper rooms.')

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I get smelly feet too, it's nothing to do with hygiene.

Tips: wear cotton socks, wear light canvas shoes if it's not too cold or spray foot odourant if they're heavy, put odour absorbent powder on feet after washing.

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you do know the areas around an anus aren't usually dark because of shit and it's just the body naturally has darker pigmentation in that area right?

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oh well, yep, that too.

not really, the first time I approached my ex's feet while having sex I wasn't prepared at all... feels bad.

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Yeah, very big on the smelly feet thing. The thought of a little girl making me smell and lick her sweaty feet makes my mouth water.

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OK, you have my attention now...

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Actually, it has everything to do with hygiene, you disgusting fuck.

My feet never smell-even if I wear the same socks for a week and don't bathe, my feet smell fine. My shoes smell fine too.

Maybe you have fungus, you gross fuck.

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>So, Japan is one of those countries where you are supposed to have no shoes indoors

What countries aren't like this? With the exception of public buildings of course. Africa?

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Do Americans wear their shoes to bed?

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Some American states and european coutries although is not enforced, and for some reason I find the Americans doing that a little gross, not sure why, I mean, it should be the same, maye cuz westerners don't wear socks or something like that.

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If you live in hot country and you're naturally sweaty it's a different story. I bathe every day and still have this problem.

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>I get smelly feet too, it's nothing to do with hygiene.

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That not always clear habit of pornstars always wearing shoes, sometimes it looks nice, sometimes it kills my boner.

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I want to vomit.

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I get smelly/sweaty feet. It fucking sucks because I hate wearing shoes/socks. Does foot fungus cause that or what?

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in part yeah.

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most feet I see in real life are disgusting, it's not as good as it seems.

you're not just attracted to any butt you see, right?

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Don't have much of a taste for feet, but this guy speaks the damn truth.

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what about this?

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I like feet but only if they're cute girl feet. Problem with ones like >>9670757 is that I automatically assume it could be some ugly guy until proven otherwise.

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Depends, the top part of the foot is the most important part for me. The bottom looks pretty good though.

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In what countries other than America is it standard to keep your shoes on while inside? That seems really weird to me.

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This s a thing in england as well.
It would be good foot fetish fuel if females did come to my house

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is female.

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I get feet AND butthole from my girlfriend on demand, how does that feel, faggots?

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no, fucking disgusting. but I have pretty high standards and I'm pretty picky.

Also, they look very underage.

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Disgusting, all potential that was there had been lost.

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>Also, they look very underage.

And that's a problem? wow.

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Not everyone shares the same predilections, Anonymous.

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Amerifag here, and I don't allow shoes to be worn in my house.

Fixing brilliantly finished hardwood floors is a pain in the ASS.

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some jelly, I can't forget that death glare I got from my exgf after I decided to kiss her feet during foreplay, she said "what are you doing?" and then I was there speechless with a dead weiner.

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How do you afford hardwood floor if you're a hikki?

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No need to be so angry. Sorry but I can't help you with that problem.

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Stock photo of American home

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I don't think you get my point. What I'm saying is that there's absolutely nothing unusual about saying "My! what cute little feet!" and then proceeding to tickle the shit out of them.

Nothing sexual about that at all.

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Please don't feed the troll.

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My point still stands because maybe perhaps he may not care for such things?

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Well shit, I hope he never has kids, because they all have feet I hate to say.

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Holy shit, that image is the most infuriating thing I've seen all day. I want to clean that carpet so fucking badly.

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you mean like these?

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I only like feet with pretty nail-polishes on the toes, and preferably in attractive footwear.

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I don't feel that way, but it would certainly be nice to be around people who do.

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It would be nice if you could just leave and not come back XD

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ups, I mean these...
and FYI, these pics are everywhere on the netm no clue as to where they came from.

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Not sure what your deal is.

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my del is with u watching shows for a female audience and poshting gifs on /jp/

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Posting an image from a show does mean I like it. It just means I like the image. And yes I posted a gif. Deal with it.

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> maye cuz westerners don't wear socks or something like that.

What? I live in Western Canada, a few km from the US border, and not wearing socks here is pretty weird/gross. Is it a Southwestern thing? It seemed to be the same as here in the Northwestern states I've been to.

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I hope you hit your pinky in the corner of some furniture.

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I'll never understand why shoe dangling is so enticing.

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is it for you too or you like feet but don't see anything enticing on dangling?

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Enticing? More like utterly enraging. It's like a censor for feet.

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I like it. I don't understand why I do, but it's a thing.

how english help

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I think is more like some teasing, imagine how did it feel for me since I had my fetish since I hit puberty, I actually came during class in 5th grade because a female classmate beside me was dangling her shoes just as I bent down to get my stupid eraser.

And that's why I still like little girls despite being way older.

It would be akin to being shown some cleavage or ass if you ask me.

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Do you like smell? Maybe it's because if it's just socks they could be clean and odorless but just coming out of a shoe suggest the feet has just come out of the shoe and has a whiff of smell, not too strong and not too weak

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Thems some cute feets.

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where I'm from we take our shoes off when we go inside the house

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I would post some more but the best I have are from NN underage models which are quasi legal everywhere.

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A damn shame. I like to toe the line.

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At least I have one or two legal pics, since I mentioned how the fetish made my schoolife a little hard you should have noticed that it made me love schoolgirls with socks.

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The main cause of foot odour is wearing shoes too much.

Don't most countries not where shoes indoors? I thought Americans were 'special' in that regard.

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Please anon post some more, we will be very happy with that.

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what are those things in the bottom of the bathtub?

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I wish I had more of her, and I think she is dead (IRL I mean)

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Any culture that allows shoes on indoors is fucking stupid and probably has to clean their floors much moire often than need be.

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Oh I see, thanks anyway.

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That is quite awful.

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Should I keep posting these?

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I'd really appreciate that, especially if you had any shot of the the sock's sole.
Photographers tend to forget about that.

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>I would post some more but the best I have are from NN underage models which are quasi legal everywhere.
footfags are so delusional that they think feet can be considered CP?

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I'll try to find some of those.

Hey, I am turned on by them and I am aware that is not CP in a strict sense, is not footfags who consider it CP, but moralfags who consider CP anything with underage which could "turn on" a pedo, nude or not.

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Should I include barefoot, stockings and pantyhose on the mix?

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would prefer everything except barefoot, but I'm also fine with that.

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OK, just wanted to make sure.

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>anything with underage which could "turn on" a pedo,
Isn't that like all non-hideous kids on Earth?

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Does this mean we can post U15 that are a legitimate part of otaku culture?

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I wonder...

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Clothed bathing is my fetish...

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3DPD, please go.

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is it so bad? the original discussion is still up, I am just posting pics because they asked politely.

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This thread smells like your feet. By that I mean a big heap of kuso hahahahaha

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obvious sameaniki is obvious

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This one is a personal favorite.

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Hey, you don't have permission to copy image!

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oh well, someone call the police.

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This one is pretty good.

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Nice thighs

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TOO LEWD! Nice fucking thighs though, damn.

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I think she is called Chocoball or something on shitkaku complex.

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She's called Chocoball everywhere. That's the name she goes by.

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I thought you didn't want barefoot.

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Why the fuck where's shoes inside? That's not comfortable at all. Socks if it's cold to keep your feet warm, otherwise barefoot is the only way to go.
Canadian here btw.

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Oh, I see, time to officially name the folder then.

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Wait, is this a thread for feet and legs or socks?

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I don't understand why americans wear shoes indoors. I've been to america (california) and I've seen how disgusting and dirty some streets are, I even saw people spitting on the ground. Why would you want to bring that shit to your room?

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My thoughts exactly. It's dirty and not nearly as comfortable as socks or barefoot. Americans are just weird like that.

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I've lived in America my entire life. I've never met a single person who did not take his shoes off when entering the house. I've even had people tell me to take mine off when entering their home, even though I was going to anyway.

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I have an immense love for socks and feet but I cannot feel anything to socks like these.

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Same here, except for my grandmother on my fathers' side. She actually complains when I walk around in socks because they get black walking around on her carpet, even though she vacuums every other day. I don't get it.

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I know this is completely subjective, but the best socks are surely knee highs for me. They simply look gorgeous, they are a miracle of the universe.

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wjat do you mean?

I like all of them except those new under-ankle socks, they are an insult to humanity.

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On-Topic, you know what bugs me? a lot of Japanese office ladies I have seen in videos and pics show them wearing some high heeled shoes which would look good if not for being too pointy, I mean, why?

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nice couch

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> butthole that is cleaned and bleached
ugh, disgusting

I like natural buttholes~

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Those socks are too short. I can't take they seriously, their fabric is too thin. They do not look beautiful nor gorgeous, why would such a thing even be made. Also, heels normally remind me of hookers and strippers.

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mind if you post some of your favorites then?