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KitaEri left Twitter because of gaijin cock-bullying



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wow bro who gives a shit

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Nothing of value was lost.
Is she a slut though?

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Who is she and why should I care?

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I think she's not a virgin, if that's what you ask lol

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Why don't these gaijin actually target someone who was involved in the silly event?

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There is a board on 2ch dedicated to poor people?

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What event?

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Those waito piggus believe that she was sucking the cock of the producer that play the prank. You should realize by now how those losers react when a supposed slut that they think was pure get involved.

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Because the vast majority of the population of /a/ is retarded

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Does anyone have screencaps of what happened?
Why am I seeing 4chan and "Gaijin glory" pop up here? Did /b/ spam gore on her twitter or something?

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Basically the producer of Kokoro Connect played a prank and shamed some no named male seiyuu in an online stream event in June. Few days ago, that dude went on a radio show and talk about that shameful event, so the online community went mad at the supposed bullying.
She was apparently rumored to be going out with the said producer, so they sent her pic of their dick.

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2ch is the Reddit of Japan.

Call me when 2chan says anything.

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A bunch of /a/ posters decided to send some cocks to KitaEri's Twitter while she was asleep. Next morning she woke up, saw cocks and probably went "mo oyome san ni narenai!!!!". But now /a/ tries to frame /v/. Though we all know the truth.

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95 :風吹けば名無し [] :2012/09/01(土) 17:01:59.04 ID:9cpwkXyX






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futaba is gaia+icanhascheezburger of japland.

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holy shit
translate it, weeb

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>Terashima Takuma
Jupiter strikes again

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What is the nip equivalent of /jp/?

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le upboat

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The truth is that the person sending penises was a /jp/ tripfag who laid the blame on /a/, who, in turn, are trying to shift the blame on /v/. Truly a marvelous day in our history.

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Was it Jones?

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There are no such things overseas. We're an elite club which knows no equal.

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I think it was fagbutt. There even were some proofpics of shit I think.

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did anybody send her this one?

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Oh, that makes sense. He does seem like the type that would do this.

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Touma a shit.

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I think she's just being overly dramatic. I would be over joyed if a bunch of people sent me dick pics.

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But you're a /jp/sie, so you're mentally retarded to begin with.

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Her tweet got deleted? Somebody saved it?

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Seems like she deleted her twitter account because of people sending pictures of their dicks to her.

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It was kind of obvious because the faggot posted THAT dick pic, and asked her if she'd suck it and 'please respond'

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this one?

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Yes, that one

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Go away, normal.

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I really feel sad for author of Kokoro Connect. The guy did nothing wrong and yet gets some of the worst shit. Fags boycott his LN, cancel anime per-orders and will probably tank series in a line with 883.
He also probably can forget about his work ever become relevant, unless he writes something new.

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So /a/ is basically /b/? No surprises there.

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/a/ has anti-bully rangers too, it seems.

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It's called "back to basics" or "Life comes from the earth and life returns to the earth"

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The Japanese people didn't boycott his LN.

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those are pussyhunter shirokishi buttguard squad aka local weebshits

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Really? It's just that people say it everyone, and there are no trustful news on this topic yet.

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Nobody is boycotting his LN.
I am mad that minamike is getting boycotted and Ilya is gonna be dead after silver link die though.

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>Squid Girl's VA tasering him and laughing at him

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Everyone boycotting KC should buy C3 instead.

Please Japan.

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She's the bondage girl, dude.

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Why isn't this shit on Sankaku yet? Artefag is such a snail.

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Uh, what does Minami-ke have to do with it?

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They should buy more copies of BakaTest since that's the only good thing Silver Link ever made.

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The 4th season is being produced by him.
Even eufonius is getting boycotted because they laugh at him.

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Goddammit 2ch

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They knows the author wasn't at fault..

The producer is also Kokoro Connect producer and he is the mastermind behind the prank.

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Director is the same as KC, I think.

Really silly.

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A new Minami-ke season would be just as bad as everything after the first.

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/a/ trying to shift the blame to /jp/.

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Poor Sion even has other boards accusing people of being him now.

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Yeah, but as a /jp/ poster I have lots of time and can therefore sit through shit to see Hosaka's antics.

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I dont really care if it is bad.
I just want to see Kana trolling mini Taiga.

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Do they even realize that that's fake sion?

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Bullying the voice actress for Rin. What the fuck you niggas did?

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Everyone knows he loves big titties and Xbox so he would obviously have a Vert picture and not Neptune.

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Which Rin are you talking about?
That isnt Kana Ueda.

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Kodomo no Jikan I presume.

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But also the VA for Sayaka. Doesn't feel bad.

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she has a kike nose

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>Regardless of the semantic vagueness of tonya's (that's the name of the poster who started this thread, is it not?) question, I must say that I do not think penises in Japan are perceptably smaller than they are elsewhere in the world. If anything, Japanese men seem to have a tendency toward very thick and hard erections, whereas (Western) Europeans seem to have a tendency toward long, dangly, flabby erections. There may be some groups of Caucasoid men who have the same tendency as Japanese toward "thick and hard" as opposed to "long and soft"; I have heard from some sources that >>>Jewish men<<< may be of a similar tendency as the Japanese.


YouTube: JAPAN THE TEN LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL 日本はイスラエルの失われた十支族だった

Japanese are jewish
YouTube: Japanese are jewish 1/3
YouTube: Japenese are jewish 2/3
YouTube: Japanese are jewish 3/3

Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in Japan? Biblical Japanese Festivals?
YouTube: Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in Japan? Biblical Japanese Festivals? (1/2)
YouTube: Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in Japan? Biblical Japanese Festivals? (2/2)

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That's one mad /a/ browser.

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Japanese are jewish

Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in Japan? Biblical Japanese Festivals?

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What my nukes have to do with /a/, mate?

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Thanks for the backup my friend.

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Fuck you, "HER Wii r LeJun XDDD~"fags.
Why would you guys do that?

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All the people that sent her dick are over at >>>/a/
Bring your frustration there.

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How could the Japanese do that to that poor guy? I don't know KitaEri's involvement but I hope Kanemoto and the others get raped.

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so the worst of /a/ is actually just people from /jp/? not a surprise.

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The bullying culture is huge over at Japan. These kind of shit are standard fare over there. I wouldnt be surprised if some of the noname female seiyuus are being bullied or forced to do some sexual favor for their producers just to get a role.

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I don't want HanaKana to swallow dicks :(

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What does this has anything to do with the Kokoro Connect situation? Why do people keep reposting this picture?

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The dickspam is a retaliation for the kokoro connect bullying. Basically it is just /a/ being retarded, now they are trying to blame /jp/.

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Oh wow.

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People think the producer and Eri are dating(just a rumor). Even though this producer did something similar to Eri and Ichika over some other show a few years back.

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see this shit?
make it stop!

>> No.9662966

Fuck you White pig! and Chink!, Nigger!
You are disliked very much by all the supporters of the Japanese animated cartoon.
Do not touch Japanese culture!
Fuck you


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i hate chinks and niggers too

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The first strike was funny at least.

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This is no bully zone, please dont bully.

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Direct your complain to >>>/a/
/jp/ is not involved. 出てください。

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Still crossboard shitposting scum, anyway. Most people from here don't give a fuck about some silly anime drama.

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Is this for real?

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The post that started it all: http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/70914943/#70919389

Then /a/ hiveminded all the way, and the next thread explicitly contained instructions to send dicks to KitaEri's twitter: http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/70920806

Also, please refrain from using anime reaction pics on /jp/.

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Nice try nip-chan. Seems like countrymen are quite impressed.

>> No.9663014

Shouldn't that be 出ち・でち, not 出て・でて? Same way as you say はいりください, you need to use the masu stem. Your sentence seems to literally say 'Going out please'.

>> No.9663016

>She was apparently rumored to be going out with the said producer, so they sent her pic of their dick.
Classy. Dangerous gaijin dick coming to destroy.

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yeah nah

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They are so retarded they couldn't even figure out the difference between two names.

Captcha: respectable dement

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But there's no "出ちます", right?

>> No.9663024

No, the worst of /jp/ is actually people from /a/.

But we all knew that already.

>> No.9663028


This pic reeks of Tokiko.

>> No.9663029

But isnt 出る kind of a rude form? How do you make it sound more polite. Please dont laugh at me, my japanese level are still at the baby stage.

>> No.9663031

omg were getting trolled by the e/b/ig /r/a/nime hivemind. watch out next hes gonna ask us why shes so perfect.

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why is she so perfect?

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Huh, I think they knew who Kitamura Eri was, but:
- there were rumors about she going out with the producer (she was part of the "enemy" to the hivemind)
- many /a/nons were excited and wanted to take action on anyone, they just went with the flow

Yes they're retarded, but I don't think they didn't figure out the difference between she and Kanemoto.

By the way, what's with that disclaimer?

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Why is she so perfect? btw Sion would never do that to a girl who voiced a Sion girl.

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B-But I did nothing...
And I like my hot dogs the way they are. Not literal.

>> No.9663045

They thought the producer was Yamakan and instead it was Yamanaka. When /a/ reads the name of Yamakan they go rainbows.

The disclaimer is just my own administration novelty. Nothing too serious.

>> No.9663047

Wait, are people blaming this on Koreans now?

>> No.9663049

But there's no "出ちます", right?
I don't see why you couldn't say that, doesn't every verb have a masu form? I think it's probably pretty uncommon though and I just wouldn't phrase it the way the way it was in the OP.

No, 出る is just the simple present tense form of the verb. To be honest, you're telling to leave and therefore giving them a command - I recommend using the imperative form, ' 出ろ ', to convey the whole sense of 'get out'. Your sentence is too polite as it is, all you need to say is /jp/ 出ろ.

>> No.9663051

/jp/ did this and now they're trying to shift the blame on koreans and /a/

>> No.9663053

Poor Korea, always getting bullied ;_;

>> No.9663055

how can people bully korea, they are epic as HELL. they made oppa gangdem style...

>> No.9663057

They just took the rumor of them dating to be true.
2ch investigated the whole thing, saw her pics being retweeted in his twitter, speculated that he started the bullying because of ichiki getting too friendly to kitaeri and the faggots from /a/ just ate it all up.

>> No.9663060


No it shouldn't; お入り下さい (note the honorific お) is a polite idiom with a limited scope, you can't apply it to all verbs. 入り is a gerund form, or whatever the applicable term is for Japanese. It's very specific phrase. Using the -te form with kudasai is basic Japanese. It's a modifier to the verb it precedes, in this case please do X = Xっって下さい. See also 出て行け and 行ってきます


oh god, no

>> No.9663061


That's not a quote.

It's just some /jp/er who is upset about 4chan and is willing to plague some dickspammers' land.

>> No.9663063

>oppa gangdem style
speaking of which, is that a new epic meme of youtube?

>> No.9663067

But weren't the rumors about Eri going out with Yamanaka?

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Depends on your definition of "new".

>> No.9663070

That dude is unironically epic as hell.

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I for one think this is pretty funny.

Doesn't this show how much power we have?

>> No.9663076

Make yourself taller out of /jp/.

>> No.9663079


We aren't /a/.

>> No.9663080

Yeah /b/ro, we're so powerful we've made some innocent woman close her twitter after a couple of retards sent her pics of their dicks, le feels good frog xD

This only attracts unwanted attention.

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>> No.9663086

This isn't /a/. 'We' didn't show 'Our' power.

Though yea. I thought that cockspam was EPIC as HELL!
And we gives a shit if she's innocent? Cocks were posted because it was their destiny to be posted. That's all to it!

>> No.9663090


Yeah, and then they get pissed and start a movement to stop seeding raws.

>> No.9663091

I learned what ニワカ means!

>> No.9663092

I remember when /a/ flipped their shit over /v/ sending pictures of their penises to the mangaka of "It's not my fault that I'm not popular!"

...And what do they do? The same fucking shit. /a/ has become corrupt beyond saving, this only proves this.

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I, for one, think this was an epic as HELL win for the anonymous community. Lets see reddit do epic shit like this.

>> No.9663096

Boards aren’t hiveminds, nerd.

>> No.9663097

The people posting in this thread are just as bad for even discussing this shit.

>> No.9663098

You do know most group have their own screen capper.
They dont use torrent.

>> No.9663099

Buttmad weebs lel

Honestly, just go back to /a/.
Shouldn't you work on a new facebook app for foolz right now?

>> No.9663103

Many people from /a/ also participated then.

What about >>9663067? They didn't confuse their names...

>> No.9663106

That's actually Nepgear, little girl.

>> No.9663107

All those replies just show how many of the crossboarding scum we have here, on /jp/.

>> No.9663109

Did she make fun of that one guys phimosis before closing it? This is very important.

>> No.9663111
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Facebook? I am going to make an app.net integration, not facebook. Or you're going to tell me truJPers don't have 50 dollars to spend in the coolest social network ever made?

>> No.9663112

Yes and she also called you a faggot.

>> No.9663114

>This only attracts unwanted attention.

I'm all for attracting attention to how bad /a/ is.

>> No.9663116

She said most of them are small as fuck compare to Yamanaka's dick.

>> No.9663117

People can't reside in anonymous imageboards, dork. Sorry to burst your bubble here but people come and go and majorities can become minorities overnight here.

>> No.9663118

You know what I mean, sperglord.

>> No.9663121

ima kita san gyo

>> No.9663125 [SPOILER] 
File: 642 KB, 2528x1456, 1346499055078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

truNIPPs can appreciate our cocks.

>> No.9663133

Sorry I don't use jewish networks.

>> No.9663136

Why are you shitting up /jp/? You should be on /a/ trying to flaunt the nonexistent authority you think you've got.

>> No.9663154

Because I love the post-/q/ /jp/, while /a/ is living its worst days, since a long while.

>> No.9663163

>Because I love the post-/q/ /jp/

You aren't doing it a favor if you come here to spread your shit.

>> No.9663171

/jp/ has been living its worst days for over 2 years now. Board rivalry is only something insects do. Take your subhumanism back to /a/ where it belongs. Both /a/ and /jp/ are shit and only a mongoloid would argue which is better seriously.

>> No.9663194


>> No.9663232

I was disappointed with the 4chan

>> No.9663235

>She was apparently rumored to be going out with the said producer, so they sent her pic of their dick.

That's perfectly logical.

>> No.9663302

actually there was just reason that caused all the hate. it didn't originate with the baka gaijins as you retards like to think. 2channers connected the dots, just as they did to reveal what happened with the KC auditions.

all that aside, it sure isnt suspicious at all that KitaEri was starred in the vast majority of shit he produced. slut.

>> No.9663306







>> No.9663308

We owned her.

>> No.9663309
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>> No.9663311

who the fuck has 7 penises ? I thought we can only have 1 each.

>> No.9663316

still illegal and /b/tarded if anybody cares

>> No.9663317

Let's nuke those Japs some more until they learn their place.
Fucking Jap pigs.

>> No.9663339
File: 227 KB, 1307x869, 1346500880999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9663360

it's called sudoku retard

>> No.9663363

Pic wasn't mine, I would have put sudoku instead.

>> No.9663436

Shine kuso Gaijin

>> No.9663441

>left Twitter

*deletes livejournal forever*

>> No.9663472
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>> No.9663474

We sure showed them Japs!

I'm proud of you 4chan.

>> No.9663481

But you're the one who first posted that image. You didn't even bother to change the md5 or the filename. Learn how to shitpost.

>> No.9663484

You really dont have to try to actively made /a/ looks bad. Most of us here already know they are shit.

>> No.9663498

oh man

god damn, I hope you're all juvies, at least that way you won't have an adult criminal record

same with all the pot and so forth I know you all do

>> No.9663511

/a/ is such a fucking shithole.

What a bunch of children

>> No.9663513

>posting pics of dicks on twitter

yeh sure bud

>> No.9663517

who are you quoting, ``bud''?

>> No.9663518


That meme is fucking epic.

>> No.9663519

186 replies of people preaching to the choir

>> No.9663520

Do you walk around in public and show pictures of your dick to chicks walking around? And do you expect that police will just shut up after you tell them THIS TOTALLY AIN'T CRIMINAL, OFFICER. AFTER ALL, I'M ONLY WAVING AROUND PICTURES OF MY DICK IN FRONT OF UNSUSPECTING WOMEN!


>> No.9663522

It was you, wasn't it /jp/? You should have chosen some other pic than THAT dick, you know which one I'm talking about.

>> No.9663523

Your mom's ass is fucking epic.

>> No.9663525

This place is crawling with subhum/a/ns. No wonder most /jp/ "memes" end up on the rest of 4chan through /a/ and then /v/.

>> No.9663570

- /a/ spams /jp/ with dicks for months.
- /jp/ gets moderation, /a/ can't spam it anymore.
- they decide to spam Japanese girls instead.

This is all your fault, /jp/. You should have taken it like men instead of whining to mods. Eri was hurt because of you.

>> No.9663590

holy shit could you be more mad

and nobody gives a shit

>> No.9663597

Check out this retard who thinks the internet is serious business. Fucking fascist pig.

>> No.9663600

I could be as mad as you.

>> No.9663601

But the internet IS serious business.

>> No.9663736

I hope some ultramad Eri fans go full internet detective and collect irrefutable evidence trails between the twitdick posts and their sexual harassment of Eri and get them criminal records.

That would be pretty amusing. Is there any reason why sexual harassment on the internet isn't a valid crime? I've heard of kids being put under home arrest and permanently losing internet access or ending up in juvenile detention for severe cyber bullying.

Of course, Eri would have to be mad as well to pursue it and cross border shit would be a pain. Imagine if they got dicktwits deported to Japan for jail time. Oh man. This is too amusing to ever happen, sadly.

>> No.9665550


>> No.9665620

The truth being /a/ and /v are the same thing.

>> No.9665632
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>> No.9665718

This only shows how long you've browsed /jp/, because it hasn't changed for shit since /q/ came along.

>> No.9666037

/ /    ヽ :: \
| (●), 、(●)、 |
|  ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,,   |
|   ,;‐=‐ヽ   .:::::|
\  `ニニ´  .:::/      N-NO THANK YOU
       .n:n    nn
      nf|||    | | |^!n
      f|.| | ∩  ∩|..| |..|
      |: ::  ! }  {! ::: ::|
      ヽ  ,イ   ヽ  :イ

Did he already remove the pathetic announcement on his archive?

>> No.9666041

What announcement?

>> No.9666065


>> No.9666075

That's nice

>> No.9666094


Why's the OP only available? Where are the other posts?

>> No.9666113

Where do threads go when they reach bump limit on 4chan? That's right, the same thing hapens on 2ch.

>> No.9666122

This. Also Sion is just playing P4U when this happened. Don't blame Sion, he is a good guy.

>> No.9666203

She voices Remi in Koumajou Densetsu. We should take action on /a/ for disgracing her.

>> No.9666260

I like KitaEri as well, but stupidity begets stupidity. Leave yourself out of it. She didn't do anything wrong, and you shouldn't do anything stupid.

>> No.9666580

I want give up 2channeler and want to join 4ch conversation.
Is there any 4ch's glossary?

>> No.9666630

There is no glossary.

>> No.9666729

There is no situation where 「出る」 would turn into 「出ち」. None. At all.
Your Japanese skills suck, please, for the love of god do not try correct anyones japanese again.

>> No.9667138


Chinese media has reported on the whole thing (Sina.com is like their equivalent of CNN, though they have a portal for all categories of news, including anime/comics):

>被外国网友发不雅照 喜多村英梨宣布停用推特
>Translation: Overseas internet users post indecent images, Eri Kitamura announces that she will cease using Twitter

"attacks from American website 4chan causes Eri Kitamura to announce that she will cease using Twitter. Users from 4chan posted indecent images on her Twitter page."

"users posted images of male genitalia on her feed."

>> No.9667144

The Chinese are talking about the 4chan /a/ raid incident on Baidu Tieba, mainland China's largest internet forum (think 2ch/reddit):


They're also talking about the whole 4chan raid incident on Komica, which is a Taiwanese imageboard/Futaba clone:


>> No.9667162

What do you mean by "glossary"? Like a wiki or something?

>> No.9667168

I think he means a list of commonly used slang terms or something. Just like how the nipponians use "niwaka" and "kitchen".

>> No.9667184

One of the wikis has that, I forgot which though.

>> No.9667197

I'm guessing he'll need a Japanese to English translation though.

I'm assuming that anon is from 2ch, and won't be able to understand an English glossary.

>> No.9667214
File: 620 KB, 999x1000, marisagetout_huayi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of /jp/ glossary are just mostly racist and stereotypical terms. I dont know if either of them are still alive. Just google for ED, knowyourmeme, lurkmore wiki or something like that.

/a/ raided komica? For what? I thought they were BFF with /jp/.

>> No.9667215

Delete this shit board

>> No.9667217

Delete your shitty life.

>> No.9667220

moot will never delete the /jp/ board, because otherwise /jp/-related threads would pout into /a/ and /v/, which will mean that more of these people will complain to him.

>> No.9667226

No no no, they're talking about the Kokoro Connect incident and subsequent /a/ raid on those forums and imageboards.

They have nothing to do with the forums themselves.

>> No.9667234

shit, maybe I should rephrase that, it still sounds confusing.

"They're talking on those forums, about the KC incident, and subsequent /a/ raid."

>> No.9667247

Oh that make more sense. Kind of surprised they care though, this is just a small problem. It is just some twitter and it is not like kokoro connect got canceled or something.

>> No.9667297

You know, for all the shit /a/ did, they actually put up an official apology on their website after how all the drama boiled over to kitaeri twitter.

>> No.9667365

It's a bullshit apology, though.

They try to claim that they had intended to recruit the butt of the joke for a promotional campaign (presumably requiring additional voice talent) and that it just caused a great deal of confusion, which they apologize for.


>> No.9667647

They were apologising with a non-apology. Instead of saying "We're sorry for what we've done", they've essentially just said "We're sorry that a misunderstanding has occurred".

>> No.9667670

Almost JAPs internet rubbish slangs are made in 2ch.
Now I understand 4chan is not so. I check commonly used English slang.

>> No.9668116

So they were really just using Ichika's 'punishment game' to promote the show, eh? How heartless! I mean, it's a PR disaster, two parties are have been violated and all they say is that it's all part of the plan?

Maybe Ichika should just leave the KC team. Enough of this 'gaman' crap. A sane person wouldn't bear something like this for a long time.

>> No.9668310

What an attention whore.
As if any adult person would be so shocked from seeing a normal, healthy part of the human body.

It's not like it's even a personal attack against her, it's just retard fallout.

>> No.9668501

So it seems like they are gonna sue the people that apparently uploaded the "edited prank" video.
Would be interesting to see if kitaeri agency decide to sue the baka gaijins for sexual harassment.

>> No.9668647

Good, I finally live long enough to see an over-board drama.

>> No.9668674


tis tred is still live lol

>> No.9668678

No one gets his name right. Being Ichiki is suffering.

>> No.9668748

I would fuck her out of pity

>> No.9669630

Was there ever any proof for the rumors?

>> No.9669717

Would they be rumors after they have proof?

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