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Is it true that Marisa is 179.9 centimeters tall?

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Can you please use inches, this is an american imagebaord.

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/jp/ told me she has a dick

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Can someone please translate this into cubits or ells? I have no fucking clue how long centimeters are.

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73 inches.

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That would be absurdly tall for a Japanese girl.

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Is it true that Marisa weights 12 stone?

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This is a Japanese imageboard, silly American.

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no she is not that tall.kanako in the other hand

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About 0.00894 furlongs.

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Is it true that Marisa is colorblind?

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Is it true that Marisa was molested by her dad?

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is it true marisa was raped by her father?

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you have been trolled

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That would make her well taller than me and that would be weird

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it's true, ZUN said so.

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That's a great touch, good job.

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6 ft? not even close.

According to Zun, she's rather tiny. Only slightly taller than a small child.

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whatafuck. I don't understand how those three are taller than Ran/Kaniko/Yuugi. It's hard to tell with ZUN art though and he's the boss, so...

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This was before Yuugi and Kanako. But yea, huge Ran is a fannon thing, though that might have changed. Zun changes up little details like that all the time.

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I won't accept anything shorter than 6'5 for Yuugi.

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The pronunciation part is really retarded. Colour and tour don't rhyme.

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And Patchouli is just as short. Hmmm.

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I think they asked if Marisa has ever been raped by her father.

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There is no rape in Gensokyo.

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What's with the influx of idiocy? We were relatively clear of it when the sticky was on.

Next you'll be replying to a thread asking whether it is true that Marisa would fug.