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They say my lip gloss is cool
My lip gloss be popping
I’m standing at my locker
And all the boys keep stopping

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You listed lip gloss twice.

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i put my dik in sanae wet pussy

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Sanae is not a slut. In fact she is the opposite of a slut, for she is an outsider. She has seen the effects of rampant sexuality and moral decay. She is like the immigrant who remembers the horrors of the old country and thus becomes a patriot in his new land.

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I would seriously fight every one of you.

If I saw you in real life, and you said some SANAE A SLUT bullshit, I would punch you right in your smary little nerd face. I'd break your little wire frame glasses right in front of you.

You're so tough behind that keyboard, but say some of that shit when I'm standing in front of you and I'd beat your candy ass into next fucking week.

I'm not shitting you. I'd fucking die for Sanae. Don't think I'd take a few bruises for her too? Come and test me. We'll see how smug you after I rupture your sphincter, bitchboy.

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Rupture my sphincter with your dick~

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this is the slut thread today?

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if i were a girl like sanae i would bath on smelly cum all day long

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now that u posted in it yes

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I like sluts and I like Sanae.

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What are Sanae's ten desies?