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I just finished watching Touhou Osana Reimu.

I simply cannot take sad 2hu doujins. I tear up like a little bitch straight away.

And the bait n switch in this was just of crazy proportions. From fuckin' gag-pyramid head and Yotsuba Reimu to... well, that. Should be illegal. It's just cheating.

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,. -――――-  、
            ,∠ ----- 、      \
            / : : : : : : : : : : : \    :|  ヽ
        / : : : : ;{: : : : :人: :}: : : \ :|    〉
        ⌒{: :{/-\/ ―V\ : : : ∨__,/
         ∨ {         ヽ: : ;ハ  }
             ハx=ミ   ,x=ミ、 /: ∨}: ∨
           /: {.:.:. __ .:.:.:/: /r ,ノ: :!
         / : 人  {    }  |: :{‐く: \: :\
            {: :/ /` : . _´ ,.|: :|:\:\: \: :\
            |: |  |: : |: : |/{ V/|: :| ̄`ヽ \: \: :\
            |: |  |: : |: : { ‘、  |: :|`Y 人: : \: \: :\_
          r' : |   、:‘、: `Y 〉_,|: : Y二): }\: : \: \:_: : |_
          | : [_   \: /⌒  ]: : L`^⌒ヽ } : }_ } : :| | : : |
          | : :|    /_    \/     ,}_]: : :|「: : :|  ̄
          ̄   /_O`\____,/Oヽ : |  ̄
              \_{  `ト .O__O/⌒  ̄
                  ‘、 {` ー‐ ⌒ヽ)
                   ) 〉

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please. get on my level..

i read one where reimu was made quadraplegic, had her uterus ripped out, and suffered brain damage. in the end she was begging for death but the attacker just let her go for the lulz

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That's not even nearly the same.

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Tha fuck?

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On the frontpage.

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It's a good story. I cried for a bit after finishing it.

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Is this where all the EX RUMIA fanon shit come from?

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How come I cant find dream battle bgm?
ゆっくれいむ えふまいなさん doesnt bring up any hit and it isnt on the guy soundcloud homepage.

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whats Touhou Osana Reimu?

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The greatest Rumia doujin ever

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I just finished it too OP.
Why do I care so much? I was in tears by the end. I can't take the suffering. I wonder what sort of a sick bastard writes this stuff.

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Someone already posted in another thread, but it's relevant because feelings for touhous.

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I watched for a minute or two first time I came across it. It annoyed me, so I turned it off. What happens?

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Everyone dies.

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Yukari made me cry because she had to make all the hardest choices and have the strength to watch her best friend die while suppressing so much of her feelings for the best of everyone involved. She is also the only one who will have to live with what happened the rest of her life.

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Just finished it. Was a nice and exciting story. Kind of Yotsuba&! ripoff with a grimdark aftertaste.
The endfight doesn't made that much sense and the fact that Yukari erased her memory is cruel, but it's a just a nakige - so, whatever.

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uwa... Just posted in the other thread about this. Watched it after some one linked it... I cried so much I'm still recovering (I finished watching it about an hour ago). All my extremities went numb and I was shaking by the end...

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It's a fucking Sakuya Childhood (Cirno-nee series) rip-off.

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I watched this a week ago.

Was definitely a moving experience, although now that I think about it some stuff really didn't transition that well.

Oh well, was still good.

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Was the Miko- Renko Usami?
I know she looked like PC 98 Reimu with brown hair.
But increasingly ZUN is drawing Renko as Reimu with short hair...

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No. Just the Hakurei Miko. No, seriously. That's what she's known in the fandom at this point.


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Anyone here have a list of tracks/BGM or better links to an OST?

All I found was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cWDrCAenpo&feature=plcp

  ■「ゆっくりれいむ」:原曲、少女綺想曲 「閑割」:原曲、今昔幻想郷/えふまいなさん
  ■「See ya」:オリジナル/igrek-U様
  ■「Permanent blue」:オリジナル/Shima様
  ■ED曲 「願い星、帰り道」:原曲、オリエンタルダークフライト/

But couldnt find any thing from them. Poor understanding of moonrunes not helping. Help?

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That shit is golden, already cried at the end of episode 2... WHY

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When does it get good? I watched for about sixty seconds (I'm guessing) and was too annoyed by everything about it to continue.

It would be a lot more tolerable if it was just a doujin on danbooru or exhentai or something instead of a shitty Youtube thing.

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At the start of ep2

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Sad Touhou dojins should not exist.
They are contrary to the whole purpose of the project.
Touho Project is supposed to be fun and happy. Even when it delves into the horror genre its still supposed to be for fun.

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Nah, th EX RUMIA thing is way older and comes from a comment ZUN made in her official profile. This is just an attempt to give it a backstory.

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>Touhou Project is supposed to be fun and happy

Have you not played a single fucking game, secondary?

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And goddamm is the backstory believable.

RSingR/FGS did a few of the BGM.
HatsuneMiko & FELT did a few of ED song as well.
The only one that I cant find is the dream battle ゆっくりれいむ BGM. Doesnt seem like that guy that did it release an album with that song.

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Best sad Touhou doujin?
Best sad Touhou doujin.
Partly because of the indescribable rage I felt at the end. Every. Last. DROP. Of Rage.

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Of course I forget the pic...

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How do you make it big enough to be readable?

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Oh man Osana Reimu made me cry hard. Downloaded the whole thing to put on my phone incase I ever need to cry again. Or to kill time - the whole series is almost two hours.

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I watched this and it was pretty predictable, for me anyways.

It wasn't that great. Though the choice in music was nice.

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Ah, I had that problem with the first image, too.
I ended up right-clicking around until I hit the sliver of image, then saving it and having the image open next to the browser and using the translation boxes to read. It's a pain, but only a problem with the first image in the set.

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I'll try the hard-translated version in the comments. And if not, I'll do it your way.

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Huh. That wasn't there when I first read it. Lucky.

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Just download them off mediafire.

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So I finished reading it. I didn't find it sad. I actually found it quite merry, with Marisa waiting for her and all. But then the ending made it completely far away from being sad. Still great though.

I cried to Osana Reimu though. I'd say its more sad, but I haven't read every Touhou doujin out there yet.

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I read the ending and right now I'm just cracking up, lighten up dude.

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Thats too bad. I really liked ゆっくりれいむ.

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Eh, opinions. I cried like a little bitch.
Mom would joke about me not having a soul whenever she cried and I didn't, but I think it's just that we cry about different things.

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So if we remove Rumia's ribbon off, she will turn into a mature, hot and waifu material Rumia. Makes sense.

It was sad that she is reduced to a child who will in turn join the baka gang. Miko sure was hot as well. FML.

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I understand why you would cry, but after reading the last few panels I think it isn't the saddest doujin ever. If the last few panels weren't there, I would understand why some people would think this is the saddest Touhou doujin, but I don't know man. It's the last few panels that are making me believe this isn't a sad doujin.

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Oh god, all this sadness fell out of my spaghetti pockets.


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Why isnt there a sad doujin yet about Sanae?
Need less LEWD and more Sanae bullying.

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Rage? How so? The thought of Reimu ever passing away is actually somewhat realistic, but pretty saddening considering how she leaves everyone behind. At least the artist portrayed in a positive way, so it was heartwarming more than anything. The end made me laugh a little though. Thanks for the interesting read, though.

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Hard-translations on sadpanda

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You seriously haven't watched Komeiji Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure yet?

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>Categorized as Bromance

Fuck year. Thank god Danbooru isn't blinded with yuri goggles.

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larger version of this picture please

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all my pain.....

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on the left, under statistics, it should read

Size: 1000x16458 (6.8 MB)

click on that and it'll expand

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Too boring.
How many parts? I only watched like 2parts.

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>Too boring
>Only watched 2 parts


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Hell yeah.
It was worth it just to see her suffering.

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Just watch the first one, assume she had a fishing pole lying around, and move on, because holy fuck

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Those that find it 'boring' should not watch it any further. You simply dont have enough power level for it.

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I am up to 8 now.
I actually have a high tolerance to these kind of things but goddammm that Sanae scene at ep7 and koishi renai circulation part I almost couldnt stomach it.

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What was the Renai Circulation party? I can't remember.

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Koishi limbs getting cut up one by one and lying there with a pool of blood.

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Fuck why. I watched a youtube version of that doujin with BGM and everything and it was sad as shit except they took out that end. Now I just realized it existed and all the feels disappeared. Fuck.

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Eh no part12?
Damm just as they found the mastermind.

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Damnit, Rumia nee and Miko. This is so fucked up. Felt like a part of me just died when those 2 died/disappear.

Hopefully the sequel will not be so heart breaking.

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The sequel is already out.
Play EOSD.

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Anyone manage to find
ゆっくりれいむ and
【東方ボーカルアレンジ】かくれんぼ - ED for part 2?