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Would you marry Yuyuko?

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You can't marry the dead.

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you also can't rape them

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I'd marry anyone if they owned a fancy estate and would let me just lounge around there all day.

It would be a plus if that person was a ghost though.

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B-but she's a girl

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Why does Yuyuko have such big boobs

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Yes, if my first choice touhou rejected me I would.

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Sure, with the intent of getting closer to her gardener.

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You have a problem with big boobs?

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Yes I would marry her. I insanely love Yuyuko.

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In a heartbeat.

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Don't bully

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You got a problem with following the rules?

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Even if she rejected you she'd be much nicer about it than nearly every other touhou. What do you have to lose? Also your chances would probably be higher with her than most, she likes humans fine.

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You're a horrible person, Youmu would never buy into that plan.

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unban Zun!bar

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But I don't love her. Why would I want to marry a Touhou I am not in love with.

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What's with all the Touhou marrying stuff lately?

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I would fuck her fat pussy.

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Well I was more saying that if you wanted to, there'd be no reason not to. Obviously if you don't love her then the whole thing is moot.

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Well I was more saying that if you wanted to, there'd be no reason not to. Obviously if you don't love her then the whole thing is moot.

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i dont understand why op posted a picture of kasen

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le sfw face

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nice sample dude.
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Nice shitty thread faggot

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Tokiko is that you? You are the only underage rule stating fag on this board.

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this thread is balls

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Moar Youmu protecting Yuyuko it's epic, cute, I like it

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those are beautiful breasts, but perhaps a little revealing for a wedding dress

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Be my wife!