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Close enough.

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10/10, would bid.

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What is it supposed to be?

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That's awesome

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bored little old lady wanted to help out a church so she painted a picture over a picture of jesus which is hundred
of years old and priceless

but what does this picture have to do with yukari?

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>old lady

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I feel bad for that woman, she's world famous on account of her senility. Hopefully she'll soon become too senile to care.

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It's been said that painting isn't valuable and was only in the church because the artist's family had ties with it.

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oh i see well then priceless and old is right i guess

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You messed up my very valuable painting, Yukari.

You'll have to repay me somehow.


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i love her expression its i fucked up and oh god ima bust a gut laughing better gap out of here

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it also became an epic internet meem

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What is this painting thing about? Ive been seeing it all over the place, but I dont have any clue what its about. Googling "some weird looking person painting" doesnt really help either.

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Read the fucking thread.

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you moron

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The lady insists that people knew that she was "fixing" the painting. How long was she working on it? If it's something she did in one evening I could see how no one noticed until it was too late. Otherwise the rest of those parishioners must be half blind.

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The reproduction is way more interesting than the original anyway. Why is the art community so angry?

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The "restored" painting is extremely interesting, sure, but a masterpiece was destroyed in the process of making it.

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you dun fucked, yukari

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This seems like a draw thread, but there is already one going on....

Do they even have a touhou that uses painting in it's main character theme? Because I haven't seen one like that in any of the games I've played.

The real story about that real "restored", which was everything but a restoration, painting is horrifying.

God have mercy on you Europe and your Godless painting restorers/restorations.

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>There is even Touhou fanart of this situation
Ahaha, that's awesome.

Wonder what the Japs think of it all.
Anyway, that painting is worth a shitload more because of all of this. As expected from the Great Yukari, anything she touches turns to gold.

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Oh, it was a restoration, not a reproduction. That explains it then.

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Here's the tag.

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Yukari painted her favorite girl.

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10/10 would crucify.

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oh wow

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>it has its own pixiv tag

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J-Just give her some more time. Lady Yukari is not yet finished restoring it.
I'm sure that when she is finished, it will look marvelous and even better than before.

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Yeah, she painted over the original. She decided that she had the credentials to be an art restorer so she tried her hand at "fixing" it.

Right now real art restorers are trying to figure out if there's any way to remove her brushstrokes without damaging the original painting beneath it.

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pfffffffff hahaha!

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nice boobs man

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There's no point in restoring it now, the fresco is a lot more interesting this way.

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Is she really going to jail? I thought it was kind of a cute thing to do, even though she messed it up.

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and more exploitable

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ewww is he fugging him in the butt?

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I give it a week before this turns into another reddit face

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god dammit

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You can literally see the senility in her brushstrokes.

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I disagree completely.

I'm not the anon you were talking to either.

A lot of idiots think the same thing as you but probably never even knew of the original painting.

That's the 21-century people for you though.

I wasn't trying to call you an idiot though anon. Just try to appreciate master pieces of art more if you can. Maybe think of what the painter is trying to convey too. Then I am sure you will see the tragedy.

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There's already a "le restoration face" image floating somewhere around here...

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She's not going to jail, she's a senile old woman who was acting with the best intentions. There's no way that Church is going to press charges against one of their senior parishioners.

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Someone post it. I need it for my collection.

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>Maybe think of what the painter is trying to convey too
Just thinking that the painting is supposed to be the passion of the Christ and I can't help but giggle a whole lot. If it isn't more interesting, it sure is more funny.

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I am sure someone over there has it

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Do they ever even post the ones 4chan makes to make fun of them with? I would hope not. No one can be that dumb.

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This is absolutely amazing.

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Must be great to be the laughing stock of the world.

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Go down in history as the worst artist/painting restorer ever.

Gosh she's like 80 something too.

Here she's done all this life work just to turn into this.

Must feel bad.

Maybe her art is selling a lot better now though,

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That's what I've been saying. For the entire planet to know how senile one is. It's just awful to think about. And she wanted so much to fix the painting too, she really cared about it, and was really frustrated that it wasn't being restored.

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I don't think old people care so much about appearances and stuff like that. She's probably laughing about it.

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Well, the painting wasn't really going down on history, though.

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She appears fairly frazzled in the video on the BBC website. She gets excited and starts yelling about how the parish priest and other parishioners knew what she was doing and they didn't stop her, so clearly she couldn't have been doing anything wrong.

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Senior Pablo put down the paintbrush and take your meds.

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I'm no art guy, but restoring paintings on flat surfaces seems pointless in the 21st century. Photographs can perfectly represent the painting at the time of being taken and they'll never degrade or get accidentally painted over. Even a good fabrication essentially represents the same picture, just drawn with a different hand on a different canvas.

Can someone more educated than me shed some light on this?

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>Can someone without asperger's shed some light on this?

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please don't be so mean

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What do you mean? Please don't bully.

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You have never been in an art museum, have you.
Scratch that, you've never been outside, have you?

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Futaba is crazy for that jesus

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well do ou know that boat riddle? the one about, if you have an old boat, and you replace it's wheel, is it the same boat? what if you then replaced it's sail, and mast, then it's cabin door and eventually every plank of wood was replaced with a new piece, is it now a new boat or is it still your same old one. well. i think that's relevant anyway

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If it's a riddle, then there is an answer to it right? I don't think that has one, considering that from different points of view, there are two or maybe more possible answers.
1. You think about the concept of a boat, your boat, with different parts, but it's still yours, and this quality (and some others, like the name, etc) keep it as it is even if their parts are replaced (like the cells from the human body, for example)
2. If you think there's no material or intellectual constant between the boat you had and the one you changed, then the boat is another thing entirely, maybe even before you made all those changes (you could argue that the time factor makes the boat a completely different thing every moment, for example).
I don't know the answer, I just wanted to talk I guess.

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The Moriya Shrine has asked for assistance in looking for someone to restore the painting of their goddess, Kanako.

Anyone here capable of assisting or knowing how to restore the painting please feel free to help.

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Old hags ruin everything.

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post in this thread

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>Photographs can perfectly represent the painting at the time of being taken and they'll never degrade or get accidentally painted over.

That's simply not true. A painting is more than just the visuals on the surface. Some works really stand out once you've seen them in real life up close, because of the texture, or the exact way the brush has touched the canvas (or a wall in this case, IIRC the jesus painting was a fresca).
A 2D photograph with today's resolution can never give you that.

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Sure are a lot of pictures of Fezzik floating around.

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fight the power

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Didn't you guys here it's miku's birthday tomorrow??

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I give it until before this thread was even made

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le monkey face

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oh god, i forgot completely.
i wanted to bake her a cake but it's pretty much too late now. depressing.

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I can't believe this shit has become a meme and reached Japan...

>Can someone more educated than me shed some light on this?

It's just a matter of reproducibility and worth. Something that can be indefinitely reproduced is worth shit, something that cannot be reproduced in its integrity is worth millions.
You can see Mona Lisa a lot better in a reproduced image than by going to the Louvre where it is sealed behind a 5 cm thick glass, but hey people prefere to see the one and only original...

Anyway I think there's a bit of confusion about what "restoration" of artwork actually mean. Painting over an artwork is no restoration by any means, you're not supposed to add or cover anything. You're just supposed to remove dust or other materials that might cover the original content. If there's a hole in the artwork you just leave it.

Also that Jesus seems more like a "Secco" than a "Fresco" to me. Fresco are usually more durable because the color seeps into the material for a few millimiters, and that means you can recover the painting by removing a very thin layer of the surface that might have deteriorated. "Secco" on the other hand sucks, they're bound to get ruined no matter what and they cannot be recovered in any way. In the end that Jesus was already ruined beyond recovery to begin with.

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You could always go buy one. Go on, do it.

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Good thread.

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>I can't believe this shit has become a meme and reached Japan...

Why? It's a funny picture and a funny story. I guess it's a little /b/-esque, but I'm glad people are still contributing and spreading to memes like this, rather than LOL LOOK AT THIS COMIC I STOLE AND A CAPTION ON AN OVERPLAYED PICTURE OF A WOLF.

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If this happened to a jewish work, it would've been hailed as a second holocaust, cultural genocide, news stations would show the outrage going across the whole world and the mossad would send out a team to kill the old lady.

If this happened to a muslim work, the media would make sure to show only what the extremist muslims think of it, with footage of manifestations all across the "arab world". Weeks later, there would be news of a suicide bombing that targeted the old lady.

But since it's a christian work, it's funny, everyone is laughing, the old lady is a hero and the media show all the funny people laughing on facebook telling you you should find it funny too.