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Please vampire me

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2nd worst 2hu pls go

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That isn't Flan

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tanned vampire lolis

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Flan is the first worst.

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ur the worst /jp/er

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no u are

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no u

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She's making such a mess! There's no way that blood she's spilling all over the place won't stain the carpet.

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you're doing it wrong silly Remilia.

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I guess that's why she's called the scarlet devil!

Besides, Sakuya will clean it up.

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Am I the only one here that finds that artstyle really dreadful and something you'd find out of deviantart?

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Everything but her face does look pretty blurry, if that's your problem.

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I suppose that makes sense. I do remember coming across the image a long time ago and the face, hands, and parts of the feet looked out of place.

I'm going to cease talking now because I honestly don't wish to shit up this thread any more. But I just wanted to offer my view on that image (even though I could have kept it to myself and that it's not important at all).

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worst 2hu

total shit tier

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Looks like a SAI newbie, can't tell western or eastern though. Good background work but shitty remilia work.

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And you're a professional? What's wrong with the way he drew Remilia? Enlighten me.

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Nah I'm just fuckin, the only thing I don't like is the legs.

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But I don't

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Please do.

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To be honest, the only thing I like are the legs. Her clothes look too stiff, and her hair looks like a bundle of yarn. It's all really smudgy and sloppy too.

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Anyone know the source of this?

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Are there any Remilia fans that aren't lolicons?

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No, why?

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It's practically a requirement to be a lolicon if you like Remilia.

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I don't think so.

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Why does she have so much charisma?

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It's a natural thing. It's probably something Remilia has always had.

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What would you do if Remilia put you in check?

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fuck off 2nd worst 2hu

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Quit projecting

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I don't think you know what projecting means.

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I'm one that isn't

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Not a lolicon...

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Does Remilia sparkle in sunlight?

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I want to be Remilia.

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This is officially a remillia thread

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I'm personally more of a mature Remilia fan
Kind of my guilty pleasure in terms of fanon stuff, but I love imagine her as the sophisticated lady of the Scarlet household and not some immature loli brat that has to be babysitted by Sakuya.

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That isn't how mirrors work.

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More like that's not how vampires work

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that's part of the charm

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Maybe that's a painting meant to look like a mirror.

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Remi revival.

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We have been over this /jp/, it depends on the mirror. Most mirrors use silver. It would make sense for Remilia to get a mirror that does not have silver in it to destroy her reflection.

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It always was a myth
Vampires are allergic to silver, sunlight, and garlic.
But they do have reflections, they are not bothered by crucifixes (as long as they are not silver, or if they are, don't touch their skin) and are not affected by holy water.

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For those who have not already done so, read this.

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Vampires themselves are myths, bro.

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Haughty Remilia is the best.

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Link me I'm lazy.

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Is Remilia anyone's waifu?

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She is mine.

Appreciate her and respect her, but please don't be too lewd about it.

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This is really good. Although its not exactly how I imagined it myself its close enough, I really liked it.
Has this circle done anymore? I would love to see this groups take on their acquisition of Patchy and Sakuya.
They have Flan and Remi already being Albino before becoming vampires, if its true that Sakuya was a vampire hunter first then Remi perhaps spared her because she was also an albino?
And having Flandre be a mage before being a vampire. That brings the possibility that Patchouli was another student of the same teacher, or even Flandre's teacher

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As interesting as this was. Things like this never make me feel good. I don't know what it is. If it's the fact that they were abused or the fact that Remilia had a father like figure. Makes me feel iffy; like when someone compared all the girls in Gensokyo as ZUN's daughters.

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Just wanted to find out. She's my waifu too.

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small headed 2hu go away

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>the fact that Remilia had a father like figure
This bothers you?

Most people have fathers, anon.