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Yfw Touhou crossover in the Index Movie


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Touhou invented witch hats.
Touhou invented blonde hair.

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Is that Marisa?!

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is this marisa

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I remember this show always coming on right before sailor moon. Wasn't this a cartoon too or real/cartoon mixed together?

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They are cute. I hope they are not cannon fodder.

Especially since Raildex witches are supposed to be powerful.

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I believe there was a cartoon version of the show.

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Disney is stealing ZUN's original designs.

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It was live-action but they had cartoony special effects some time. Then they later made a spin-off animated series.

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Is that Cirno?

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I hope big tits Marisa is going to get some doujins.

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Why is the dykey flatchested spam girl a cripple?

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Do you ... do you guys not know the origins of Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

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I'm guessing she still hasn't healed after the battle with that other teleport girl.

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Yes? I almost mentioned the Archie Comics, but they're not even relevant to the topic.

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Best thing about NSML.

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Sorry but bunny Marisa is the greatest costume of all time.

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I see. Well the discussion on whether or not it existed as a cartoon seemed to indicate they were unaware that it started out as one.

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I think you're confusing it with the cartoon version? That had Melissa Joan Hart's little sister as a younger Sabrina.